As Danielle's Pregnancy Turns...


For those who have been following the ongoing saga of my darling daughter who simply is not interested in gaining any weight, this week brings another step in our care plan to see what is next, if anything in following her development.

Sunday marked my 34 week gestation mark, and Wednesday marks the date of my next ultrasound to see what she is doing in there. With the preliminary amnio results in, we need to see if my placenta is continuing to function the way it should this week.

I am scared though because this appointment could bring anything. Last ultrasound I went for, I was sure the baby was going to catch right up, and we would walk out of the office on our way home without any issues, but we know that isn’t how it happened.

Now every time I walk into the office I am worrying about the news I could get. Will they tell me I need to deliver on Thursday?  Will they tell me I need to be on hospital bed rest?  Will I need to be monitored daily?  What is next?   Or can I cross my fingers and hope they will tell me to come back in another two weeks and I can let a huge sigh of relief out.

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