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Are You Pregnant?

Regular Tests:

1: Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test

Cost:$9.99 for 2

Pros: Clearblue Easy has the fastest result time tested &— only 8 seconds! The strip also turns pink when wet, so you know you’ve done everything right. With breathtakingly rapid results, easy instructions, and a well-designed stick, this was the best test I tried.

Cons: Not as sensitive as some other brands like First Response, which allow you to test up to 6 days before your period is due.

When you can use it: As soon as 4 days before your period is due. For this (and most tests), if you’re testing before your missed period, it’s best to take the test first thing in the morning since that’s when your hCG levels will be most concentrated in your urine.

Test time: Positive results in 8 seconds


2: Fact Plus Pregnancy Test

Cost: $10.69 for 2

Pros: In 15 seconds the results are ultra-clear and easy to understand.

Cons: Like Clearblue Easy, this test is not as sensitive as tests like First Response, which allow you to test earlier.

When you can use it: As soon as 4 days before your expected period. If you’re testing before your period is due, test first thing in the morning.

Test time: Positive result in 15 seconds


3: EPT Pregnancy Test

Cost: $13.99 for 2

Pros: Super-fast results in 17 seconds and an unmistakable plus sign result.

Cons: The handle was a little short for something you’re being asked to hold under your urine stream — not the most comfortable test to take.

When you can use it: Up to 5 days before your expected period

Test time: Positive result in 17 seconds


4: Duane Reade One-Step Pregnancy Test

Cost: $12.99 for 2

Pros: Simple with extremely quick, clear results. This generic performed much better than many of the name brands, some of which were slower and had less clear results.

Cons: Slightly high price for a generic test

When you can use it: As early as 4 days before your period is expected

Test time: Positive result in 12 seconds, though the control window — located just beyond the results window and confirms that the test is working — took 30 seconds to show a line.


5: First Response Pregnancy Test Early Result

Cost: $15.99 for 3

Pros: This test has the earliest testing time of any of the tests and is more likely to deliver a positive result early.

Cons: The lines that tell you if you are pregnant are incredibly faint, which can make the result a little uncertain — the last thing you want in a pregnancy test. The results also took longer than the rest of the tests.

When you can use it: According to instructions, any time of the day and as soon as 6 days before your expected period. I would still recommend testing first thing in the morning to increase the likelihood of an accurate result.

Test time: Faint positive after 1 minute, but a strong positive after 5 minutes


6: Answer Pregnancy Test Early Result

Cost: $14.99 for 2

Pros: Easy to use, clear instructions.

Cons: This test was slow to show a result, and once it did show, it was hard to read. And it was expensive compared to other analog tests.

When you can use it: Up to 4 days before your missed period

Test time: Faint positive after 40 seconds, clear positive after 4 minutes


Digital Tests:

1: The Clear Winner: Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test

Cost: $11.99 for 2

Pros: Straightforward design, easy to use, and fast digital results.

Cons: Great price and design — there are no cons for this digital champ.

When you can use it: Up to 4 days before your missed period

Test time: Positive “Pregnant” result appears in the digital window in 50 seconds


2: EPT Digital Early Pregnancy Test

Cost: $18.99 for 2

Pros: Fancy-looking device, ultra-ergonomic. Like all digital tests, there’s no interpreting the results; it’s either a “yes” or a “no” that pops up on the digital screen.

Cons: The instructions were a bit confusing and left me wondering if I was doing it right.

When you can use it: Up to 4 days before missed period

Test time: Positive “Pregnant” result in 47 seconds


3: First Response Gold Digital Early Result

Cost: $19.99 for 2

Pros: Clear instructions and a large handle that’s easy to grip. Like other digital tests, the definitive “yes” or “no” was reassuring.

Cons: This was the slowest and most expensive digital test I tried. It took more time to show results than its non-digital counterpart.

When you can use it: May detect hCG up to 4 days before missed period

Test time: Blinking clock symbol after 30 seconds to indicate that the test is working and then 2 minutes, 9 seconds for a positive “Yes+” result to appear on the digital screen.


4: Duane Reade Digital Pregnancy Test

Cost: $17.99 for 2

Pros: A long, chunky handle that makes for a more comfortable testing process (i.e. no pee on your hands) plus a reassuring and definitive “yes” or “no” result.

Cons: Complicated to assemble and a little flimsy once constructed. And the result time was slower than the other brands.

When you can use it: Any time of day starting on the day you expect your period to start

Test time: Positive “Pregnant” result in 1 minute, 3 seconds

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