Baby Steals at Target Online

photo credit : Schwer

When it comes to baby gear, there are a couple must haves. I learned this quickly while raising my older children. One is a swing, and the other is a bouncer. Without these two heaven sent pieces of gear, I don’t think I would have successfully survived the first six months of life.

I have been sneaking around online looking for deals on baby gear because after our second son, we got rid of most. Gave away things, the swing motor burnt out – at least we got two kids worth of use out of it, and overall didn’t think we would be having anymore children. At least this soon!

I was browsing today looking for Black Friday sales, and Christmas presents for the boys when I stumbled upon a huge baby sale they are having! Swings, bouncers, diapers, boppy accessories, you name it… its on sale.

Then there was a chorus of angels that started singing when I found a buy-one-get-one-free kind of sale on the adorable Woodland Animals swing, and bouncer. If you buy the swing for $99, you get the $27 bouncer for free. Doesn’t seem like a lot till they throw in the free shipping too!

Shipping is free on any purchase over $50 right now, but the sale ends on Saturday the 13th, and the sale is only available online!