Best Advice You Received As a New Parent—Twitter Roundup

Favorite Parenting Advice From Twitter Users

When it comes to parenting there is no shortage of opinions on the matter. Every person out there seems to have  one—sometimes many and often they are unsolicited on your part.

It can be hard wading through the advice thrown your way when becoming a parent. You are already overwhelmed and exhausted, having to mentally sort through the good and bad advice you’ve been given can easily push you over the edge.

As they say, hind sight is twenty twenty. It is much easier to see what is really good advice once you’ve gotten past the newborn stage and a little used to this crazy gig called parenting.

So, I asked twitter what was the best piece of advice they received as new parent.

This is what they had to say.

  • Thinking Long Term 1 of 10
    Thinking Long Term
  • Sleep When Possible 2 of 10
    Sleep When Possible
  • Baby Farts 3 of 10
    Baby Farts
  • Always Remember 4 of 10
    Always Remember
  • Embrace Wake Up Calls 5 of 10
    Embrace Wake Up Calls
  • Every Child Is Unique 6 of 10
    Every Child Is Unique
  • Go Out 7 of 10
    Go Out
  • Wear Them Out 8 of 10
    Wear Them Out
  • Nobody Needs To Know 9 of 10
    Nobody Needs To Know
  • No Comparisons 10 of 10
    No Comparisons