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Are We There Yet? Infertility and Waiting

By Nichole |

This struggle with infertility has been brutal.

I have been living my life in two week chunks since January…waiting to ovulate and then waiting and praying that we were finally pregnant.

I thought that this month would be easier.

I thought that with the drugs and the IUI, I would feel like we were more in control of things.

I was wrong.

The Clomid has thrown off my cycle a bit and it’s delaying my ovulation.

So, each morning, I wake up and hope that we get that happy face on the ovulation predictor kit and for days now, it’s been negative.

And I feel powerless.

And emotional.

There is nothing that I can do but wait until I get the positive result so we can schedule our IUI.

So I wait…so that I can just wait some more.

The Clomid headache is relentless and I’m so bloated that I look four months pregnant.

And I find myself echoing my daughter’s words on a long road trip…

“Are we there yet?”

I really need to find a way to distract myself.

Any suggestions?

Funny jokes?

Success stories?

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Nichole Beaudry lives in Sacramento, California with her husband Craig, their daughter Katie and baby boy Matthew. In her former life she was a college English professor, now she shares some of her small moments in her Practicing Gratitude column each week at SheKnows and works at AllParenting as the Assignments Editor. She was a contributor to Babble, and currently keeps a personal blog, In These Small Moments.

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10 thoughts on “Are We There Yet? Infertility and Waiting

  1. Amy says:

    Why can’t Witches get pregnant?

    Because Warlocks have Halloweenies.

    Yeah, lame and yet, somehow appropriate.
    Love you, my friend. May the days fly and the nights be restful until your dream comes true.

  2. Nichole says:

    I love you, Amy.
    So very much.

  3. Sherri says:

    Well, I have no funny jokes like Miss Amy, who is the Queen of Funny.

    But I will say that I wish for a happy face on that stick soon, for the bloating to leave your waist and head north to your breasts, and for Clomid to start treating you like a big glass of good red wine would….no headache, just “ahhh”…


  4. angela says:

    Is chocolate a distraction? Or Christmas catalogs?

    I’m sorry Nichole.

  5. Cam says:

    I can send chocolate and hugs. That Amy sure is funny! I’m still laughing.

  6. Nichole says:

    Sherri…ahhh…for the wine and the larger breasts! :)
    Thank you, my friend…xoxo

    Angela…I may just try that Christmas catalog technique! With a side of chocolate. Thank you…you are so lovely to me. xoxo

    Cam…seriously, Amy slays me. And I’ll take you up on both the hugs and the chocolate. #greedy

  7. Ellen DeGeneres. I’m telling you, she got me through many years of waiting. But seriously, sending you love and good ovulation vibes. xoxo

  8. Jessica says:

    I can send my toddler over to climb on your counters and get into the Halloween candy. Would that help you?

  9. Marie says:

    For a humorous take on relationships, google “beyonce the giant metal chicken” and read the blog post about it. It is fantastic. I nearly die laughing when I read it and I save it for very bad days. The waiting is miserable, and I hope it will be over soon!

  10. Cameron says:

    Here is Felix’s most recent joke, adapted for the Clomid crowd:

    What time is it when a monkey sits on your Clomid?
    Time to get some new Clomid!

    Don’t worry, I’ll be here all week, and then after that for as long as you don’t throw things at me ;) Try the veal, and don’t forget to tip your waitresses.

    An did you know the iconic yellow smiley face was born in my native Worcester, MA? Now you can think of me when you ovulate. Wait… no… that came out wrong.

    Love you!

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