Becoming a Mother Again for Mothers Day


When I unexpectedly got pregnant sometime during August, I didn’t know whether our little bundle of joy would be here before, or after mothers day this year. My due date is May 8th, so had I gone with my original plan to try for a vaginal delivery after two previous c-sections, I very well could have gone over my due date, and ended up still pregnant on mothers day. Probably making for a very miserable holiday too!

But because my plans changed, and I know I will be having a scheduled c-section at the start of that week, most likely May 3rd, I know that the best mothers day gift I will be getting is a new baby, to really truly celebrate being a mother and everything that comes with it.

Mothers day this year is May 9th, just around the time I should be heading home with my third, and last baby, and first daughter… who one day I will walk with, and guide her through her journey to becoming a mother herself. It kind of brings things full circle, and really hits me with butterflies in my stomach.

Best part though, is my husband and sons won’t have to go out of their way worrying about what they can get me right? Hah!

Photo: Myself, and my second son Benjamin a couple hours after he was born in 2009.