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Baby Boy Names. Get Off my Lap Ethan, I'm Making Room for Everett.

By emily |

The elusive hunt for the perfect baby boy name. For my husband and I, coming up with the perfect boy name has proved to be painful to the point of excruciating. We just can’t agree, and the decision just feels so heavy.

Baby name list, specifically baby boy name list, are like true rabbit holes for me (and I’m not the only one). Once I fall down the hole, it will be hours of browsing, scribbling down possibilities, and conversations with my husband till I’m blue in the face and have to find my way back up for air.

I’ve scoured the databases, made note of what all the cool kids are naming their babes, and the results are in. A few “new” baby boy names you can bet will be showing up in a nursery near you:

Celebrity Hot: We can thank Orlando Bloom and his wife Miranda Kerr for naming their son Flynn. It’s new, it’s catchy, and right now, it’s on fire!

Uncommonly Cool: Birch, Moss and Brick. These names have been around for ages, but typically found in nature, not on the playground. Don’t like these names at all? Give them time, my friend, I bet they grow on you.  I’m calling dibs on Birch.

Ending in O: Arlo, Hugo and even Otto. Names beginning and ending with the vowel O have long proven to be keepers. While these three names are certainly unique, they’ve also proven to have hit hot baby scene as of recently.

Inspired by Grandpa Gordon and his geezer fishing buddies: Vintage names have always been popular. The question remains, when is a name considered vintage, opposed to just dated? Old man names making a comeback this year include Jasper, Archie, and Henry.

Two babies at once (yeah twins)! I can’t even imagine having to come up with two baby boy names that work well together, it would all but blow my mind. Trending twin names for little bruisers include: Landon and Logan, Andrew and Anthony, and Aiden and Ashton.

Social Security says it popular, so it must be true: The end-all be-all way to find out how a name stacks up in popularity is to hit the record books. Current top 5 boy names for 2011 include: Jacob, Ethan, Michael, Jayden and William. (in that order)

So, there you have it. Whether you agree or disagree with the trends, hopefully it provides a bit of banter and discussion for you and yours.

What’s currently on your baby boy shortlist? You’ve been warned, I might steal a suggestion or two.

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Emily Elling is a corporate interior designer and freelance writer. She lives in Indianapolis with her husband and four unintentionally hilarious children. Emily also blogs at her personal blog, DesignHER Momma. Read bio and latest posts → Read emily's latest posts →

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19 thoughts on “Baby Boy Names. Get Off my Lap Ethan, I'm Making Room for Everett.

  1. LBH says:

    Son #1 we named from a dream I had (seriously. and yes, I’m glad I didn’t dream of “Brick”): Hopper Augustus

    Son #2 long, laborious process:
    we (ok, ME, I) came up with list after list–that we browsed and discussed. I would like the hours spent on back, please. After month 7 we locked in on 20 names. We each had veto power for 3 no arguments. We did that til we narrowed it down to 10. then we ranked our favorites in order. Rank 1= 1 point, rank 2= 2 points. THe name with the lowest score was “it”. We ended up with his 3rd choice and my 2nd. We were both pretty happy: Rowan Archer

    our “short list”: Wylie, Theodore, Liam, Ivo, Bram, Beckett, Marlowe, Linden, Dashiell, Harte (we like Author and/or literary names if you can’t tell)

  2. Tim E. says:

    I won the first name rights in a billiards game with my wife on our honeymoon. Of course, she had veto power, and she got the rights to the middle name, but that certainly made the process easier.

  3. Cami says:

    I named my son Killian. Different and unfamiliar. But still manly! No Aidens in my household. :)

  4. Nichole says:

    Holy schnikes! I just posted on your facebook link that Dashiell was our top pick. Until we had a boy and promptly forgot about it. I’m still kinda kicking myself for that, because my boy would be the quintessential Dash.

  5. Shelly Coulter says:

    I am weird when it comes to names. Good thing we had two boys because we NEVER had a girls name we both liked. So I’m sure when we finally take the plunge and have another one…it will be a boy. Both our boys names are very meaningful to us and were the only ones we really considered. We came across each on during the pregnancy and knew and agreed right away that it was the right name. The meanings of each name just fit our life circumstances at that moment and the hopes for our children. But now…I don’t know what we will do for baby #3. Maybe go a completely different style than before. Our boys are Elijah and Simeon (Sim-ee-in). Both are 5 letter Old Testament names with a 3 letter nickname (Eli & Sim). So now I feel like we have to follow that mold. I know we don’t really…but it will likely bug me if we don’t. But there aren’t anymore good names to fit that mold. Maybe this means we will actually have a girl! Ha! That scares the crap out of me! Ha!

    Did you find out you’re having a boy? I missed that!

  6. Karri says:

    My family likes the more unusual names. Zyzick, Trenton, Killeen, Seth, Wyatt, Torsten and Rylan have all been used. We all like that our kids have original names and so far there haven’t been any others in their classes. Good luck.

  7. Sherie says:

    My sons are Adam (now 21) and Matthew (now 6). Even though I definitely not having any more kids, I still like the names Noel (pronounced nole), Kai, and Liam. My girls are Kaylee and Nissa (with a short i, like “kiss”).

  8. Katie says:

    Bennett and Dylan. I wonder if I still have my list from Lucas…

  9. Nik says:

    We are expecting our third in November and we don’t know the sex. So we have to come up with two lists. Boys’ names have proven to be much more difficult for us, there are few that I really love. Plus my husband is choosier with boys’ names than he is with girls’ names. He has vetoed several names on my list, such as: Desmond (Desi), Ezekiel (Zeke), and Lorenzo (Enzo). Feel free to steal those; we won’t be using them. Husband likes classic names so we are considering Samuel, Sebastian, Gabriel, and Felix (a little more out there but it was my great grandfather’s name so I’ve managed to keep it viable for now). We always wait until the baby is actually born before deciding on a name… Laying eyes on the little one always seems to crystallize our decision.

  10. Cynthia says:

    I named my son Michael William :)

  11. Dena Mari says:

    My son is due November 11th, 2011. (11-11-11)
    His name is Albert Jerome. Albert after my great grandfather, and Jerome after my husbands and my grandfather. His nickname is AJ, and my Aunt Allison, lovingly calls him Lil Al because she was called Al growing up.

    My husband and I were SET on the name Darrius Finn, until I actually got pregnant, and then we changed that in a FLASH.

  12. sarah lahey says:

    It took us a long time to decide on a name for our son… We finally took a name we liked, just not for our son(Kieran) and changed it to Tieran, middle name Sage. As soon as I said the two names together out loud, I knew that was it. I’m currently pregnant with baby #2, and won’t know the sex for another couple weeks… So the naming process is about to be in full swing!

  13. Kate says:

    We’re kind of goofy.. our son’s name started out as a joke. My husband’s nickname is Geo (Geoffrey) and we joked around about naming our son Leo so their names would rhyme. We then proceeded to make a serious list of names, but Leo just stuck. There is also a slight association with my name, because although I like to be called Kate (from Katherine), everyone seems to call me Kat. Get it? Leo the lion.. Kat, cat? So silly. Kind of funny, also.. our little family is Geoff, Katherine and Leo.. my cousin’s family is Jeff, Catherine and their eldest son’s name begins with an L as well.

  14. April says:

    Our daughters name is Lillionna (Lily-on-ah)..We are currently pregnant and they think it’s a girl…If so, her name will be Autumn, but if it’s a boy his name will be Gunnar :)

  15. ashley t says:

    My sons names are Orrin and Ari….both names are very uncommon but everyone loves the names when they ask what our childrens names are. Lots of people mispronounce the names alot which kills me!

    Orrin sounds like OR-REN. Ari sounds like R-E.

    I guess I’ll get that tattoo’d on their faces so they can go through life without hearing the wrong name all the time from people! HAHA. (Just kidding, hardcore serious moms that never laugh at anything!)

  16. Jen L. says:

    Well, as you know, we went with Dean. Also on the list were Deacon (my husband’s choice), Elias (my choice) and Parker. I also really love the name Lucas, which my brother in law and his wife ended up using for their second son. I have to tell you–I have a friend named Brik (no c) and that name suits him to a T! His given name is Erik, but the school made a typo on his first day of first grade and he thought it sounded cool, so he’s been Brik ever since.

  17. Courtney says:

    We chose Elliott. He’s 2 1/2 and I’ve never regretted or wished I had picked another name. :) . If you like the E names, I have friends who have Everett and Emory.

  18. Mary says:

    Have you noticed how A LOT of the comments have to phonetically spell out their child’s name? DON’T DO THAT TO YOUR CHILD!!!!!! Your poor child will have to correct their name pronounciation for the rest of their life, at the doctor’s, at school, everytime they order a pizza, etc…

  19. Jaime says:

    I love Preston, Liam, Decklan, Enzo, Ezra and Everett.

    Have fun….are you going to share once you have picked a name?

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