Babies and Paws: How Do You Introduce Your Furry Friends To Your New Bundle Of Joy?


bumps pawsI can’t help but wonder how our cats will react to the introduction of our little man.  One of our cats, Chuck, is a lover.  He loves laying on his back while being scratched on his belly, snuggling in our big warm bed and purrs constantly.  Loud noises and new things tend to frighten him a little so I’m sure a new baby will take some getting used to, but I know he’ll quickly warm up.  But it’s the nosy, naughty black cat named Moose {pictured with me} that I’m a little worried about.

Even though he’s my favorite evening lap cat and unbelievably loving, sweet and good most of the time, he’s especially moody and all kinds of bad.  He bangs and meows at our bedroom door at 3am, he nibbles on your leg if you don’t feed him quick enough and he hisses when he’s hot.  He likes routine and is a very dependent creature, as odd as that sounds for a cat and and he gets uncomfortable when things are different.  Plus, he’s ridiculously nosy and gets into just about everything… including the crib.

We plan to have our little man sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first few months so I haven’t worried too much about sleeping quarters yet, but I do wonder about those first introductions and later months.  What hurts me most is that the cats just LOVE being with us and I can’t help but think that they know something is up.  Moose has spent more time snuggling in my lap lately and every morning they’re both at our door waiting to come in.  I have no doubt that they will eventually warm up to the baby but we’ll be watching their moves, just to make sure they don’t try to sleep on our new bundle or that little paws don’t swipe across his face.

I’m curious, if you have pets, how did you prepare them for your new bundle of joy?  Have you found a good way to keep them out of the baby’s room?  Do your pets ignore your baby or have they become best pals?  I’d love to know.