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BEST OVERALL | Philips Avent DECT Monitor


If your biggest concern is having a static-free transmission, look to the digital Philips Avent baby monitor. This monitor utilizes 1.9GHz DECT technology, a new frequency reserved for voice-only applications and used by few other companies or electronic products (read: no interference). In addition to a static-free transmission and a secure, digitally encrypted connection, both Philips Avent monitors include automatic channel switching (between 120 different channels), two-way communication between the monitor and receiver, warnings when you are out of range or have a low battery, sound-level lights, and a unique sensitivity control. We were won over enough with the 510 model, but if you want more, the deluxe 520 includes an LED screen on the baby monitor with a temperature reading and alarm (if it gets too warm/cold in the room) and a lullaby function. One note: Don’t be fooled by the photos – the monitor and receiver are much smaller and more compact than the photos look. Static-free, compact, user-friendly and full of features? We’ll take two.

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