Are My Boobs Normal?


I am currently working my way through The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, a La Leche League book recommended to me by my Bradley Method natural birth instructor. I’ve put off reading this book for many, many weeks because – quite frankly – breastfeeding seemed like it was a long way off. But with only 10 weeks to go, I know that it’s not. And I need to brush up on my boobie technique.

The question becomes – Are my boobs normal? 

I literally lifted up my shirt and asked my husband that very question the other night because, quite frankly, I think he’s seen more breasts up close and personal than I have in my life. I’m really only familiar with my own, and they don’t necessary look like the ones I see in movies.

Thanks to some Googling, I found this amazing site – 007 Breasts (warning: contains nudity).  007 Breasts has dozens of photos of non-sexualized breasts in all shapes and sizes, including big chests, small chests, tubular breasts, inverted nipples, widely-set breasts, and narrow chests. I’m a huge fan of anything that makes women more aware of and comfortable with their bodies, and 007 Breasts definitely delivers.

Are my boobs normal? Well, based on 007 Breasts, I think they are. Does this mean they’ll do their job and feed my baby? I’m hoping so. With a little confidence – and a lot of reading – I think the breast ball is in my court.

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