Another Day, Another Check-up with Toddler in Tow


blood pressure cuffI’m approaching 35 weeks pregnant and I’ve got OB check-up fatigue.

I am making the trek into Boston again this afternoon, to pee in a cup and have my blood pressure checked, and I’m just a wee bit tired of it. I have joked in the past about just sending my urine sample via FedEx and phoning in my blood pressure results so I don’t have to drag my sorry, lazy (ever-expanding) butt into the doc’s office.

Don’t get me wrong–I am very, very glad to be able to receive top notch prenatal care. And I’m also grateful my insurance happily covers my high-risk care, which involves more frequent check-ups at the end of pregnancy. But today I’m feeling tired from a busy weekend and I’m dragging my 3-year-old to the OB office with me. During naptime. Should I take bets on how many times I have to interrupt my OB to say, “Son, put down that speculum!” and, “No,  only Mommy pees in a cup…!”

Do you take your older child to the OB with you for checkups?

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