Bethenny Frankel's Sensible New Mom Advice


Bethenny Frankel doles out some pretty sound advice in her final blog post over a People Mag.

After a bit of gushing about how grateful and happy she is, Bethenny, in her inimitable style, cuts right to the chase, telling soon-to-be-parents that they don’t have to get an elaborate nursery ready before the baby is born. “At first Bryn’s nursery was bare, but little did I know that a baby could sleep in a shoebox if necessary.”

“They do nothing but poop and sleep!” she writes, “So a bassinet was all we needed at first. (You don’t need a crib for several weeks.) The only essential thing a new parent needs is a place to change the baby’s diapers. We used a shelf to change her for a few weeks. Don’t stress on that.”

So true! That baby registry can make it seem like you HAVE to spend hundreds and hundreds just in order to bring the baby home. But the fact is, babies don’t need much in the beginning. Or even for quite some time. As a friend once told me, “Babies are cheap (I mean priceless).” Mostly they need to be fed. And on that topic, Bethenny writes about how challenging and rewarding breastfeeding has been:

“Bryn now sleeps for 4-hour intervals (6 if we’re lucky), and I have been breastfeeding. That has been the greatest challenge and reward. It is something you don’t have to be extreme about and don’t need to be pressured about either. However, it’s very healthy and a gift that only you can give your baby. I would have regretted not doing it.”

Her final bit of advice concerns helping build the bond between infant and pet.  I can’t speak to this issue as we have a docile cat whose feelings took a bit of a back seat when we had newborns in the house.  Poor old guy is fine now. For those of you with needier animals, maybe Bethenny’s tips will reassure.

credit: Jakes Van Der Watt / PR Photos