Apparently the Media Angle on Father's Day This Year is: Dads Are Useless


It’s been a tough couple of weeks for dad.

First we learned that he’s insecure. Then he was told to leave the birthing room. Sad dudes all over chimed in.

We continued to see the value of “dad” plummet with a breaking study about how lesbians make better daddies. Poor sods.

Even those dads who’ve decided to stay home and care for the kids are being shunned. But it gets worse: the cover of The Atlantic: “THE END OF MEN.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve got one week to restore the patriarchy!

Seriously, we don’t need a nation of insecure, shunned, unemployable dads crying over their new Father’s Day grilling accoutrements. So get your fingers a twittering.

photo: Ryan Ruppe/Flickr