Birds and Bees Remix: Resources for Getting Pregnant


For those battling fertility issues, you know there’s nothing funny about the inner turmoil and isolation you feel as you walk past the 57,000th stroller and 250th bouncing toddler, all with the image of your most recent negative pregnancy test on your mind.

That’s why the new Birds and Bees: The Real Story Facebook page is dedicated to educating and offering resources on fertility issues. Considering 1 in 8 women have difficulty getting pregnant, this is an issue that weighs on many couple’s minds — yet can feel so overwhelming.

My favorite part of the campaign is their Early Bird Catches the Sperm music video (see below). While it definitely has that embarrassingly funny “Swagger Wagon” feel, you just might recognize yourself in this (rapping and singing) 30-something couple who has been trying to get pregnant for 11 months, only to feel a lot of pressure, discouragement and confusion.

Warning: This song will get stuck in your head. But at least it will make you smile:



Check out the Birds and Bees: The Real Story on Facebook for more information and resources.