Are We There Yet? Infertility and Waiting


This struggle with infertility has been brutal.

I have been living my life in two week chunks since January…waiting to ovulate and then waiting and praying that we were finally pregnant.

I thought that this month would be easier.

I thought that with the drugs and the IUI, I would feel like we were more in control of things.

I was wrong.

The Clomid has thrown off my cycle a bit and it’s delaying my ovulation.

So, each morning, I wake up and hope that we get that happy face on the ovulation predictor kit and for days now, it’s been negative.

And I feel powerless.

And emotional.

There is nothing that I can do but wait until I get the positive result so we can schedule our IUI.

So I wait…so that I can just wait some more.

The Clomid headache is relentless and I’m so bloated that I look four months pregnant.

And I find myself echoing my daughter’s words on a long road trip…

“Are we there yet?”

I really need to find a way to distract myself.

Any suggestions?

Funny jokes?

Success stories?