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BEST MULTI-TASKING | Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor with

Sound Monitor


This monitor doesn’t change diapers, but the 900MHz Angelcare Deluxe Monitor does just about everything else. Movement sensor? Check. Audio monitor? Check. Nightlight, temperature reading and vibration alert? Triple check. This monitor comes with an under-mattress sensor pad that can be set to three different transmission settings, an audio monitor, two parent receivers and enough charging bases, rechargeable batteries and AC adaptors to make everything work. Other features include sound lights, voice-activation mode and adjustable sensitivity. We loved the myriad of options this monitor offered and were impressed with the performance of both the movement sensor and the monitor. While new parents especially will appreciate the movement sensor, once your child is older, the Angelcare Deluxe can be used as a sound-only monitor for years to come. Expensive, but for many parents, peace of mind doesn’t have a price tag.

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