Another Year Older and Pregnant


On Monday I turned 35 years old.

It also marked the 36th week of my pregnancy.

I think being pregnant made for an odd birthday this year. Thirty-five seems like a milestone year and yet…there wasn’t a ton of hoopla or celebrating. It was almost just another day in my life. I went out to lunch with a friend that I’ve know since I was two years old. We had a great time but instead of a cocktail I had a Diet Pepsi. When dinner rolled around we attempted to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant but had to leave right away because our son wasn’t feeling well.

I didn’t have my traditional Key Lime Pie—made by my mom because she makes the best one I’ve ever tasted—for my birthday dessert thanks to my Gestational Diabetes diagnosis. My husband did make little molten lava cakes and I splurged on one of those instead. It was fantastic but so different than the way we usually celebrate.

I was pregnant on my 30th birthday too.

That celebration was completely different. I was just a month along at that point instead of almost done with my pregnancy. And while I certainly didn’t celebrate with any alcoholic beverages, I did enjoy pie, cake, and the company of many friends that evening when my husband threw me a surprise birthday party.

I may not remember what I did on my birthdays from year-to-year but I will never forget my 30th and 35th—even though they were so very different from one another. Those will forever be ingrained as the years my body was busy creating new life while celebrating my own. And that to me is pretty special.

Were you pregnant on your birthday? How did you feel about it?