"Attitude of Gratitude"

An "attitude of gratitude" reduces agression.

… is my new favorite phrase. I read it in the New York Times this morning. It comes from an article all about the piles of scientific evidence suggesting that when people feel more gratitude, they are less aggressive and get a better night sleep and all that stuff we so badly want for ourselves. When you can’t sleep, count your blessings, the article tells us, not sheep.

Sonja Lyubomirsky of the University of California, Riverside, and author of The How of Happiness, advises readers of the Times

“Do one small and unobtrusive thoughtful or generous thing for each member of your family on Thanksgiving. Say thank you for every thoughtful or kind gesture. Express your admiration for someone’s skills or talents — wielding that kitchen knife so masterfully, for example. And truly listen, even when your grandfather is boring you again with the same World War II story.”

I’ve been very anxious lately because we’re moving to a new apartment and there have been countless decisions and lots of hard work and logistics to sort out. I’ll tell you this, though, pregnant readers and partners, the one thing that helps me get back to sleep is thinking about my kids. They drive me nuts and we’re always “working on things” but they are a funny duo and ultimately, they keep me sane. (All utterances of “the kids are driving me insane” aside). They get me up, they keep it interesting and they make me think. Now, Dr. Lyubomirsky, I’m going to go express that attitude of gratitude!


photo: Jeff Clow/flickr