Are You In Labor? Is the Baby Here Yet? Stop Bugging Me!

not in labor
Nope, just sitting here answering emails and doing my job - i'm not in labor.

As mentioned last week, working this late in pregnancy has become a joke. Each time I am in the office, I feel as if I am on a hidden camera show. While my co-workers have good-hearted sweet intent, my heart that has turned sour due to the strain from carrying a child for the last 38 weeks , doesn’t care.

Now the questions and concern has spread to my family. While my daughter has been no help, she is convinced I am delivering soon. Yesterday, my 8 year old in all of her psychic wisdom figured it was the day for the baby to arrive. Before we woke up, she had called family and Face timed to inform them of the appending news.  We were woken up by our phones ringing asking about the babe and how I was doing with concern. 

Are You in Labor?

Is the Baby Here Yet?

NO and NO.

Just stop people! I know your concern for me is real, but I’m a big girl now. This is my 4th time and the questions you ask – make my brain itch.

But thank you for your concern. I am now going to go fry bigger fish, like playing with my other kids while I can, getting as much rest as possible and sorting socks.