Birth or Not ... Inappropriate Hoax?


To abort or not to abort was the question posed on the “Birth Or Not” website which has lit up like wild fire this week. The first article I spied on it was covered by an anti-abortion website called Lifenews which ended up on my facebook wall. Outrage, disgust, and disbelief were some of the initial feelings of some online readers… but for someone like myself I would smell the hoax a mile away.

The site included a ticker in the corner counting down the days left until the couple could no longer legally have an abortion in their state, today it rests as 18 days. As a pregnant woman who takes pride in my pro choice stance, this rubbed me the wrong way. Understandably because a couple who is truly considering the deeply personal choice of termination is not going to make an internet mockery of the difficult choice.

Of course just as we all started getting our panties in a bunch the news came out that of course this was a hoax. While the website owners are still trying to pass off the website as a legitimate site, I predict it will not be long before they take it to another extreme and announce their abortion sometime in the next week or so. Problem being, the website was registered long before the couple got pregnant, another twist in the tale.

The domain name was registered on May 17th, 2010. Which is a full 9-10 weeks before the couple could have physically conceived. I know because I am around the same gestation and I conceived my lovely little fetus in August of 2010.

Also reported is the connection to this hoax site to another less than credible internet site via the Google Analytics account. The website it has been linked to is The Church of Global Warming, a far right conservative website. Strange!

What does this have to do with pregnancy?
As a pregnant woman, who also takes my stance on choice, and reproductive freedoms so seriously… it bothers me that these people would make such a joke. Not only is it inappropriate but they are attempting to send the wrong message about those who choose abortion, especially after the first trimester. It is not a game for couples, it is not a light choice which includes an internet poll or blog.

Shame on whoever started this website, and the cause they stand for.