Baby Likes to Move It, Move It


There’s a new development in my baby’s growth this week – I can see her (or his!) squirmy movements from the outside.

I was flying back from a work trip yesterday and felt the baby kick. I looked down and then… I saw the baby kick again! It was incredible.

My baby’s new movement ‘trick’ got me wondering – when did you all first feel different types of movement?

I first felt flutters at Week 15 – 16. It felt like a little goldfish swimming around in my belly. And then, around Week 18, I started to feel my first real thumps and bumps.

My husband could first feel light bumps every now and then when I was Week 19 or so, and by Week 21, he could feel them every night. Now, it’s Week 25, and I can see the movement on the outside. Pretty cool! It’s fun to know the baby is really getting bigger and stronger with every passing week.

When did you first feel different types of movement?

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