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Are All Baby Bumps Beautiful? (View Photos Before Answering!)

By Monica Bielanko |

Whatever makes you feel comfortable...

While reading the latest celeb gossip on TMZ (Demi Moore hospitalized!) I stumbed onto this Pregnant Photo Contest featuring hundreds of submitted photos of pregnant chicks.

Y’all, I clicked through every, single one.

It was absolutely fascinating to see how no single baby bump looks alike.  I mean, yeah, DUH, of course they don’t.  But to actually see so many pregnant bellies showcased one after the other like that was interesting.

Some are big some are small, some are perfectly round and some are, well, perfectly weird.  Which brings me to my question:  yes, yes, pregnant bellies are beautiful just by nature of what’s inside, but are all bellies really beautiful or are some just really not so great?

Wait!  Don’t answer that until you check out the photos below and all the rest on TMZ!

nggallery id=’114175′

Wacky and Weird Baby Bumps:  TMZ Pregnant Photo Contest


Whoa! What's going on here?
Photo credit: TMZ Pregnant Picture Contest


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16 thoughts on “Are All Baby Bumps Beautiful? (View Photos Before Answering!)

  1. Sarah Partain says:


  2. LC says:

    The stretch marks one will haunt my dreams.

  3. Elicia says:

    You can so see that th lopsided one is a pillow in her shirt

  4. adrianna says:

    Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but theres a lot of ugly to it! Some people have cute baby bumps n some dont… Im an unlucky one I cant stand the pregnancy look on me

  5. Adrienne @ No Points for Style says:

    Oh, man, my daughter was transverse (butt against the bottom of my ribs on the right, head bonking against my left hip) for awhile and I looked lopsided like that. As ugly as it looks? It feels SO much worse!

  6. Alicea says:

    The lopsided one definitely doesn’t look like a pillow in her shirt. It looks more like a baby or two even moving around, your belly looks pretty funky when you are close to full term and the baby is wobbling around.

  7. amanda says:

    my belly looked pretty much like that 3rd pic but not with the stretch marks just shaped like that …was still not cute even without em …and the aftermath aint to pretty either! my son is worth it though!

  8. LisaAnn says:

    Sad that the smallest belly is the preggo woman! LOL

  9. amanda says:

    and for the record i went past my due date and my son weighed over 9 lbs so at the end if i layed on my back he would shift and my belly went all lopsided just like that

  10. Jenn says:

    My baby bumps never got that big.. I had a tiny belly with all 5 of my kids lol.. very few stretch marks and the last 3 you could not tell i was pregnant at all I wore size 6 jeans inn the delivery room with my last daughter and had a size 3 jeans on when I came home 24 hours later LOL.. I was one of the Lucky ones :)

  11. kristina says:

    thats crazy..i feel bad for her…

  12. Michelle says:

    those stretch marks are hideous!! ive had 4 kids and barely have any and they certainly are not noticeable,and i was and still am super tiny beforehand!! eeks!! that is so terrifying.
    its a trainwreck, so horrible to look at,but cant take your eyes away

  13. Elicia says:

    As for the lopsided one you don’t get a square look at any time. I have 3 kids 8 nieces and nephews, and countless younger cousins. You will NEVER look that square it’s a pillow and if you don’t see it you’re niave, or just blind. Even a transveres baby wont look that square, and being that my second daughter spent A LOT of time that way I know. Wow people open your eyes and see that she faked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Crabbyclaire says:

    Elicia, thats no fake belly!!
    I reckon thats either twins or a big baby turning!
    My second regularly looked like that, he was 11lb 4oz.
    I have seen many a belly go ‘square’!!

  15. Darlene Doskas says:

    re stretch marks pic… I wonder how old the previous one was when she got pregnant that time? the only time I’ve seen stretch marks that bad are when pregnancy happens too soon after the last one

  16. tangyterp83 says:

    wow, poor girl with the stretch marks. she looks like she’s petite too, so there isn’t much room for the baby to grow but out front and stretching the skin with it. tummy tuck or some major laser treatment are the only things that can fix those stretch marks. i got hit with stretch marks too unfortunately but not as bad as that.

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