Beyoncé's Pregnant: Surprise!


Beyoncé Knowles is pregnant, a source tells Us Weekly.

The magazine reported that the singer and actress is expecting her first baby with her husband, rapper Jay-Z. The source also claims that the baby was a surprise, and that Beyoncé was hoping to hold off on becoming pregnant until her album and tour were finished.

The best laid plans…

The actress is still in her first trimester, so I’m sure she’s beyond thrilled about this story being leaked so soon. And I wonder how she feels about the surprise aspect being revealed to the world?

Despite the unexpected nature of the pregnancy (and, perhaps, the manner in which it was revealed) another source assures Us that she is thrilled and sees the baby as “a gift from God”. Beyoncé has always been very open about her faith, and both she and Jay-Z have made it clear that family is a high priority for each of them. The pregnancy announcement is accompanied by an exclusive Us magazine feature, which addresses questions about how Beyoncé will juggle her career and motherhood once the baby is born.

And then there are the questions that will probably remain unanswered, ie:  Will pregnancy change Beyoncé’s butt?

photo: Sylvain Gaboury / PR Photos

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