Belly Pictures For Bucks


Calling all pregnant exhibitionists and entrepreneurs! Thanks to online blog printing service, You now have the opportunity to display your pregnant belly and profit from the experience.

Submit your belly photos at this online casting call. Or come to the live casting call in NYC on June 17th for the full fantasy model experience.

Winning bellies will receive a modeling fee, a year of free diapers, and free Blog2Print books for the next 18 years, or until the kid you’re currently carrying is off to the college you’ll be stressing out about him getting into from shortly after his birth.

Blog2Print makes custom books from blogs. Seems like a cool way to translate your online musings into a more traditional keepsake, like a diary or a baby book. It can be easier to write online, but it’s hard to curl up on the couch and share a blog!  (And you probably won’t want to be putting your laptop into the memory box.)

Perhaps Pregnant Belly as Billboard will be a new advertising trend. I can see it now: branded baby bumps, “Rent this Space” temporary tattoos.  Moonvertising meets momvertising.