Bethenny Had a Cheesy Pregnancy


Bethenny Frankel wasn’t a militant pregnant, she says in an interview with  The TV personality says she was pretty loose about putting a little bleu cheese on her salads. Though from what we know about her Skinny Girl shtick, she probably wasn’t eating all that much bleu cheese even before she got pregnant.

Bethenny says she also had a tiny bit of alcohol while she was pregnant, including a glass of champagne at her wedding.

Bleu cheese is discouraged in pregnancy because of the risk of listeria. In reality, though, most bleu cheese available in this country is made with pasteurized milk.  And the risk of contracting listeria from unpasteurized cheese is quite low. The warning remains because listeria is such a serious condition in pregnant women, and can be life-threatening to both the mother and baby.

Bumpology blogger Linda Geddes wrote a great post on the complicated challenges of wine and cheese in pregnancy, inspired by her own frustrating experience in France:  Pregnant at the Wine and Cheese Party. It sounds like Bethenny isn’t too far off the mark from most of what her research suggests.

photo: Quinn Dombrowski/flickr

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