Birth and Social Media: How Much To Share?

I’m a social media junkie. I’m forever checking my Facebook page, my Twitter feed, other people’s blogs, my blog stats, or my plain, old fashioned email. I put a lot of my thoughts and opinions out into social media space and really enjoy that kind of interaction with others. I’ve tried to keep my pregnancy talk to a minimum my personal Facebook page, as opposed as the one for my blog, because not everyone wants to hear every detail of this 40 week journey, but I have done a fair amount of sharing here and on other sites.

But that doesn’t mean I’m sharing everything. I try to keep personal information about myself and my family to a minimum for privacy reasons. I’m not big on publishing photos of my husband or son, and I keep their names out of my writing and tweeting. Sure, my personal Facebook account has plenty about the two of them but I know all the people on my friends list personally. I feel more comfortable putting some barriers up between my family and the larger internet world.

That’s why you won’t see baby pictures on my blog or here on Babble. And you won’t get to learn my baby’s name. And you don’t get to know my planned delivery date in advance. Sorry. I’ll tell you all after the fact and let you know if I have a boy or a girl but the rest is personal.

The other thing I absolutely, positively won’t be doing is live-tweeting my delivery. I see that more and more often lately and I think it’s cool if you’re the kind of person who’s comfortable sharing the process. I could see it being cathartic to be receiving feedback from the outside world as you go through the many stages of labor that are primarily about marking time until your body is prepared to the do the final effort of bringing the baby into the world. It would be like having a virtual cheering section and that would be awesome.

I’m too much of a prude for that.

I see birth as a very intimate thing. I only want my husband with me in the delivery room, no family or friends. With the birth of my son, I didn’t even give updates to my own parents during my labor. After calling them to tell them that I was on my way to the hospital with my water broken, I went radio silent for the next 12 hours or so until my son was delivered. (Interestingly, my mother woke up at about the time I was being wheeled down the hall for my emergency c-section and she couldn’t get back to sleep. Mother’s intuition strikes again!). It was intensely personal and private and I’m glad we did it the way we did so that we became parents without any distractions. I want this birth to be similar: my husband and I will welcome the baby together then invite others to meet him or her.

The whole world of social media is still so new that everyone is making up their own privacy rules as they go along (If only Facebook would stop making their privacy setting harder to use!). How we all use social media to share news about our families is a personal and complicated decision. While I err on the side of shyness, others are more open and share all the joy of a new baby, not just the barest of details.

How will you treat the birth of your baby in social media?

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