Baby Bump Banter


I’ve been pretty vocal about how I don’t exactly enjoy pregnancy and nearly everything that goes along with it. Every now and again I get a little online grief for all my yammering about peeing my pants, puking, and stretch marks. As if my dislike of being pregnant will somehow correspond with my ability to be a great mom.

Anyway, I was doing my nightly reading (Star, In Touch, Us Weekly) and stumbled across some celebrities who admit to hating pregnancy. And those who loved it. I thought you might be interested in who said what about being pregnant.


Gwen Stefani: Having something growing in your stomach feels so unnatural…You just feel gross

Kendra Baskett: When I was pregnant, I was in so much pain…I felt really weak.

Jaime Pressly: It sucked! I’m used to looking hot.


Jennifer Lopez: As soon as I had the babies I thought to myself, I want to do this a thousand more times!

Heidi Klum: I love going to the hospital and having babies. I love everything!

Angelina Jolie: Pregnancy is great for the sex life.

I figure I fall somewhere in the middle of the haters and lovers. I don’t necessarily think having something growing in my stomach feels unnatural but I wouldn’t really say pregnancy has been great for my sex life. I think the celebrity statement I most identify with, oddly enough, is Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend, Kendra.

What about you?

Photo Credit: LianneMilton/GettyImages