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Another Failure

By Holly Whitney |

Big Fat "F".

Monday’s prenatal appointment pretty much sucked. My doctor was running 45 minutes behind schedule for some unknown reason—which in turn meant my 10:45 appointment would end up being an 11:45 appointment by the time I saw her. My rubella test from way back when came back as equivocal which meant I needed to be retested, i.e. more blood drawn. Of course the five vials of blood I had drawn last week couldn’t be used—even though it was within range to use that blood—because the tube or something that they use for the rubella test would not work. I don’t know, at that point I had zoned out and figured I was heading down to the lab for another blood draw after my prenatal appointment.

I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast before I left to go to the doctor’s office and the cup of coffee I drank was sitting in my stomach like a lead weight by the time I was in the vicinity of food again. I managed to inhale two Wendy’s Double Stacks with mustard and mayo only in the 15 minute drive home after my appointment. THAT is how hungry I was by the time I left the office. Kind of shameful, I know.

But all of that wasn’t even the worst part of my appointment.

The worst part was the news that I failed my 3 hour glucose test.

And not just by a little.

So…I have gestational diabetes.

When the nurse left the exam room and I sat waiting for the doctor to come in I cried. This pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest road to travel and I had hoped so much that I would pass the 3 hour test like I did with my first son. But of course not. I suppose I should not have been surprised—two miscarriages, MTHFR diagnosis, complete Placenta Previa all within the last year and a half—why wouldn’t I get the gestational diabetes diagnosis as well?

I have no idea what exactly this means for me over the next two months. I have to call the hospital on Tuesday afternoon to set up an appointment for diabetic counseling with the office of Maternal and Fetal Medicine. Once I go to that I will have a better understanding of what this diagnosis means for me and the baby. What I do know is that I will probably be able to control it with diet and won’t have to do the insulin shots. However, I will have to monitor my blood sugar levels with a glucometer—FOUR TIMES A DAY. I am less than thrilled about that since I think finger pokes are really painful. How am I supposed to do that myself? How are my fingers not going to be sore every day for the next two months? I’ve already warned my husband that he will probably be required to help me with the glucometer on a daily basis.

Pricking your spouse’s finger is a sign of love, right?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to go roll around in a vat of sugar as a farewell gesture.

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Holly Whitney

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0 thoughts on “Another Failure

  1. K says:

    What a rough road. You’ll get through it, though. *hugs*

  2. Bea Reiter says:

    I’m so sorry! I’m in my second pregnancy and was diagnosed both times. The finger pricks aren’t so bad, especially with the newer glucose meters. I have had my share of frustration this time but have kept my blood sugars ok with, yup, insulin. I hope you can control it with diet tho. Good luck!!!!

  3. Shandra says:

    Hang in there!

  4. Stacia says:

    The pricks aren’t too bad- I have to do them too. Go for the side of your finger, alternate fingers daily, and only set the needle to 2. It’s not terrible!!! I HOPE you get the opportunity to diet control- I wasn’t even given that option and have to use insulin- and THOSE hurt each night in the belly. I hit a capillary couple weeks ago- fist size bruise on the lower edge of bump, STILL. Ow.

    You’ll be ok, hang in there- and be glad it was “caught” and can be managed so you can have safe healthy baby!!! Be sure you read up on the real dangers…and the ones some OB’s will try and pull to bully you into early induction. ((cyber hug))

  5. Jessi says:

    Be Strong you can totally do it and No your fingers won’t be sore i promise…. I passed my 3 hr test technically only one of my levels was off so i was considered borderline meaning it was possible i could have still got gestational diabetes in the rest of my pregnancy. I had to do everything someone diagonosed with GB would do. Which meant 4 pricks a day i was terrified of doing it ( i def. dont like needles eek!) and i remember closing my eyes and hittin the button the first time i did it and was happily surprised i didnt even feel it. I alternated my fingers each time and they didnt get sore. What you really will have to do is just follow a good eating plan and having your snacks in between meals and watching everything you put in your mouth. It wasn’ the easiest transition for me and you may get frustrated but having that baby kick and wiggle inside of you reminds you why you are doing it. You would do anything for your kids and this is just another example of that. You can do it believe me :) The counseling definitely helped me and they were alwasy available to answer my questions and guide me. Try not to worry to much (i know easier said than done) But really you will get through this i promise :)

  6. Joanna says:

    Bummer! GD definitely sucks, I’ve been there. As previous posters said, your fingers could totally be fine — but mine weren’t. They turned black and blue and it hurt like hell (even alternating, even using the 2 setting on the needle). So I switched to testing on my toes. Much easier! Good luck, and hang in there.

  7. Courtney says:

    Guess misery loves company :(
    I had GD with the first and just got the diagnosis again this week. It is the worst feeling to fail a test you have no control over…
    The thing that helped me get through the first pregnancy (and I hope will help this time) is thinking about the fact that it is only 10 weeks. No more. We can do anything for 10 weeks! The hardest part for me is coming up with protein to eat at every meal. Maybe we can all share suggestions! I found that the Cobb Salad at Cafe Marie’s is the best thing to eat for a meal (particularly if you want to splurge with a little dessert after) in terms of blood sugar levels.
    Anyway – you’re not alone and it will be worth it when your little one arrives! I think the a) pain from birth (or c-section) and b) lack of sleep will totally erase any memory of painful finger pricks (what, not helpful?!?!?).

  8. Jennifer says:

    Aww, you’ll be fine! I am a dietitian and diabetes educator, and have worked with lots of gestational diabetics. You are right–hopefully you can control your blood sugars with diet & exercise, and not need insulin. Checking your sugars is a pain–the One Touch Ultra 2 meter with Delica lancers hurt the least. I def recommend you meet with a CDE (certified diabetes educator) who is also an RD to help get you started with a meal plan that works for you.
    Hang in there!

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