Another Irrational Fear: Looking Like a Teen Mom


maternity shoot I already shared my irrational fear that I’ll have an ugly baby but I’ve got another one for you today. I’m fearful that people will think I’m an unwed teen mom. I told you, it’s irrational.

See, I look young for my age. If you don’t know anything about me you’d probably predict I was still in high school. Just this year I was sitting in an emergency exit row on an airplane and the stewardess specifically asked me if I was older than 15. I was horrified.

I don’t know how to remedy this. I can’t help the fact that I never grew hips or made it past the 5’4″ mark. And I promise I don’t shop in the Jr’s section. So I’m a little fearful that when I’m actually pregnant that I’ll get looks from strangers that seem to say, “So, are you still planning on graduating high school?” or “Have you thought about contacting MTV?”

I know most of you will just laugh in my face about this crazy I’m presenting today. I know I shouldn’t care about what other people think but I do. I’m a blogger, it’s only natural.

I know several of you were young moms so I’m curious if anyone ever said or did something ridiculous to you? Please do tell.

image: Kelly Hicks