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Birth Rape and Ignored Refusal?

By Danielle |

Before I start writing this post out, I want to take a moment to warn my readers about a story that contains graphic birth trauma. This could be a trigger for those of you who have had trauma, or bad experiences. I encourage you to read with caution.

Yesterday afternoon I caught a tweet about Birth Rape from one of the women I follow on twitter. Emily had a c-section a little over a year ago, and as time went on was not happy with her experience. While her blog is mainly about her son who is super cute, she posts some birth stuff, like the birth rape post.

We have all seen some serious doozies when it comes to birth stories on websites like Baby Center, or The Bump, but after reading this one myself, I literally cried for the mother, and wondered to myself, how is this happening in the United States?

The actions of the hospital in this case were illegal, and it often makes me wonder what kind of ego a provider has to have to batter a woman in this nature. The mother, Dawn, had wanted a VBAC, and had changed providers several times during her pregnancy to ensure she would have the most VBAC friendly provider and greatest option of having a Vaginal Birth after a Cesarean section which people take fore-granted in many parts of the country, because for some women, they are simply not that easy to get at all.

When I read the title of the post “VBAC Denied, Horrid Experience” I knew I needed to read this in more than one sitting.

Dawn arrived at the hospital on January 30th, in active labor and dilated to 4cm. Within a short time of her arrival, her water broke on its own, and she was then dilated to 6cm. Beautiful progress for a mother, especially with a previous c-section. Something most VBAC mothers hope for.

She shares in her own words:

Since I was laboring on a birthing ball, the midwife wasn’t confident about the fetal heartrate monitor, it was showing decels, so I was asked to consent to an internal monitor (screws into the baby’s scalp during labor).  I refused the first time I was asked, then consented the second time they asked. I consented because I thought my husband was beginning to panic and hoped that it would ease his stress.  When I consented to it, I looked at my husband & said “That is medical intervention #1″.

Clearly she was informed about her birth, and really knew and understood what she wanted. She was not blindly going into the hospital, she had done her research and really knew what she wanted, and what would possibly set her back. Something all VBAC mothers should be doing.

But this is where the story took a turn for the worse. Again, this is a warning for mothers before I continue!

After consenting to the monitoring, she continued to share:

Before the monitor was even plugged in, we were told that we were going to be moved to the OR “just in case” while being monitored more closely.  The midwife had called an OB to consult & we expected to meet him in the OR.

On the way to the OR, my husband was sent to a dressing area to change into scrubs & I was sent straight into the OR.  My husband & I were seperated.

Another warning sign, but sadly many women don’t have any other options. It sounded like the mother was being prep’ed for a c-section but was not being told that. The only time a husband or partner is changed into scrubs tends to be for a c-section.

And then the worse imaginable form of mistrust I have read in a while happened…

As soon as I reached the OR, the staff began prepping me for surgery.  I stated that I did NOT want a c-section.  I demanded to see my husband and stated that IF I was to receive a c-section my DH & I would make that decision together.  I was told that my husband was on his way.  I was also told that my baby needed more oxygen & I was told to breathe deeply in a new mask because it had a better seal on my face (the oxygen I was breathing before was thru a smaller mask).  The new mask wasn’t oxygen, I was gassed against my will.  I am unaware of what was done to me from the time I was gassed up until I awoke in recovery.  I am assuming that I only had a c-section.  Any further details have not been shared with me.

Not only was she lied to, but she was put under general anesthesia without consent.  Alone, with no support from her husband, not knowing what was going on. One minute thinking she was getting some oxygen, and then the next thing she knows she is waking up in the recovery room after major surgery she never consented to!

From a provider none the less that she didn’t know, or even have a name for!

I found out that my son had been born, and that I had been operated on, when I woke up in recovery.  No medical professional came to me and spoke to me about my surgery.  I have never been told WHY I required a c-section.  I only know the name of the delivering physician because it’s on my son’s birth certificate.  I never met him.  He never came to talk to me before or after surgery.  I also never saw the midwife again after I was wheeled into the OR.

I am not sure the details, of course we only know what the mother herself has said. But no matter how you slice this story… it is not acceptable treatment of any patient no matter what they want, including a c-section, VBAC, or what.
We have informed consent, and consent laws in this country for a reason, and this was a gross violation of patient rights on so many levels.

My heart has broken for this mother, and all she will have to go through now in the weeks, and months after the birth of her child, a time that is supposed to be happy, and is now filled with fear, hurt, and regret.

If you or someone you know has experienced some kind of birth trauma or birth rape, please give them the information for Solace for Mothers.

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384 thoughts on “Birth Rape and Ignored Refusal?

  1. Allie says:

    While I’m glad this story is getting out on to main boards the pregnant woman may commonly read, I feel that you should have linked to her story instead of taking her story and posting it her. I feel like unless her permission was asked and granted this the majority of her birth story shouldn’t be posted here. Maybe you received permission but if so that is something I would post so others don’t think they can take the story word for word.

    Now the above being said, I am really sad for this mom. It isn’t fair that she was deprived of the birth she was trying so hard to achieve. It is also complete crap that this was all done against her will/ without her knowledge. I really hope this practice gets what is owed to them!

    1. Danielle625 says:

      @Allie – Her story was linked several times in the post :(

  2. Allie says:

    Also I am sorry that that reply was FULL of grammatical errors and typos.

  3. Allie says:

    What I mean is I think that the linking was enough without posting a good amount of the story. Still, It is very sad that this mama had to go through so much crap and the got tricked. =/

  4. Diera says:

    I hate to sound like a giant cynic, but maybe I have just been through too many episodes of OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BIGGEST OUTRAGE EVER on the Internet, only to find out that details were left out of the story later, to trust that every post on Babycenter is 100% true. If this happened to this woman as she said, then I agree, this is HORRIBLE. And illegal, and the hospital should be sued, and probably criminally prosecuted. But remember the woman who blogged about her baby being kidnapped by the TSA, and then the TSA put out video showing that the baby had never left her sight? Just because someone says it, and may even believe it, doesn’t make it true.

  5. Lindsey says:

    Diera-why is it so hard to believe that this happened? Yes I get it-women go onto Baby Center to be “trolls” and post outrageous things…but why do posts like this have to be met with such cynicism? It happens. It probably happens every day and by burdening each story with a cloak of “maybe it’s not true” just allows the perpetrators to keep doing what they do best.

  6. Diera says:

    @Lindsey: I think the default response to any unsupported story posted by an unknown person accusing others of outrageous and criminal behavior ought to be both concern AND skepticism. I’m concerned about this story, because if it’s true it’s appalling; I’m skeptical because a lot of appalling stories on the Internet turn out to have more to them than is apparent at the first posting. The reason I think “maybe it’s not true” is that it might not be. Truth is important.

  7. adriana silva says:

    I believe that this story is true. While I wasn’t “birth raped”. I had a bad birth experience with my son (he is 10 now) I was a teen mom. The moment that I entered the hospital I wasn’t treated with respect and I was never told, asked, or talked through what was happening with me. I would say I was in pain and I was told “Oh, honey you don’t know”. During the labor, I was told I was going to get potocin AFTER they had put it in my IV. Several hours later after “upping ” the dosage…my contractions where still irregular, and a nurse came in threw me a dirty look, looked at my IV and turned up the valve. The same nurse that had gave me the potocin did not open the valve so the drug could get into my body. I got several hours of potocin in instant. My body went into son’s heart rate dropped to 70…it was horrible. I never saw the nurse again…no one explained what had happened to me, I was never offered an apology. While the birth of my son was one of the greatest things to happen in my life; the experience I had giving birth to him was not. I feel for this lady that had her birthing experience taken away from her.

  8. Nicole says:

    Probably the reason some of us are a little wary and distrustful are because of these kinds of findings: Do a web search for “munchausen by internet” or “online munchausen” and you’ll be amazed at the stories of lies people post online.

    That said, this is a horrific case, if it is true. And I do know that the OB professionals are often so quick to not allow any of the natural birth processes to just do their work. :(

  9. Elissa says:

    I’m reading this on my phone as I nurse my own son back to sleep. Poor little man will have to go to bed with a wet head because I can’t stop the tears from falling on him.

    Birthing him was the most intensely beautiful experience that I’ve had. It hurts me that other women, whether they end up with a drug free, active, natural birth or not, aren’t treated with the same level of respect and care that I was. I do see, and hear of, cases in which the mother hasn’t respected herself enough to inform, and prepare herself (physically and mentally), but it doesn’t sound like that was the case here. In any case, even the most ignorant and unprepared among us deserves to have a midwife gently guide her through birth, instead of a surgeon eagerly taking the reigns. And, never, never, never should anything be done without the woman’s full, informed consent (which also means, not just being given the info that will prompt the response doctors are wishing to hear, but being given the risks and benefits of not taking action).
    I hope this woman has enough support and love aid her that she will at last have an opportunity to grieve, and to heal.

  10. Anon says:

    This woman is an idiot. She should be damn glad they intervened, she is lucky her baby is alive. I can’t comment on the details of what happened, who really knows. But “refusing” a c-section because you want your birth plan to go a certain way. Sorry, but it isn’t about YOU. It is about your baby and his health. Get over yourself!

    P.S. And “birth rape” is an offensive term, especially considering the millions of people who have been actually sexually assaulted.

  11. Danielle625 says:

    @Anon – There are many women who have been sexually assaulted who take up no issue with this term at all also. It goes both ways.
    As for the woman in question… who knows if the OB/GYN “saved” her baby, or simply did not want her to VBAC like many across the country. By saying cut and dry she should be grateful is foolish, and ignorant.

  12. ALeah says:

    “I am assuming that I only had a c-section”? Really? She should make sure they didn’t harvest a kidney; those get high dollar on the black market. And issuing a “warning” that this can “set off a trigger” for those who have had trauma? Did you all make sure you had your smelling salts before you read on? I smell the remarkably fresh scent of bullsh*t. But go ahead and keep getting your fellow “sisters” worked into a frenzy. If you don’t want a single intervention, give birth at home, and be sure to invite The Learning Channel.

  13. Elissa says:

    Anon, do you not see that the point of this story is not that she had a c-section, but that she was lied to, manipulated, operated from her husband, and was not given a fair chance to make the decision. Had her baby been in grave danger, and had a doctor explained the risks and benefits, and allowed her to make the choice with her husband, I have no doubt that she would feel very differently about the surgery.

  14. Elissa says:

    *separated from her husband

  15. Stephanie says:

    There is no such thing as “birth rape”, and there never was. Those who claim to have suffered it are disgustingly self-involved. Get over yourselves and stop cheapening the situations of ACTUAL rape victims. Birth is about the baby. not the “experience”, and not *you*! Hospitals are not luxury hotels.

  16. Chrisitna says:

    During my second child’s labor, I was pressured to have a c-section after the labor didn’t go as “quickly” as the mid-wife would have liked. Nobody explained to me what the real concern for my son’s dropping heart rate was. If they told me they thought his cord was wrapped around his neck, I would have said wheel me in the OR, but they never once told me they suspected that. After delivery, it was apparent that was the case, and I was distraught because I realized why they had pressured me. I feel for this woman if this is true, because I know first hand how pushy care takers could be when you are in moment, and when they don’t give you the whole picture. Sometimes you don’t feel like you have many choices even as informed as you can be if the doctors and other caretakers are not completely honest with you.

  17. PND says:

    Not a victim. She consented. Take responsibility for your actions and learn to think! This is an example of what is happening to people in America because we have become so complacent and trust/allow others to think for us. We are handed paper-work and we sign. In this case, she probably did consent. She would have been given paper-work that she signed allowing them to make these choices. Many women sign these thinking it’s the normal paperwork and because they don’t read it (they just trust), they end up consenting to things they may have not had they read it. We have become so used to the government thinking for us that we are loosing the ability to critically think and make smart decisions. She consented – it’s wrong for her to act like she’s a victim.

  18. Maria says:

    It happened to me.

    It’s my first born so all I wanted is for the safety of my baby. But the weird things are (1) my due date is a week earlier during the CS, (2) I only went to see my gyne for monitoring that day, (3) my water was still intact.

    It was healthy, baby is fine and in good position, heart beat is ok. I went to see my ob-gyne for weekly check up but that day I went 2-3cm. (i dont know maybe because i just came from work with all the stress) so my ob-gyne asked me to stay a little bit for monitoring. I walked around the hospital lobby (6pm) just to ease the boredom and waiting maybe my water will break anytime soon although it didn’t. Ob-Gyne asked us to book a room in the hospital and she said she will put me in IV to open it gradually since it’s already 9pm. It didnt open, I was already worried for my baby because i haven’t eaten yet since they put me in IV. Come 4am, it didn’t open nor my water break and Im still in 4cm. So, they decided to do CS for me the reason is I haven’t eaten since the last night and it might harm the baby.

  19. elle says:

    I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl via c-section.
    I was informed that she was in the breech position, and that while a vaginal birth was possible, it was not recommended as the risk of complications was greatly increased. As I did not want to end up under general anaesthesia, I elected to have the proceedure.
    4 days prior to her delivery, I agreed to an attempt at turning her. All scans pointed to potential success, so we (hubby & I) went for it.
    This resulted in 35 minutes of the most excruciating (& ultimately pointless) pain I have ever experienced. I would sooner give birth without ANY pain relief than go through that. again.
    I feel for this mother, and can empathise with her situation, but I can not and do not understand or condone the behaviour of her medical care providers. There is no excuse for not fully and completely informing ones patient of any and all actions being taken. Admittedly my proceedure (turning) was far less traumatic than an emergency c-section, but after I was told it would be a relatively painless proceedure that would take not longer than 10 – 15 minutes the eventual result left me in tears of agony.
    Health care professionals need to learn to be more forthcoming & honest with us pregnant mothers. We may have our perfect birthing scenario in mind (mine was to be a normal vaginal delivery with gas for pain relief) but when it comes to the crunch, we will ALWAYS put the welfare of our unborn child first!

  20. remigio obias jr. says:

    This is a very critical story , time you post a story, please include all sides of the people involved , not just a one sided story. This is a type of story told by reporters from tabloids or small time newspaper, getting out stories to sensationalize only to learn later that everything proper and within the realms of the law and human rights were followed. I sympathize who experienced these traumatic events , but most of them were decided upon to save and protect both mother and child. In our country , even with women living in poor, depressed area and more often illiterate or did not receive higher education, they get to hear the explanation of the midwife or nurse on the procedure to be done, then they will be asked to sign consent forms after the explanations. I hoped that these stories are clarified first before being sensationalized. They may educate other future mothers but they also instill fear among others who lack the knowledge on the procedures.

  21. anon says:

    Its hard to know what the truth is here regarding consent. All i do know from personal experience is that once babys heart starts showing significant decelerations you do not have long to get it the hell out of there. In my case a delayed emergency section was the difference between a live birth and the horrible tragedy which occurred instead. This womans insistence on the birth of her dreams could have killed her baby. There may not have been time to argue about it. I find it very hard to believe that it was done without consent forms as that is just asking for a lawsuit to be bought. I cant specifically remember signing the forms for my crash section amid the chaos but I know I did it. A doctor taking a decision against the patient’s wishes that saves a life is not equivalent in my opinion to rape. I dont think this woman is a troll, but I dont think she has fully understood the medical implications of the situation.

  22. Anon says:

    Stephanie, it seems you’ve never had a baby from your comment. During birth, a mother is born just as the baby is born. You cannot seperate the birth process from the mother!!

    It is inherently mom’s job to ensure that decisions are made with baby first and foremost in mind however if this story is true – and I’m not saying it is – she should have been given the information and the opportunity to lay down her preference for baby’s best interest.

    You’re so ignorant.

  23. Devon says:

    If this happened the way this woman claimed, then that’s pretty horrible. However, I never react to a story when only one side is told. I get the impression we haven’t heard all the details of this incident so I reserve personal judgement.

  24. Devon says:

    Also, Birth Rape? Really? That’s an idiotic name for this situation. These are professionals who regardless of how much research you’ve done, know better then you. The most important thing to them is the health of you and your baby, they could give a rats ass as to your personal opinions on the subject. Do I think a mother should need consent before doing certain procedures, certainly; unless they felt it necessary due to an important health concern. Doctor’s have to make these calls sometimes.

  25. Jo says:

    The baby was born safe and sound and the mom was healthy after the birth? this is a good thing, no?
    The hospital probably cant tell their side of the story due to FOIP.
    If they were acting to save the life of the baby then they needed to act quick. They could have forced this through Child Protection.

    Although being able to have a vag birth is more natural etc, the most important thing is the safety and health of the baby. Just because I may want one,does not mean that is the best thing. I think the word rape needs to be removed as it suggest something like sexual assault was done to the Mother and Baby.

  26. Anon 2 (because I'm male) says:

    Anon 1 – I totally agree.

    1. She should be grateful that she has a healthy baby and shouldn’t be so self obsessed with selfish external post modern ideas of fulfilment that would involve a “vbac” “birth plan”
    2. The doctors and nurses and midwives do this every day. You don’t know more than them. You are big or clever or smart my arguing with them or rocking in with your preconceived plans of how you want a healthy baby. If you’re focusing on how you want to ‘feel’ above the health of the child then there’s a major problem.
    3. Describing emergency medical intervention as ‘birth rape’ is disgusting and you must question the journalists use of such a word let alone such a way to describe medical intervention

    Your baby was health – you are blessed – now get over yourself and focus on the reality rather than your selfish post modern sense of fulfilment.

  27. Cori says:

    I find this unbelievable. There are far too many facets of this story that just don’t add up. And on some incredibly far fetched chance it did in fact happen (benefit of the doubt here), surely she’d be suing the hospital (as she should), and therefore would not be commenting publicly, which would jeopardize the outcome of the law suit.

  28. natster says:

    I STRONGLY agree with the comment of “rap”. My first thought of the headline was WHAT. Is this for real, women getting rapped while giving birth. This word should not be used in this content. It is very disrespectful to those women that have been sexually assaulted. Now c- section vs VBAC… I went c-section, do I think I was robbed of the experience NO. Really ? pushing a watermelon out of pea size whole wasn’t someting I really wanted to do. But hey to each it’s own. My son had the cord wrapped around his neck and his heartrate was not going up and was stuck. So everytime I contracted he had no oxygen going to him. So when they decided to talk him via c-section I was VERY grateful. In a matter of minutes I had a crying healthy little boy poppng his head over the curtain. He was alive and healthy and that’s ALL that mattered. Major surgery YES 6 weeks to recover, but a lifetime of memories and happiness. So you didn’t get a chance to give birth naturally woopee. At least you gave birth, some women would kill to be able to get pregnant. As for being drugged without your knowledge well that’s just plain wrong.

  29. Jojomo says:

    I thought this was about women being raped during delivery. But it was just about emergency medical procedures. Rape shouldn’t be in the description.

  30. Anon says:

    While the story and experience is certainly worth sharing, as is any story or written opinion as a result of our right for freedom of speech, I find it also offensive as a reader to have been manipulated into reading it because of the sensational title the author chose here! Birth rape? Really? You did not have to use such a disgusting title to elicit readers engagement about an important educational health care related issue! Please be sensitive to those who use terminology appropriately- especially when referring to something so traumatic and real as rape. Doctors may not want to upset a women already in a situation that is physically stressful for her and her unborn child and while it may not always be right to exclude them from options at the time, there must be legitimate reason and rationale lay persons are not always aware of. It’s always good to be empowered through knowledge and sharing stories may help some people who do not know- but this was a manipulative move by the author who did not consider the consequences of using an inappropriate term such as rape to express their anger about the issue at hand. It’s not rape, it’s an extension of medical authority that at times may ( or may not- we don’t know enough here) be required when the risks are far greater than allowing a lay person to make critical decisions in potentially life threatening events! In this case- 2 lives may have been at risk.

  31. Canada17 says:

    This is not an unbelievable story. The scary part is crap like this doesn’t just happen to pregnant women. Anyone who goes into the hospital is taking a risk of being mistreated or maltreated or whatever the heck you want to call it. Her husband should have never left her side, since they were not informed she was being prepped for surgery there was no reason for him to leave her side. But hindsight is 20/20. Anyone who enters a hospital, for any reason, needs to have a good advocate who can keep a level head and remain diplomatic, even when it’s an emergency. I cannot stress this enough, hospitals are not safe places, not as safe as we would be led to believe.

  32. Chantel says:

    I’ve seen it. As a birth professional, I’ve seen women lied to, coerced, pushed, and manhandled in ways that are absolutely birth rape. Other birth professionals, people I trust to tell the truth, have reported similar stories of seeing women held down against their will, yelled at, berated, and painful/body altering procedures done without proper consent or pain relief.

    Did this happen? I don’t know because I wasn’t there. It sounds like NO ONE was there to really witness what went down. Should she sue? You better freaking believe it and I hope she does. Was the baby in actual distress? Who knows. But the honest truth is that even while she is pregnant with another life, she still has bodily autonomy. She still has the legal right to demand explanation of all medical procedures to be done to her body and also has the right to deny them done if she so chooses. This idea that women check their rights to their bodies the moment they get pregnant is ridiculous. And guess what, folks? Sometimes medical professionals are wrong. It’s called malpractice- I’m sure you’ve heard of it? It happens all the time. In fact, it’s one of the leading causes of death in a hospital!

    I promise you, birth rape happens. What else would you call it when a mother is screaming no, please, stop and another person is shoving their hand or an instrument into her body without her consent? Are we not allowed to say “no”? Is a doctor empowered to make my choices for me, hurt me or cut me and I’m not allowed at least the courtesy of saying “yes, I’d like that procedure done” or “no thank you, I’d prefer you not manually remove my placenta unless I’m bleeding out”? Cause… I’ve seen that, too. You may feel the doctor is “saving” the baby… but I’ve seen otherwise with my own eyes. Women need to step up and say “NO” loudly through lawsuits and the choices of who they hire. We need strong support when we choose to birth in hospitals because the environment can absolutely be hostile especially for women who are trying to birth in a way that goes against the grain of the technocratic medical standard. And we need to stop telling women that the trauma they experienced at the hands of the people who are to first do no harm doesn’t matter.

  33. Christi says:

    As a Labor and Delivery nurse, I am appalled at the referece to rape. VBAC are done successfully all the time, and VBAC trial of labor consents are signed at the beginning on admit. This girl is not tellin the full story. There had to have been serious concerns about the baby to use general anesthesia like that. Something does not add up here.

  34. Skeptic says:

    I would love to see some actual responsible journalism going on here, perhaps both sides of the story, a bit of investigation maybe? Instead this site seems to encourage irresponsible fear and myth-mongering. There is no accountability or oversight in respect of what people post; and as a result this site seriously lacks credibility.

    I find this story highly suspect, particularly given that the behaviour depicted falls clearly within the realm of not only professional malpractice, but also into criminal conduct. Coupled with the fact that you have a number of professionally trained individuals all conspiring to commit such criminal and professionally unethical behaviour at the same time (including this trusted midwife), and then they all mysteriously disappear and never seen from again…. Sorry, sounds like a load of crap written by someone who wants to outrage people. Why did her husband not get involved? She claims she has no idea what happened, why didn’t she ask her husband? Or pick up the phone and actually call the midwife? Or call the doctor? Or call the hospital management? Or call a lawyer? Or stop writing such ridiculous stories that only serve to inflame the gullible.

  35. Marie says:

    I think we must be very thankful to have access to some of the best medical equipment, hospitals and doctors In the world. We don’t have to have babies while risking our own lives and those of the babies….c-sections are done to save lives and not cause problems…
    I assume the mother and baby are healthy and fine….we should be thankful of this safe delivery.

  36. An OB Nurse says:

    I hate to put a damper on everyone’s enthusiasm over this story but being an OB nurse for over 30 years has given me some experience with situations such as this. It appears that this baby was experiencing fetal distress and needed to be born sooner than a vbac would allow. Even though the mother does have a right to have the type of birth experience that she desires, the baby also has a right to a safe birth and an intact brain at birth. Decelerations of the fetal heart can indicate that the placenta is not adequately perfusing the baby’s organs, including the brain. I would hate to think that the medical profession would allow a baby to be damaged for life in the name of completing a vbac! There are worse things than a c-section……for example, caring for a brain damaged, disabled child for life. And, you better bet that if the hospital did allow this to happen, there would be a certain lawsuit by the parents,. Once the mom enters the hospital and puts herself and her baby in our care, it is our responsibility to ensure that all interventions are in the best interest of the mom and the baby. If the mom truly wanted a vbac, then she could have labored at home with a midwife instead of putting the responsibility for her birth in the hands of the hospital.

  37. Amanda says:

    I think that There are a few problems with the story and with the comments. The story is an opinion, and unfortunately, the hospital and medical providers stories can only be told if a court order or a HIPAA consent form is signed. If she sued the hospital, which if she truly felt wronged is what I think she should have done, then we would know their side. As it is, A baby is healthy, and the mother, while not happy, can rest knowing that she will be there to watch her healthy baby grow up. However, if she was concerned about her child and changed practitioners several times to make sure she had someone open to VBAC, She still, considering her situation, should have seen a specialist. I would have no problem with a midwife taking care of my normal birth. Heck, My Aunt is a midwife! Maybe she would give me a discount! But if I am seeking a VBAC, I want an OBGYN who specializes in VBAC. I want someone who can show me their success stats. I would not ask a midwife to perform a procedure that most practitioners consider too risky. However, some comments made against this woman are a bit harsh as well–The woman has a right to her opinion, and as this has exerts from her blog, that is literally her opinion. Some writer just decided to make it public. Yes, when we enter the hospital we sign papers that say that the Dr may need to make medical decisions (I.E. Perform an emergency c-section) that would be for the benefit of all. However, If she was still awake, as a patient she had a right to have the problem explained to her and to have her husband with her as she was being put under. If the Dr. Can justify in a court of law that he or she had grounds to perform the c-section, thus changing the birth plan, then technically the only thing the Dr is guilty of is a poor bedside manner. However, the nursing staff, the Dr, the Midwife…It does sound as if the hospital may be one I would not wish to visit. Since the hospital is not mentioned in the article though, she is not responsible for liable or slander (I never remember which one is in writing). If it is on her personal blog, and they can get ahold of it, they may have a case, but I only see exerts in the paper that do not mention the names of the drs, nurses, midwife, or hospital. So she is ranting about an unknown hospital and I have no way to avoid it even if she is my next door neighbor. I don’t know what happened, I don’t know the true story. Are there drs and medical professionals that make poor decisions? Yes. Are there sometimes bad situations where a Dr or medical professional may feel it is best to Act now and explain later? Yes. And if that explaination later tells me that they saved my baby, I would be grateful. I don’t think that knowing only one side of the story that we can say that the drs were right or wrong. Nor can we say that this woman was right or wrong. There are times when a cesarian has to be done so quickly that there is not enough time for a local anesthetic to kick in and they have to put you under. That could have been her situation. The fact is we just don’t know enough and we can’t judge. It does make me happy that my Dr is a God fearing man that I see every Sunday in Church. I feel confident that if I have a question, he will answer it. On anything.

  38. Jazz says:

    I am an antepartum nurse, and you must do what is best for the baby. Would she rather of them not done the c-section and the baby die? Women need to really consider their baby first, not just how he/she comes into the world. You not wanting to have a c-section is not nearly as important as you having a healthy happy baby. Also, there is a reason why medical staff is hesitant to do v-bacs. People need to put the baby first, not themselves. I have had numerous patients go on and on about how they refuse to have a c-section, then bc we had to wait to the last minute bc of their objection the baby ends up having a much more traumatic birth then necessary. The nurses and docs have the best interest in mind for the baby and women need to remember that. We want you to have a health baby just as much as you do.

  39. Julie says:

    Really was she educated about her birth??? Internal monitors do not get screwed on. They get placed on. If she didn’t want “medical interventions” then she should have had a home birth.

  40. Jenny says:

    Did this take place in a state where personhood is law? This sounds just like other women’s stories about how their pregnancies and deliveries are being controlled by hospitals and courts in personhood states rather than by the parents in consultation with their doctors.

  41. Shayla says:

    I’m with you @Cori! I do not think we have all the puzzle piece here. There is more to this story and the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

  42. Annie says:

    Umm.. NO a hospital CANNOT do this without consent it is NOT CALLED RAPE it would be called ASSAULT that is the technical word in the Medical field.. ANYTHING Without patient consent is ASSAULT .. RAPE needs to be removed from this article.. You NEVER misuse the word RAPE

  43. Hannah says:

    This woman’s story isn’t surprising at all. This was tempted 26 years ago on myself. Unfortunately at the time I was stuck with a Physician that later find out was the Ceserean Queen of Monroe County, MI. I despised her on the very first office visit. I explained I was going to have the baby naturally. Period. Every office visit I was asked to pick the Ceserean date. I explained to her that this would not happen. I was in excellent health. Baby was doing fine. There were only two OB-GYN at the time delivering babies in that area and our insurance participated with only her. I hated the fact I had to change Dr. part way through the pregnacy in the first place. For 7 months I read every book I could find on birth of a baby.. Knowledge is Power. Went in the hospital on Sunday Night and didn’t have her until Tuesday Morning. Long story short…she immediately broke my water. Found out later she couldn’t leave the hospital once my water was broken. Wasn’t dilating fast enough for her. Next the heart rate monitor was put on the baby..Of course I was warned the baby was in distress….the usual BS that is used to scare the mother into surrendering…I knew what the heart rates should be…then came the IV.. she claimed I was dehydrated because it was so long in labor.. even though I was drinking water when no one was around. Every five minutes someone kept coming in to try and give me a pain reliever in the IV drip. I refused because I knew it would stop the dilation and I wouldn’t have a clear head on what was going on. I was counseled by one nurse that I needed to listen to the Dr. and stop acting like a child. (23 years old at the time). Very unpleasant words were spoken to her. Wrong thing to say to a women with labor pains. They finally gave up when I threatened to Sue. Finally the Dr. took my husband outside the room and tried to talk him into signing the consent paper for a C-section. He was scared and confused on what to do. You think the Dr. is being honest but instead I was inconveniencing her because I wasn’t dilating fast enough. I was pissed! She was trying to tell him that I was hysterical and wasn’t thinking clearly because I was dehydrate and she was working on him that we were going to lose the baby. She finally backed off when I came to the door and told her if a knife touches my body without my consent I will Sue. I asked her if she understood. I turned and looked at my husband and told him that if he signs the paper, to remember you have to go home with me. He laughed to the Dr., “she sounds like she is thinking clearly to me.” Our baby was born naturally and healthy. It is so sad that you have to fight to do what is right. I always felt the Dr. & Dayshift Nurses robbed me of a beautiful experience. My Night Shift Nurse was my solace. She was absolutely wonderful! She would bring in treats and leave it for my husband… Wink! She made sure that I had whenever I wanted it. She was an older Nurse. She laughed that I reminded her of her. She predicted when I would have the baby. My next child I had with a Mid-Wife which turned out to be a wonderful experieince! Most likely the Dr.went behind her back and scared her husband into signing the papers. Putting him in that kind of situation is just horrible.

  44. Lisa E. says:

    +1 Cori
    I feel for the Mom, if she was not informed properly. I can remember signing paperwork at the hospital before I even went into labor that consented to intervention, if needed. I was fortunate enough to have things explained to me all along the way and ended with a C-Section due to being stuck at 4cm for 24 hours. I didn’t feel like I missed out on birthing my baby naturally, because after no progression and a lot of pain for 24 hours…you just want that baby out!

    I think if this family experienced this medical malpractice, they would be suing.

  45. Dr. Google says:

    Rape… Really? Screaming rape just because you didn’t get your way? Boo, Bloody, Who! You are vile, that is the main reason real rape victims have so many problems getting help. A delivery team preventing a negligent mother from murdering her unborn child is not rape! Just by the drama-seeking tone alone I have great troubles believing this story has any factual basis at all. The “story” lacks all facts regarding any of the medical decisions. You say you don’t have any of the facts or details? Being a healthcare worker myself, I find that incredibly odd, most people ought to know that a simple records request at the health/medical record department is all you need to do. If there are circumstances that preclude you from getting your records (containing details about you being combative or psych), your GP or OB/Gyn should still EASILY be able to supply the FACTS behind delivery decisions. If no one is talking to you about it check a mirror, combativeness gets few favors. Last time I checked, most people, doctors included, would be very hostile while being referred to as rapists, just saying. Oh look, now I’m a rapist because I’m being mean… I’ve raped your feelings.

    If this story is not just complete attention seeking fluff, the writer sounds incredibly selfish, self absorbed, ill informed and combative, putting the health of herself and her child at great risk simply for the sake of a risky “birthing plan” that obviously went South very quickly. Dr. Google does not have a license to practice medicine! If you were so well informed and educated, why bother going to a hospital at all, you didn’t trust them to do what was best for you and your child, so why go? You should have had a home delivery then risks and liability would have been all yours. The reason VBAC are hard to get is due to the medically based fact that they involve an unnecessarily high-risk of complication and mortality. All for what, slightly enhanced socio-emotional bonding? Anyone that has ‘any’ knowledge of VBAC knows this. They often can be successful but the decision processes during these dangerous birthings have to be done very quickly and on the fly. The medical team has a combined 20+ years of education and delivers many babies each and every shift… likely have a great many years of experience as well but you place your trust in Dr. Google instead. They also take on great risk of lawsuit if something/anything goes wrong regardless if they are following “your” plan or not. You or your child would have been dead in the time it would take to thoroughly educate you (to your liking) in why they have concerns and need to deviate from your “best-case scenario ONLY plan”. Most people would prefer to err on the side of caution and survive. You sound like the type that would rather risk everything just for an “experience” but I am sorry it wasn’t only your life you were risking and I’m glad they prevented you from murdering your child, I would have gassed you too and reported you to social services after successful delivery.

  46. Charley Fisehr says:

    Look this was horriable but not as horriable and trama thing that the State Nebraska takes children from good homes and leaves children in homes where parents are beating them and do drugs or just one are the other. I know those because I am one that got my children taken because my house was messy because we were in the prosess of moving I have 6 children that I live and breath for and they are adopting my 4 oldest out next month. My 2 youngest are in a home that the foster mom and dad didn’t even know where my 3 year old daughter was come to find out she was in a strangers home that their door was wide open and she walked in. How did this happen? My daughter has had yest infection for 8 months, they come to my visit with tight clothes and shoes to small I spent over 300 on clothes and they don’t even put them on them, My daughter has come to visits with lice numers times and bed bugs, and bruses. When my son was 3 weeks old they feed him baby food and messed up his digestive system. This isn’t even half of it. But the state wont do anything because they are foster parents. I have pictures and visit workers that verfy this and still nothing is being done. I have tried to have the t.v stations listen to me because I am not the only one that this is happening to, and yet they want to keep it quite.

  47. Tess says:

    Babies are not meant to be born in a hospital!!! The heath care system in the US is driven by one thing $$$! No wonder babies are given formula instead of being breastfed, the whole process of labor stimulates a lot of hormones, one being the one that starts the milk process. I had my first daughter in a similar situation as this lady’s and I know how she feels. If you know someone who is expecting, please encourage them to have a home birth or birthing center birth if they must. They will never regret it and also remain healthy during their pregnancy, it helps!

  48. huh? says:

    Wow, birth rape?? Not a good way to describe it…. Rape is not a term I would ever use to describe someone not getting there own way! It would suck not being told exactly what was going on with your body and your baby but sometimes there just is not time. I honestly think I would rather find out after the fact than have the doc risk my child or my self by explaining that there is a problem and that they need to act fast…. If my kid was going to be hit by a car I want him saved before being told of the dangers! Take action.

  49. Kim says:

    Is it possible that where ever this story takes place that the doctor got a payout for preforming a surgery over a natural birth? I do believe if this was based on greed it is very possible. Some doctors may not be immune to greed.

  50. Karin Bougie says:

    Okay ladies…..Breathe….this to me sounded very much like my first son’s birth 27 years ago. It wasnt the birth I wanted or hoped for. Oh well! Is he healthy today? Is he handsome, smart and incredibly talented? Yes, is the answer. I had 2 VBAC’s after him. I never even thought to whine about his birth. But then again that was years ago, and it seems like if things dont go to plan or there isnt enough drugs whilst having the baby, trauma occurs……..give me a friggen break.

  51. Jessica says:

    I would like to say I am so very sorry that something like that had to happen. I feel that it was wrong to do something like that to her. And that goes for every woman that, that has happened to as well. I am irrate about the situation. It makes me wonder what really happens in the delivery room. I had my son a year ago and instead of a C-section the Dr. had me deliver him naturally although he knew the risk he was taking with my son’s life. I had to deliver laying on my left side. Which almost killed my son due to the fact that his umbilical cord was wrapped around him very tightly.

  52. Kelly Portsmouth, VA says:

    I read the title of this story on Facebook and just had to click on it. I can relate to the aspect of “birth rape” and feel for all the mothers who had to go through it against their will. I’m so sorry fo you all and praise you for your incredible courage.

    It reminded me of what my mother went through, not me. But for her and what she went through with the birth of my bro, it blew my mind.

    She didn’t have a C-section, she wanted to at first because she wasnt dilating enough to do vaginally. She only got up to 8 centimeters. The nurses (no doctors) grew tired of waiting and decided to “LIE’ to her, telling her to go ahead and start pushing…she was at 10 centimeters right then. She claims that she may have been lied about that, that she hasn’t dilated any more than what they said she did. They went on ahead and did it with the 8.

    The worse part was when she had a fever, which made the baby have a fever inside of her. The fever was brought on by an infection that nobody knows how she got it. She was taking epideral, until she got the fever, they stopped it right at the labor.So she felt the pain the entire birthing process. It was horrifying. She didn’t want me in there with her, she said I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I was outside the room listening. She cried like she was being raped. I wanted to barge in so bad because the screams were unbearable. My stepfather was in there, so I let it be and repected her wishes.

    She claimed the doctors didn’t come in until the very end while she was pushing baby out. One doctor used forceps on her, and was “yanking” the thing side to side inside of her to get the baby out, (baby was stuck). She was in agony. Then after the birth, the doctor stuck his whole hand, forearm deep, inside her vagina to find the placenta…which did not fall out or come out when the baby came. He was very aggressive and did not let her know everything he was doing before doing it. He even whispered to my stepfather, “shhhh…she’s not gonna know” before sticking the arm up there, thinking that she was knocked out from the sedative they were now pumping her with. On both accounts of my parents, they thought it was pretty unprofessional and aggressive on his part as a doctor. She lay there, on the bed after giving birth yelling how cold she was and shivering from the fever breaking, nobody was giving her blankets or anything. They worked on the baby alone, a group of nurses and 2 doctors. My stepfather was the one to get up and grab a blanket and wrap her in it.

    Finally when all of it was over, I have a beauitful baby brother. The last thing that bothered my mother, was the fact that she discovered all the nurses that were all in the room at the same time during the delivery,…..were students! Nobody said anything about it to her, nor did they ask for their consent. My mother was in her 40′s with diabetes and considered to be “high risk” with her pregnancy.

    I know I wasnt there, and I know it probably doesn’t match the same as “birth rape”, but I wanted to share my story with other women because I feel like what she went through was just unreal. I know a lot can happen in the birthing process and never know what to predict, but in my personal opinion, doctors and nurses need to be a little more professional and compassionate with their patients. Especially women who are giving birth, because they are at their most vulnerable and depend on these people for their assistance and care. NOT to be manhandled or doing things against their will. And what I really don’t like mainly, is the fact that they feel like they need to “rush” the pregnancy to get it over with. I’m so pisssed about the healthcare that I’ve seen in recent years, I wish there was something I could do to monitor these sadistic people who obviously don’t give a damn about the patients.

  53. Kelly Portsmouth, VA says:

    And to read all of you “others” on here, who disagree with this article and the comments coming from the mothers who understand the same: Disgusts me.

    I tell you what, doctors and nurses and midwives may do this kind of thing everyday, but for the mothers’ insurance paying to keep their asses a paycheck for their rent….better be doing a DAMN GOOD JOB without hassle or agressiveness. I watch as people go through their jobs just to “get it over with” for the day so they can go home all the time. I do the same, YOU do the same. So to do the same thing every single day, day in, day out…of course it’s going to be a drag. But just like anyone who has a job to do, it’s simply THEIR JOB and profession they chose to do. They can deal with the criticizism just as we all do with our jobs, that’s how we learn!!!! If a woman feels that they didn’t do something right, they’re gonna stand up for themselves and say it so these aggressive and selfish assholes can do it the NEXT mother doesn’t have to go through the same horrific procress. I don’t blame all docs and nurses, but there are quite many who just want to rush through everything with everyone. I know, I’ve seen it!!!!

    So to all of you who keep saying “Suck it up!” Wow ….really? I bet you wouldn’t be saying that when it’s your loved ones and family members going thru the same, much less YOURSELF…!!!! So put yourself in someone else’s shoes and have a little compassion. I can see why the medical field are full of arrogent self-righteous assholes because there’s many of them here to prove it.

  54. Mai says:

    Where did this happen? A backwater town in a 3rd world country? Because if this is a first world story then it is fabricated. The author obviously doesn’t have much respect for our intelligence. There is NO WAY this would happen in a first world obstetric department, absolutely NO WAY. I’ve worked in both General surgery and O&G and there are the strictest guidelines that need to be adhered to when performing surgical procedures. What has been described here is illegal – loss of licence illegal, prison level illegal. For this story to be true the midwife, doctor, anaesthetist, theatre staff and admin staff would all need to on side with this illegal procedure. Give me a break. It’s true that in life threatening cases people are sometimes pushed to consent to procedures that they are not completely comfortable with; but to prep under false pretences, to operate without consent, lie about the anaesthesia and not even follow up with the patient – this is ridiculous. The author must think we are idiots. This is a falsified fear provoking story, clearly written by someone with an agenda.

  55. Aisha says:

    If this is true it’s very sad, but also I’m sure the doctors where trying to make sure her baby survived. I find it appalling that your referring to this as rape for god sake a little dramatic and offensive to people that have been raped!

  56. Paul Harris says:

    I am not going to comment whether I believe this story is true or not. I will comment though, that if this story is true, I think the doctor/surgeon in charge would lose his license to practice if any laws were broken. I do believe this happens, but where did the husband go? Did she have to have a C-section to save the baby’s life? She never tells us what happened afterward. Perhaps all women/parents should have a lawyer present during birth? What about videotaping? Are you allowed to hire a professional photographer, so this may be documented? At the rate these stories are alarming the public, seeing the animals called doctors, butchering people, we should call the NatGeo Channel instead of The Learning Channel like ALEAH wrote

  57. Ness says:

    One sided story and misuse of the word ‘rape’!

  58. Unknown man says:

    Name & shame.
    Greed is the creed of most of today’s hospitals.
    Along with extortion (unannounced and sudden changes in billing) and racketeering.

    If anything, vote with your wallet.

  59. Zulfahmi Amer says:

    Well to the patient involved in the so called “birth rape”,well for me you rite and you are wrong. You are rite because you are not a medical person by profession,and you are wrong also because you are consented for the procedure and you didnt read throughly through the consent…well in consent form has been stated everything of the possibility of things to happen and the options…well think about that back..btw you and your baby is safe and healthy..what do you expect!!!

  60. Jackie says:

    Im not going to lie, I don’t believe this happened. I also want up comment that while I get wanting a beautiful birth experiance, I’d be more terrified of having a dead or damaged child from the heart decelerations. While I know she desired a VBAC it may have been impossible for the same reason she needed a c in the first place.

    I don’t understand why people don’t get that birth is dangerous. It was the leading killer of women and babies before all these medical interventions that people want to complain about.

    If this story is true it’d be already in suite and picked up by the main stream media. I’m sorry I just think its exagerated. Im sorry she feels so upset but id recommend she be happy her son wasn’t brain damaged and that neither died from complications. She’d be a lot more violated feeling if the warnings were ignored and she was burying her newborn. Heart decelerations = warning. Heed it.

  61. sheelagh says:

    In North America pregnancy is treated like a disease and birth like a medical procedure. I

  62. Sarah says:

    First off, to all you who are saying the doctor’s are experts. WRONG many doctor’s make horrible mistakes and because they are given the power and authority, they feel they can make decisions against a patients will. If this story is true and this really happened, this woman has every reason and right to be upset. In many situations doctor’s do things to convenience them, not the patient. Such as laying down while giving birth, is not natural and it’s obvious by gravity. Second if you are a man commenting you will never understand birth, because you will never experience it. What if this was your wife or the mother of your child, your daughter or sister!! I would hope you would be outraged a doctor did this to her against her will and w/o you around. I agree that in emergency (and only in) emergency situations are C-sections necessary. Yes a lot of doctor’s at times will need to make a call, but to be separated from her husband, lied to and drugged against her will is disgusting. So until something like this happens to you or your family and you are drugged against your will not knowing what happened to you while you were out, please stop with the negative about her being an idiot and ungrateful. Especially if you have never experienced birth yourself. Even if this story isn’t true, disgusting things like this do happen in this world and just try to sympathize instead of being so hateful.

  63. Sophie says:

    To all those saying the mother was “healthy” after the birth and so should be grateful, this could not be further from the truth. A significant percentage of women suffer PTSD as a result of childbirth, one of the most serious mental illnesses there is and something common in soldiers returning from wars. It sounds like this mother may have suffered this. How can anyone dismiss an illness just because you can’t see it? We need to start treating those that suffer a mental trauma with as much compassion as those who suffer a physical trauma.

    And to those saying this story is unlikely, you need to read more about this problem. It is endemic in certain areas and has been documented in many many research papers going back a long time (for example, the first one I came across:“1+in+*+women”+”PTSD”+”childbirth”&hl=en&gl=uk&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEEShLPK3iNfgnNNAn9LaZRrbsEQduzaemPKHpYIm-I-hKAOWGga3uKJLS3qmObuUL_ctXzLUuJP5B00ocrtyk6cZaxdiNgG6gMo9tm7)

    The sad thing is that this actually sounds like a less severe case than many others I have read about. I think someone “making it all up” would have created a story that was a lot worse than this as sadly, a lot worse is happening day in day out on our maternity wards. A quote from the above link illustrates this. According to researchers:

    “…first-person and eyewitness reports document that medical care providers continue to
    subject childbearing women to verbal and physical abuse and even to what would constitute sexual
    assault in any other context. Women frequently are denied their right to make informed decisions
    about care and may be punished for attempting to assert their right to refusal. Mistreatment is
    not uncommon and persists because of factors inherent to hospital social culture.”

  64. Anonymous says:

    If you went to a hospital and complained of stomach pain and the result was that, with no actual medical evidence, they took you back and gave you an appendectomy, would you feel that the hospital had saved you? Or would you feel that your rights had been violated? Surely there should have been some tests run, you should have been informed of your options, or at least told “You need surgery, so here we go.” If none of this happened — if you were simply brought straight from the ER after saying you had stomach pain into the OR, given a mask that was “oxygen” and then woke up post-surgery — how would you feel? There would be outrage, I’m guessing.

    It is NEVER okay to say “You had a healthy baby, so just shut up.” NEVER. Her rights were violated. When a woman gives birth, it is one of the most significant experiences of her life. It is about both her AND her baby. There was no actual evidence that this baby was in immediate danger, at least from the details we know. This was not a situation where a woman was told “Your baby is in serious danger and we need to do a c-section now” and she refused to consent. There was no danger…she was not asked for consent. That violates patient rights. Even if there is more that we do not know and there was a reason for it, she should have been told, and asked for consent.

    I just cannot believe the disgusting attitudes of those who think it is okay to treat a woman this way.

  65. Gina says:

    Birth Rape? I’m reading this article expecting to hear about how she was beaten and held down by her attacker and brutally raped against her will. Sorry for her if her birth didn’t live up to her expectations. I didn’t go into the hospital intending to have a C-Section, but when my unborn daughter was in distress, I would have let them do anything to save her! So in my opinion,when push comes to shove, you do what you have to do to for your baby.

  66. Shana says:

    Today is my daughters birthday. I went threw a similar thing with my daughters birth 4 years ago. I was to have a natural birth but also ended up in the OR kicking and screaming. i knew i was going to have a c-section and i said NO. i was very firm with them they separated me from my family which to me ment it was everyman for themselves. i screamed and panicked as they gave me a spinal 3 times i had to be held for them to give it to me.I was crying and yelling “this is just a nightmare” because i couldnt picture ever being so scared in my life. there was no other way i could respond so i just kept saying that over and over again. until i was gassed and put on the table. I felt so alone in a room with only strangers ive never met. i couldnt even see the door where my husband was standing outside. I wasnt even sure if anyone was there. After that i calmed down and they just kept giving me higher amounts of laughing gas. they brought my husband (at the time) in and he didnt say anything to me. He was so worried he couldnt even look at me. after it was over i had a healthy baby as well and iw as told this was done EVERYDAY like some of you had said above me. the thing is- to me – it has never happened before and going threw this can be very scary and unwanted. I coudnt believe it when they said “you can only get 3 c-sections” i thought Who would Want this? i felt like i had died and been reborn with a new life . That is exactly how i see it actually, Regardless if she did anything – sued complaint, w/e it doesnt matter, its done and over. The doctors knew just what to do- they didnt tell me i was going to be in aginizing pain for the next 2 months. After feeling the recovery the surgery now was nothing. How could someone curse the day a beautiful loving child was born on the earth? i cant. so im not. I hated getting a c-section but that doesnt mean i would change it if i could. i have my girl and she is perfect i wouldnt want to risk changing that and im a lot nicer to people. i think some of you need to chill out with your “theres 2 sides to a story” thing. Okay we get it. and this is hers..if you dont like it Dont read it. But to the others who have gone threw this dont ever be afraid to open up and share your story like i did. its strong woman like us who have gone threw it and can live to speak of it.

  67. Shana says:

    ALSO- i went in because for a mirror second She flipped over. I still had time. i was 4cm but the doctor had another c-section lined up after me so he didnt want to wait. Thats the other side of that, there was no Serious threat

  68. Jamie says:

    Though their may be skepticism regarding this article, I do believe that it can and does happen. When I was pregnant with my first and only child at age 21, I felt betrayed and hurt from the moment I was induced. All of mine & the babies vitals were perfectly fine. My son never showed any of signs of distress of any kind. Yet only after 5hours of labor, my doc kept getting impatient and pressuring me into a C-Section. I asked her to please wait, I mean come on… Women can be in labor for several hours and even days at times. Especially for it being my first time, the chances of having a longer labor is normal. However after waiting another hour and not reaching past 5CM dilated, my doc had already made up her mind to set up an “emergency c-section” and told me I would be in surgery in half an hour because she had another mother going through a C-Section before me. I hate to feel this way, but it felt like she as a doctor preferred giving C-Sections and never once considered me having a vaginal birth. I was so upset that I was too emotional to fight more against it and I was upset that my husband was naive about the situation and not much help. I didn’t know anything about C-Sections and was in no way prepare for it or the after effects. I didn’t even consider a C-Section a possibility in my birth plan because I had no complications during my pregnancy or labor. I definitely know now to choose my ob/doc more carefully and to have a better understanding of all possibilities so that I’m not jerked around nor pressured.

  69. Amber says:

    While I agree that this should never had happened and that I feel so sorry for the mom but I am a mother of five and this story has a lot of questionable things in it like the part about the baby’s heartbeat and they wanted to put screws in the baby’s head never heard such a thing that’s what that thing that goes around your belly is for is to monitor the babys heartbeat plus see if ur having contractions. Problem number 2 usually if ur first birth is a csection it’s very hard to have more kids and they not be csections. My dr said and I’ve had 3 different ones or my five kids and they all said once u have a csection all the other kids u have will be csections. I just find this story hard to believe I’m sorry but it just comes from experience. And if I found out that a ob I didn’t know was delivering my baby I would start screaming for help but usually if ur dr don’t get to deliver its usually another ob in the practice whoever is on call. But if it did happen I would sue this hospital for every penny and make sure that dr loses his license.

  70. Amy says:

    I have no problem with this story, and completely agree with and understand this mothers trauma response. But “Birth Rape”??? That title is offensive! From one who has been raped, please choose your words more carefully. This was NOT rape. In fact, you detract from what it really was, which is another grievous offense. But not rape.

  71. Lorie says:

    I can’t believe this actually happened.

  72. Jessica says:

    Good grief! Having another c-section is not the end of the world. It would be good to know the other side of the story. You’re assuming the woman is telling the truth. What if she is so upset all of her Anti-C-Section friends are going to think so lowly of her that she made up this story to feel better and to cover herself? In a time when she should be enjoying her newborn she is instead pointing fingers and crying over the proverbial spilled milk. And to refer to this as rape is an incredible insult to those that actually have been raped.

  73. Ann237 says:

    Who named what happened to her????? The only “RAPE” that i even could closely give in regards to what took place, is “rape” of her rights. Taking away something basically by force and without consent. Yes that was done, and it is a down right shame. I do understand as i have seen others write that sometimes things happen and the Drs need to do what they need to do. But I am sorry LIE is never one of those things. If i was the husband of that woman and i now was not being let in, you can bet the hospital admin. would be hearing me as so would everyone else.totally unacceptable.

  74. Doulachic says:

    As a Doula of 9 years, and a childbirth Educator at a local hospital, I am saddened to see this happened. While I find it really hard to believe, I believe that it happened. What I don’t understand is why this women CHOSE this route. I have had many clients choose a home birth after a c-section! Heck I knew one woman who had VBA2Cs at home. It’s possible. I would like to know what hospital this happened in and were there any repercussions taken?

  75. Cris says:

    This is why taking a good birthing course is essential for both you and your birth partner. I’m not talking about a course by the hospital, i’m talking about a course like the Bradley Method. That way you will have many weeks ahead of time to actually learn the pros and cons of all the hospital procedures and normal and emergency birthing events so that you can actually give “informed” consent or dissent when the hospital staff doesn’t really bother to explain anything (I am a medical professional and most of the “informed consent” talks I’ve been given basically amount to – this is what I want to do, here are it’s benefits and why it’s so great. Any potential risks are just brush off offhand as “oh, never happens” if they are mentioned at all). A course like Bradley will also teach you how to read the admission consent form so you understand what you are actually consenting to. Unfortunately, in this woman’s story, it’s very likely she doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on because she probably signed a consent form that allowed the hospital staff to do whatever they wanted to regardless of what the patient verbally said she wanted and also would have given them permission to put her under without consent if they felt that she was hysterical and acting in a manner that put herself or her baby at risk. Whether or not she was actually hysterical would be almost impossible to prove, as long as the doctor “documented” it, then that is what would stand in court.

  76. lovinlife says:

    I’m reading this story and reading all the comments and the one thing I know is that not always do doctors tell you what you need to know. I was only 17 when I had my son at the time I had a vaginal birth with epidural. I was induced 2 weeks before my due date I was told at the time they were expecting complications though they never did explain what those complications were. They broke my water not explaining to me what they were doing. They gave me drugs that they didn’t explain what they were. I didn’t find out until long after my son was born that it was drugs to bring on contractions. Everything with my birth went smooth without complications my son was healthy I was healthy and every day I’m thankful for that. Though for those who think doctors do things because they are only doing what’s best for the baby have your heads in the clouds. Doctors are people they make mistakes and if we follow them blindly just because they are doctors then who really is at fault? The doctors for making the mistakes or us for following them blindly? I was only 17 having my first child scared to death and doing it alone. If I were to have another child now I would not be so quick to follow what the doctors said because in the end they had make the wrong choice. All they saw when they looked at me was a 17 year old kid and took it amongst themselves to do what they thought was right for them not what was right for my child.

  77. Rachel says:

    DID ANYONE WHO MADE NASTY COMMENTS ACTUALLY READ THE MOTHER’S OWN ACCOUNT??? Seriously people, she went through a traumatic experience brought on by people she was supposed to be able to trust. She never used the word rape in her account. So stop with the hurtful, berating, disgusting comments about “well her baby was healthy” and “the doctors did what they had to”, “she’s just being selfish about her birth plan”–even though her AND her husband were never informed why, neither gave consent, and weren’t even told after surgery why it occurred. Its one thing if they have to make an emergency decision, but she was never given an explanation.

  78. lovinlife says:

    Just to clairify a few details….. I was 17 when I had my son I am 34 today my son is going to be 17 this year. I have had no other children since and as for a c-section I was in labour from start to finish for only 3 hours the doctor didn’t have time to even think about a c-section. But my family doctor had suggested it because the doctor had thought my son was breach which after an ultra sound was done showed that my son was in fact facing the exact way he should have been facing. All my fital signs and sons fital signs were also all normal and stable.

  79. Alicia says:

    It is absolutely ridiculous that anyone would use the term “rape” in this story. Obviously, neither the author nor the woman in the story have been a victim of such an atrocious crime as rape and are using the term to sensationalize their story. I understand what you went through was traumatic, but it is nothing compared to being hit from behind, dragged into a field and raped and then left to live with the aftermath. I can tell you personally, that is what rape is. You’ve lost all credibility or compassion from this reader with your careless and inappropriate use of a term that so many people throw around so lightly.

  80. Susanne says:

    I had my daughter at age 42. After 22hours of painful contractions I had to have an emergency C-section. My baby ‘s heart beat had risen dangerously high and she needed out! I don’t regret not giving birth vagionaly and never have. I had a beautiful baby girl. She was healthy and i thank God for her every day! I don’t want to belittle your feelings…i am just trying to say be thankful and rejoice in your baby being here. It does no good focusing on the Negative. Yes your birthing plan did not go as desired but the end result is what matters in the long run. I am by no means condoning the actions of the medical personal. And if you want to use your experience to be an advocate for others. ..than by all means do so. Turn your negative experience into positive to help however you can so that unnecessary c-sections do not happen in the name of the”convenience “.

  81. dee says:

    I do not agree with the usage of the word “rape”, she was in my opinion violated in several ways….
    The medical personal could have taken a few minutes to explain the reasoning on why a C-section was necessary, let “both” parents make an informed decision, and let them sign all the dotted lines…
    If the C-section was an emergency than the Doctor and or Head Nurse should have went in and explained the why to them…
    Plus why wasnt the Husband throwing a fit and raising a ruckus trying to find out where his pregnant wife was?

  82. Cammy says:

    I cannot believe how many women are on here bashing this woman. How hard have you become, and it makes me wonder what good, if any you are doing in this world?

  83. Melanie Franceschi says:

    I am too sorry if in fact this happened in this way. I would like to know at what clinic or hospital this happend, and circumstances.

    I have given birth to 3 children. In different hospitals and different circumstances. Example one birth being quite easy, my first, a vaginal birth. To my next pregnancy being a nightmare because of complications, baby was breech right before birth with a low heartbeat. I had a very young new Doctor who I trusted. He told me I would have to have a section because the baby’s heartbeat became low, he did not want to take a chance on anything happening. I did not want a section but I relied on him to do the right thing for my baby and me. I was 27. Ending, Iabored for 18 hrs. no section, and after he turned the baby just with his hands, may I add not saying do you mind if I do this, I delivered a healthy baby girl! Today make sure you know your doctor and have absolute faith in him. Sometimes in birthing, there is no time for discussion. Delivering a healthy baby is all that is important.

  84. Champ says:

    While I think that this is a horrible traumatic experience for this mother and family, I think that putting the word “rape” to this story not only puts a sexual connotation to it as well as potentially diminishes the severity of women (and men) who are actually raped…

    Prayers for anyone who had this type of horrific experience.

  85. Heather says:

    Birth Rape… not the best way to put this!! I take offence seeing as how I was raped 27 years ago.
    Are you really using RAPE as a slang term? What in the world are you thinking using the word RAPE when someone was not sexually assaulted. THIS WAS NOT A RAPE!!!! Maybe you could call this a “FORCE AGAINST ONES WILL to have a C-Section” THIS WAS NOT A RAPE!!!

  86. Liz D says:

    Rape? Really?

    Oh boy ….. what would the woman died if her baby had died? Sued the hospital?

    Babies without oxygen can be brain dead in mere minutes. It is vital that the baby get out of the womb FAST.

  87. Haley says:

    The first thing that occurs in any hospital is the acting of consenting to treatment, right along with signing that you received your HIPPA papers. All of this happens upon admission and registration. If she had labored so beautifully before (as she said she did), rather than coming in with precipitous labor, then there was adequate time for all admission papers to be filled out. I guarantee you she signed the general consent and initialed beside each clause, inlcuding the medical intervention of a C-section if deemed necessary. In fact, there is a specific clause for those who attempt a VBAC. However, I will give her that who ever reviewed the papers with her could have been extremely vague in her details regarding what she was signing but the hospital and staff will not touch her unless she has signed her consent. As a side note, not all providers will attempt a VBAC due to the potential risks involved (uterine rupture for the mother, which requires immediate hysterectomy to avoid hemorrhaging and/or fetal death). In a normal laboring situation, those with no risk factors, her labor may have progressed without a c-section. Those with any risk factors, your birth plan may have to change, whether you want them to or not, based on the current circumstances. MOST medical interventions occur because of what is in the patient’s AND baby’s best interest. *Elective c-sections are a completely different issue.

  88. Heather says:

    I really feel “Birth Rape” is a little over the top to describe this story. From the environment of my occupation, I am in c-sections everyday I am at work. Some are emergent and require quick decisions. I do feel the healthcare providers should have explained what was going on to this mother, however it seems she did get the best outcome – healthy mom, healthy baby. I have seen it not turn out this way, so I say get your medical records and see what your chart says if it will make you feel better. But most of all, count your blessings that you and your baby are alive and well!

  89. Jeanene Adams says:

    Jeanene Adams
    I work Detroit intercity OB and this is not Horrid.
    Obviously the journalist has no idea what happens when the baby’s heart rate drops and stays down with her contractions…the baby is as risk. She was rolled in the OR because she needed a STAT Cesarean Section and all STAT’s are put to sleep. All mom’s with fetal decelerations, gets oxygen….the BABY is STRUGGLING..NOT GETTING ENOUGH OXYGEN!!! tHE BABY IS CRYING FOR HELP! Does she want a baby with delays thy rest of her child’s life…they did what was best for the baby, and the mother. When she was rolled in the OR they imediately check again for fetal heart tones. If still decelerated…STAT C/section. If you VBAC there is a high chance of having another C/ Section. So don’t condemN the practice… this is the standard of care. This lady patient is just too dumb to know that she got excellent OB care. And her baby isn’t mentally retarded because the OB team worked fast to save that baby’s life. This journalist needs to find something else she has better knowledge of!

  90. Mom of 4 says:

    While sexual rape is a horrible thing, and people are taking offense to this term being used to describe what this lady may have experienced, examine the terminology. If this event did happen, was she violated? Yes! Was she forced to do something against her will? Yes! Was she a victim? Yes! Etc… Did the title of the article get your attention and make you read it? Yes!

  91. Lynne Melcombe says:

    Anyone saying that the mother should be grateful (or even that she’s an idiot if she’s not) is ignoring the fact that C-section is fraught with risks. It is the most complicated way to birth a child and there’s no excuse for C-section rates to vary as much as they do from one hospital to another, with some up to 40%. Not least among the risk of C-section is infection and lung trauma in the baby. Babies born by C-section are far more likely to have asthma than other babies, for example, and chronic asthma is a serious health problem.

    And for those who think it’s selfish for the mother to want a good birth experience: C-section also suppresses natural endorphin release in the mother, which is crucial to mother-child bonding. That bonding is not just a yuppie or earth mother idea — it’s what nature has put in place to ensure that mothers are their children’s safest harbour and fiercest advocates. Lack of adequate bonding at birth puts both the mother and the child at risk of a whole cascade of serious health trauma and consequences, such as post-partum trauma and post-partum traumatic stress disorder, the impacts of which can go on for years for both the mother and child.

    C-section rates in the industrial world are out of control. Research and experience prove over and over again that births that take place naturally, in the home or a home-like environment, attended by a trained, licensed midwife are by far the safest births. I had my first child in hospital by section, by second and third by VBAC at home. I would never advise anyone to go to a hospital for birth or even have a regular doctor during pregnancy, as long as midwifery and homebirth were options. And a trained midwife can and will say when medical intervention needs to start.

    So much ignorance about birthing, and so much of it either from people who have never been through the experience or from people who spend all their time in hospitals witnessing the worst (much of which is caused by progressive interventions) and thinking that’s normal. Such a shame for people to be so ignorant of something that affects every last one of us.

  92. Renee says:

    1) “Rape” is a very inappropriate term here; it gives a sexual connotation, and more importantly, it is disrespectful and undermines what is really a very brutal and horrific experience many women have suffered; 2) If a baby has signs of stress on her FH strips, one should be thankful the L&D providers are paying attention and move to take measures to avoid a crisis; 3) Few of us go into this “wanting” a c-section; all of us want a healthy baby; 4) The mother signed pre-consents for c-section weeks earlier at her doctors office; 5) probably very poor communication between providers and parents, but the term “rape” should be removed from this story, as it dimishes the writer’s credibility.

  93. mothercat says:

    If you go to her posts on babycenter, stuff doesn’t add up. She’s 43 y/o. Says that she joined in June of 2010, but her joined babycenter date is actually 8/24/2009. On 11/2011 in the February 2012 due date club she says she has a 9 m/o and 4 adult kids in their 20s. On 3/21/2012 she posted in a twins loss group that she had a son after the twin loss (November and December 2009) that she had a son born Jan 11. If that child was born in 2010, that would be impossible as she was pregnant and lost twins only 2 months before. So she must have had her son in 2011. There is just a lot of stuff about her story that doesn’t add up and I really think that she is a very mentally ill person. She has photos of her dogs and her adult children and grandchildren but none of her young son or the child from the pregnancy she says ended in a forced C/sec.
    This seems like a woman who would like the attention that goes with being pregnant and especially with the forced C/sec. However, I don’t think any of her story is true.

    Munchhausen by proxy is known to divide the internet community into suckers and douche bags (sympathetic believers and skeptics). Cafemom has a good story about this mental illness and how to spot a story written by a person with this disorder. Much of what the blogger wrote fits several of the red flags.

  94. Lana says:

    I hardly think this has anything to do with RAPE. Maybe she wanted the drs to let her baby die so that she could follow her own WANTS. I do not believe for one moment that she was given anesthesia without signing something. I was begging for an epidural with my daughter and she was well on her way coming out by the time they arrived, they had me answering questions during contractions, signing papers, etc. Sounds to me like she is extremely selfish and the drs did what they HAD to do. Had they left her alone to do it her way and God forbid her baby had died she would have been filing lawsuits up the wahoo.

  95. anna says:

    Read THIS: On yahoo: If you go to her posts on babycenter, stuff doesn’t add up. She’s 43 y/o. Says that she joined in June of 2010, but her joined babycenter date is actually 8/24/2009. On 11/2011 in the February 2012 due date club she says she has a 9 m/o and 4 adult kids in their 20s. On 3/21/2012 she posted in a twins loss group that she had a son after the twin loss (November and December 2009) that she had a son born Jan 11. If that child was born in 2010, that would be impossible as she was pregnant and lost twins only 2 months before. So she must have had her son in 2011. There is just a lot of stuff about her story that doesn’t add up and I really think that she is a very mentally ill person. She has photos of her dogs and her adult children and grandchildren but none of her young son or the child from the pregnancy she says ended in a forced C/sec.
    This seems like a woman who would like the attention that goes with being pregnant and especially with the forced C/sec. However, I don’t think any of her story is true.

  96. lj says:

    True or not, makes me glad I had both mine at home and I was over 35!

  97. Desert Billy says:

    I am a physician..delivered 800 babies in my what I could of this VERY confusing story and could not make “Heads or Tails” out of it !! Maybe she could rewrite it and have it make more sense !!!

  98. jlajhoe says:

    while reading the story, those were gross. i dont know if some were just being exaggerated of true… nonetheless, police and other authorities are available for protection and support. i am a registered nurse, from a developing country… we are not equipped with all high tech machines… but we grew up in a professional environment where we treat human humane. if in case it happen… and you dont took an action, its your fault already for not knowing your rights. and its important also to have someone knowledgeable about the situation… some might play on you because of money… but i dont think real professionals performs rogue and mediocre acts.

  99. RachelT says:

    I had an experience where I got care that I didn’t ask for. When I was pregnant with my oldest son, the Navy made us leave our station a month before my due date because my husband had orders for somewhere else. I couldn’t make the whole trip so I stopped half way and stayed with family because my husband was coming back. He had 45 days of leave. I was in a rush to find a new doctor and since I was so far along, many wouldn’t take me. I went to one that I had heard horror stories about, but I had also heard good things about. He was the only one who would take me. When I went in for my 40 week check up, 3 days before my due date, I was dilated to a 6. I wasn’t having contractions and my water hadn’t broke. So, he sent me straight to the hospital. I was there for a few hours without getting any care what so ever. Then finally they had me get into a gown and get into the bed. The nurse who checked my cervix had fingernails. Nurses are NOT supposed to have finger nails because of bacteria. Then, she said when the doctor got there they were going to break my water. I was fine with that. Then, after he broke my water, I only progressed to a 7 with minor contractions. They said they wanted to induce me. I told them no, because I had heard that was awful. They told me I had the right to refuse. They waited about an hour for my contractions to pick up then came and hooked me up without telling me what they were putting in my IV. I asked the doctor and he told me it was Pitocin and that I couldn’t stay pregnant forever. I asked later why he wanted to induce me and he said because he lived 15 minutes away and after he left the hospital he didn’t want to come back. Then, after that happened, he prescribed medicine that I was allergic to. I had a huge sign on my chart and a band on my wrist stating I was allergic to it, but he did it anyways. I fully believe that hospitals will do whatever they want to force people to have the labor that they want because it’s more convenient for them.

  100. Carla Bolek says:

    “I am not sure the details, of course we only know what the mother herself has said…” This is all anyone needs to know about this “article”. The person who penned this has no idea what really happened. As a health care professional, I don’t believe the mother who gave birth was completely aware of what was really going on with her baby or she wouldn’t be have been so quick to accuse the hospital and staff of “birth rape”. That mother should be THANKING the hospital and staff for SAVING her baby’s life.
    For all you people who think something wrong was done, you don’t have all the facts. NONE OF US DO.

  101. Shelly Pearl says:

    This story seems like a woman who was not prepared for childbirth and was very naive about what to expect with a VBAC. I was an L/D nurse for over 20 years and this does not sound right to me. The success for VBAC’s is low and no doctor or hospital anywhere would do a C/Section without consent. What I can believe is this was a very determined and headstrong woman that didn’t get her way and is now upset. If the baby was having decels, that is indicative of hypoxia (oxygen deprivation), sounds like the outcome of the baby was paramount to the midwife and she took appropriate action. Unfortunately things don’t always go as planned and if she went home with a healthy baby she should thank the staff. Not condemn them!

  102. Ashley says:

    If this happened where are the attorneys? When you consent at delivery you give them permission to do anything they can to save your child. If a mother is so selfish about vaginal delivery verse save her child shame on,her. Rape? I believe That is highly offensive to rape victims out there. I feared having a c section with my first child and didn’t want one but After being in active labor for 26hours with no progress risking my baby getting an infection because she had already had a balmovement I felt no choice but to go under the knife for her safety. With my SEC. Pregnancy is was automatic. No complications. If a mother is so against csection but consented yeah they are going to gas her. If you are under general annestetic no your spouse cant be in the room. I believe there is another side to this story….sorry!!

  103. Ana says:

    Honestly? She got a healthy baby. She needs to suck up her disappointment and outrage and channel it into learning how to deal and being a good mother. She’s got a tough uphill battle.

  104. Lisa says:

    Rape? Birth trauma? Grieving mother? Are you SERIOUS? I know someone who lost two full term babies, one before birth and one after. The idea that this idiot is “grieving” because she didn’t get her way in the delivery room is ridiculous. Thousands of women go home from the hospital every year without their baby, because it dies, and some women don’t make it home, because THEY died. I think if the attending physician/midwife says the baby isn’t getting enough oxygen, you don’t argue. You want a baby with cerebral palsy or one in the grave?

  105. Anon says:

    If any part of this were actually true she would own a small chunk of the hospital right now. Nothing adds up. They don’t just take mothers in for surgery willy nilly. She signed a waiver saying the if her life or babys’ where in danger, they could take life saving measures. Oh yeah and “rape?” Are you kidding me!!?

  106. Eric says:

    I have a very hard time believing this story occurred in the US. I have no trouble believing it occurred in a country without a malpractice attorney around every corner. First, no anesthesiologist would ever do a mask induction on a pregnant woman, as it is total malpractice. Second, no OB would do a c-section without consent. Without consent, any medical procedure is considered assault. None of what is written rings true. If it is why hasn’t she reported the doctor, midwife and hospital to their respective state boards for investigation? And why hasn’t she gotten a lawyer? Without further evidence I’m going to remain skeptical.

  107. Jessica says:

    My brother was born in a hospital not equipped to handle a baby that sick and he almost died. If my brother had been born outside of a hospital he would be dead. He was not a high risk baby. He was expected to be a healthy child. The audacity of a woman calling rape because she is pissed that the medical staff intervened to save her baby from ending up with birth defects from lack of oxygen or worse dead. When are people going to get it. When you have children it isn’t about you anymore, it is about the child. People like this make me sick and have no business having children. People who care more about “their personal birth experience” than the life of their unborn child do not deserve to be a parents. And then to call it rape. Seriously that is one the most disrespectful things a person could say because this situation is nothing like rape. I am disgusted by this article. 

  108. Jen says:

    Ha! You got this story from a thread on Babycenter — the home of internet mother-trolls and fabricated bullshit. And now it’s carried over to Yahoo. What a waste of time. There are so many inconsistencies about this story. Please use better sources than Babycenter forums in the future. Anyone can make up any story on there for sympathy and attention — and often do. The Infant Loss and Miscarriage boards are ripe with them.

  109. Alex says:

    Some hospitals/doctors are paid more for c-sections versus vaginal births so they push for it with little regard for the mommy… brutal. Whether it’s a c-section or a vaginal birth – whatever gets the baby out in the safest and healthiest way possible is a little miracle! Cheers to all the mommies out there for being amazing warriors! I hope that the mommy in this article can eventually find peace when she looks at her baby…and is on a great trip with the money she makes from a malpractice suit!

  110. SRam says:

    I don’t know if I would call it ‘rape’ but women are definitely in a very compromised and vulnerable position when giving birth. I had a terrible experience while delivering my first child. I was ten days late and had already gone through one full day of induction. On the second day I had to return to the hospital for another round of induction. However before the procedure could begin I had to undergo a vaginal exam. I was very very sore from the drugs that were placed in me and I dreaded the exam. Being at a teaching hospital the medical student was asked to do the exam first (not giving me the option of whether or not I wanted her to perform the exam and eventually the placement of the item that helped induction). Had I known that after she performed her exam I would have to undergo another one from the doctor I would have objected. However the student performed her exam and placed the object inside me and the pain was horrible but she tried to be gentle. The doctor then came – a huge lady with a nasty attitude – and jammed her hand inside me and proceeded to move it around checking to ensure the thing was placed properly. I was screaming and crying, my husband was panicking and my mother was freaking and demanding for my ob-gyn. The lady finished and then smirked and said “I’m not that gentle” and left the room. I was shocked – but due to the pain I couldn’t do say anything else. I never saw the doctor again and I meant to make a complaint – but 28 additional hours of labour later and a c-section to end – I just wanted to go home! But I will never forget the pain I felt – worse than the c-section recovery – and the nasty smirk on the woman’s face.

  111. Dorothy says:

    I work in the healthcare field and because it is easier and the Providers and the Facilities get paid more money for C-Sections Some providers (not all) opt to do a C-Section even if it is not neccesary. That is what I find appauling. Women have given birth for millions of years, so why now is it that there are so many C-Sections? That is the real question here. Providers tell expectant mothers that we can schedule the day “you (the mother)” can pick your date of the birth of your child, which in some peoples mind gives them more control and the provider can control their schedule… Nothing more than an assembly line.. An expectant mother should NEVER be given the option of a C-Section until medically neccesary, which means that the decision would not be made until the last minute birth is about to happen or the life of the mother or child is in danger.. My advice to expectant mothers is make the subject moot and find another provider if he/she gives you the option of a C-Section in the early stages of your pregnancy. The risks of major surgery are much greater than giving birth naturally.. I’m not old fashion in any way, shape or form however, giving birth naturally is much healthier for Mother and Baby.. Why would anyone want to subject their newborn baby to drugs. if needed I understand the use certain drugs to induce labor but if only doing to so not to feel the pain or to pick a certain birthdate then think about the long term affects of introducing drugs into a newborns delicate. System.
    I commend the woman for putting her story out there for all to read and hopefully learn from it. No woman should ever be forced to have a C-Section if she does not want it and it is not neccesary the mother and father should sue both the provider and hospital. I also suggest she speak with her insurance company and advise them of what happened. The Insurance company can do an investigation to see if there is FRAUD here. Trust me the insurance companies DO NOT WANT to PAY for Services NOT needed Just because a person had a C-Section prior to another pregnancy is not an indicator that one would be needed again.

  112. J- says:

    Ok maybe birth rape is a little bit of a harsh title here and all, but reading some of these comments…the negative ones….seriously? I have 2 children, both born via c-section. My first born was supposed to be vaginal, but my labor was not progressing and he was stuck up pretty high. I was told by the time I pushed out his head, my cervix would clamp around his neck thinking it was done, not to mention the cord was wrapped around his neck and foot. I said go for the c section just keep him safe. The second baby we opted for a repeat c section due to other medical complications. The difference between myself and this woman is that I was given all the concerns and was told it was highly recommended I get a c section. I CONSENTED. WIllingly. I have no doubt that if this woman was told about any issues going on, she would have willingly consented to save her baby. They did not even try. Would I call it “rape”? no. But her rights were violated. yes. I agree thank heavens the baby was born and healthy. But she should have been informed of what was happening and not tricked into breathing in anesthesia. I was awake for both my boys births. I do not feel I was left out of the birthing process. I got to see them seconds after being pulled from my belly. I held them as soon as they were cleaned off. I would have felt immensely deprived had I been asleep during the whole thing.

  113. Jon says:

    This story is total BS. This does not happen. 1st of all women are not put under general anesthesia for a emergency c/s unless they cannot put an epidural or spinal in. Secondly they would not put a woman for an emergency c/s to sleep with gas. If they were really trying to do the c/s without her consent they would use a faster induction agent like Diprivan (Michael Jackson drug). Most of the details are questionable. Please any pregnant woman, do not listen or believe this. It is not true. I am sure of this because I am an anesthesiologist and I know what happens in delivery rooms. The OB doc would rather have the baby die than do a c/s against her will and without consent, and they always let the father in the room for a c/s. Again, Do NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS BS!!!

  114. Megan says:

    I’m sorry I’m going to sound like an unfeeling jerk here, but I absolutely hate the term they are using “birth rape”. I agree that if this story is true this womans rights were violated. To use a term like rape though is sensationalizing the event and taking away from actual victims of rape. I can see being angry and wanting to have some kind of apollogy or resitiution. I cannot believe that we have the whole story though, I can’t imagine there wasn’t some kind of miscommunication and belief that the baby was in immediate danger. I have had three children and my experiences differed with each one. I feel that alot of my choices were taken away from me by the nurses and doctors with my first child but I would in no way refer to it as birth rape or birth assualt. Yes the experience sucked but I never dwelt on it because I had a healthy child, not everyone can count themselves that lucky. I also had a friend that I believe had a worse experience then this woman, yes she was pissed, but she didn’t end up in tears over her treatment nor is she traumatized years later by it, she is also just thankful for her healthy child. Refering to the experience as rape because your birth did not go as planned is absurd to me, “the best laid plans..” and throws you curve balls just deal with them the best you can and be thankful the baby is healthy and so is the mother.

  115. cynthia palmer says:

    I am a health professional who has been in the delivering baby business for 30 years. If this really happened, which I doubt, then everyone in the experience (doctors, anesthesiologists, CRNA, L&D nurses, nursery nurses, and scrub techs, and who knows who else) had to conspire to pull off this hideous event. I am very offended by the word “rape”. I work on the receiving end of these deliveries and take care of the baby after birth. I would always be happier to have a healthy baby come out of a Csection than a devestated one who came out “naturally” to keep the mother happy. I have had 3 children. I empathize with this lady. However, I have a hard time believing any of this.

  116. Kathy says:

    if this story is true,then she can sue the doctors for doing the operation without consent…however it sounds very suspicious and fabricated.

  117. sheila says:

    For anyone who thinks this can’t happen is ignorant!! I have been in the health field working side by side with Dr’s for 16 yrs and it DOES happen everyday!!! If a doc feels that there is an easier way or wants to avoid complications in his day he whars necessary to make it happen to avoid it.. Sad but true. They have liability insurance for a reason and it is nearly sue a Dr today even results in a death so they can pretty much do whatever they want. The Ethical and Morical values have went down the drain in todays age.of.medical practitioners. This makes my blood boil but to them that means nothing and they believe they have complete control over everything and decisions, people’s wishes, requests all lie in the palm of their hand and what mood they wake up in on that day!!!

  118. Angela says:

    Rape is forcible penetration! This was not rape! I have been raped and to use the term so lightly just to get womens’ attention is wrong! It could have been titled “Woman receives c-section forcibly via deception”. It would get the same attention. And having children and knowing OB Labor/delivery nurses I find this story hard to 100% believe. The doctor would lose his license and the hospital would be under huge scrutiny and sued! You don’t tell a story like this without naming the city and hospital and telling how much money you received off suing them! It would be a dream case for any lawyer! NO ONE, if it was true, would not take any action. Obviously there are some key things missing from this story, which leads people to believe it’s false. And if it is true it certainly is NOT RAPE!

  119. Talissa says:

    I feel whether this is true or not yes the woman should feel a little violated BUT in saying that maybe the dr’s did not have time to explain the situation to her and have in hysterics because she wanted to keep trying to give birth “naturally”. The main aim is to get the baby out safely while keeping the mother safe as well. My first born’s heart rate kept dropping when I was having him but when they put me on my side it would pick up again and I had him in an hour of getting to the hospital but I was one of the lucky ones because when his head came out the realized he had the cord wrapped around his neck tightly TWICE! If they had known this while I was in birth and offered a c-section or had just done it there is no way I would be angry as they would of saved my little man’s life.

  120. VK says:

    Seriously, I’ve had 2 kids via vaginal birth….. You are NOT missing a thing….. Unless you REALLY have a desire to feel your body ripping into two pieces. 2 extremely painful days (2 kids) and one near death bleed out, I recommend to never have your kids at home…. Just my little humble opinion. I would be DEAD had I had a home birth. I actually wish I had had c sections. Just me, but the whole birthing thing is ridiculous. Love my babies, but child birth sucks! Factory closed! Thank the LORD for tubal ligation, YAH!

  121. Atlec says:

    People have to stop throwing the word “rape” around in such a carefree manner. Not everything bad that happens to you is you getting “raped” by someone or something.

    This is a really stupid title for the article, it’s flashy; but the article itself lacks content.

    I clicked on this link from Facebook in fear that some woman had the heinous act of rape preformed on her after or during giving birth, instead I come to find a bunch of people being unreasonable and making judgments on things that they have no information on.

    The doctors probably needed to remove the baby right away, and the woman was refusing go under, if she got forced to go under so that medical professionals could save her child’s life, then I really feel bad for the child that will have that woman as a mother.

  122. Leslie Friggin Proudfoot says:

    Listen here people y’all need to understand that this woman clearly loves her child, the writer even states that she found this story among others about her baby. She did not focus on this trama but imagine being in her place how would you feel if someone did that to you. Took away your rights and performed surgery while you weren’t even concious to know everything that happened to you or your baby. Doctors do not have the right and should not have the right to take complete control like that. If there was a dire emergency it should have been told to her as they moved and prepped her. She should have been informed. This is not only about how she wanted a vbac birth but because she was violated in an unimaginable way by professionals she trusted. As one person stated she was incapacitated and then had implements shoved into her body. She should have been able to enjoy the moment her child was born and that was taken from her. I have absolutely no doubt that she would have consented to the procedure if it was neccessary and she was informed. They should not have seperated her from her husband, he should have been present for the entire thing. And those of you who are being hateful to her need to take a long hard look in the mirror. Would you want to answer to whoever your higher power is about this. That is completely uncalled for. If you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all, didn’t your mama teach you that. And speaking of your mama maybe you should read this to her and see how she feels about this?

  123. marie says:

    I realize this woman feels robbed of her birth experience. And it’s definitely not okay that the staff did not adequately communicate with her during the minutes before surgery. But as a mother of two children who were born by c-section due to medical emergencies, I know all too well how fast things go at the moment the doctors realize that the baby is no longer getting enough oxygen, and how quickly they have to act to save the baby. My two kids are healthy due to intervention I never wanted or anticipated. My neighbor’s son, on the other hand, was robbed of oygen at his birth eighteen years ago. He now has the capacities of a three-year-old.
    Doctors and health staff have to make split-second decisions in a case like this. It can’t be easy.

  124. THB says:

    When I had my daughter we were going for a vag delivery however after almost 72 hours yes 72 hours it was confirmed that I would not be able to deliver the way I wanted too, and down to the line the decision was made for the C to save both my self and her, my husband was totally scared he would never see either of us.
    There are circumstances I am sure that have not been told, and I agree with she should be thankful there is medical intervention to “SAVE” both mother and child. I was 42 when I had my miracle and I do call her a miracle.
    Also I have over 25 years in the medical profession,and no doctor will put himself and staff out there for 1 person, so if you dig a little deeper you would probably find a consent form signed. Also she never stated the hospital, doctor or anyone else, which is very easily found since it has to be documented by the hospital, because again no hospital is going to lose it’s license for 1 person…DIG DIG DIG to get to the truth.

  125. D. says:

    If this happened:

    1) She did not consent.
    2) Her bodily autonomy was overridden.
    3) Her body was violated.

    How is that not rape?

  126. D. says:

    Furthermore, I think the attempts to paint it as “woman having a tantrum because she didn’t get her way” are disgusting and disingenuous. She’s upset because she was lied to repeatedly and forced into an invasive procedure she did not agree to. I’m sure she wanted a healthy baby, so telling her it was necessary would probably have resulted in her consenting to it. It’s not about “the perfect birth”, it’s about the treatment she received at the hands of people who are ostensibly there to protect her, to respect her choice and do what’s best for both mom AND baby.

  127. Helen says:

    With out reference and genuine prove this story is a sham. I agree with the previous comments about using the word *rape* is not appropriate at all. The US is the land of Law suits and there is not a Doctor or Nurse who would risk losing their job for the sake of not getting a consent form signed. Gaining consent for any procedure is drummed into from the first day of traiining. It would be a open and shut case, no consent form signed would mean a massive payout for this lady. I however doubt the validity of this story in the first place.

  128. Jane says:

    I found this story to be quite offensive. First of all, I can tell you that as a mother who needed a c-section for my baby’s and my survival, this mother is one of the most selfish individuals I have ever read about. She should be greatful she has a healthy baby who she is able to care for. Second of all, and most importantly, as a survivor of an actual rape, I can tell you that her c-section was nothing like an actual rape. How dare she place those two events into the same category!

  129. LMV says:

    This is absurd. I understand she was disappointed with the way things turned out but please note many hospitals and even midwives want nothing to do with VBACS for liability reasons and can you blame them? Damned if they do and damned if they don’t . This mother sounds like a selfish, whiney woe is me idiot. And I agree the term “birth rape” is disgusting.

  130. Woman says:

    Honestly…this is written so dramatically that it detracts from the story and makes it seem false. I am sorry about what happened to her, but I don’t tink she told us the full story. And honestly, she should’ve done a c-section anyway, her baby is I distress. Women now put so much on what they want their birth story to be like that they put their baby in harm. This from me, who has had two c-secs one emergency, one planned. The emergency one was horrifying, but know what? You look at your healthy baby and you move on. Drop the drama.

  131. DAN PAGET says:


  132. Kelly says:

    I had an emergency C-section with my first child 21 yrs ago. After being in hard labor for 6 hours (1 1/2 day total labor) My son went into distress tube was wrapped twice around his neck, swallowed a bm , heart rate down to very low beats per minute. and his lung collapsed. If the doctors and nurses didn’t react that way my son wouldn’t be with us today. After I left the hospital a week later my whole incision opened I went threw months of treatment . When I was pregnant with my second child my obgyn (a new doctor) reviewed my charts He gave me the option if I would like to have VBAC. Of coarse I jumped at the chance not to have a surgery. Every thing turned out great no compilations I was only in labor with my second son for 3 hours. and When I had my daughter who just turned 18 in March. I was only in labor 1 1/2 hours.
    The doctors would never in my opinion give any woman a c-section against her will unless the baby and her life were at risk….

  133. Bill says:

    Where is the follow up? She says she never met the dr before or after. Why not? Why would you not demand an answer? If this story is 100% true, than she should have been better informed as things were happening so decisions could be made. In some cases, things can happen very quickly so an emergency c is the only way to go, to save the baby and the mother, this story is not complete because we do not know why the medical professionals made the decisions they did. If you are going to publish this type of story, give all the facts.

  134. S says:

    I agree with the others that say “Rape” should not be used in this story. Its offensive to those who really have been Raped, in the sense that the world views this word. And nothing good ever comes after a rape… Im sure that beautiful baby is a good outcome.
    And really everything can be summed up with this quote of the story “I am not sure the details, of course we only know what the mother herself has said.”.
    Unless these people went to a 3rd world hospital I would bet a consent was signed. Before you post anything like this make sure that you have BOTH sides of the story.. Shame on you for trying to create mass hysteria.

  135. Terri says:

    I’m so glad after all these years to be finally reading stories about Birth Trauma – whether you want to call it Birth Rape or not is a personal issue. All I know is that I did (and still do-13 1/2 years later) suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after the birth of my #1son. Yes, he was born C-Section. Yes, he needed to be born C-Section in order to save his life. I am okay with that but the traumatic experience left me with PTSD and amnesia. To this day I have several hours surrounding the “non-birth” of my son that is totally gone brom my memory banks. Being in the medical field I understood most of what was happening on an intellectual level but my emotional and psychological state was left unattended to. What needs to be catered to more is the woman’s mind and psychological state. For example: With my #2son (born VBAC) I asked repeatedly if the fluid was clear after my water broke. Each time I asked they answered me (Yes, it was clear) but they had to answer my same question again and again many times until I finally “heard” it. Back then people didn’t suffer from PTSD due to childbirth. I was put on anit-depressants – which didn’t help because I was not suffering from Post-Partum Depression as they said I was. I believe that they should add classes on dealing with the emotional and psychological state of laboring women to the curriculum of the health-care professionals dealing with labor and delivery. Additionally, I beg to differ that it is all about birthing a baby and that delivering a healthy baby is the prime objective. It is difficult to be the best mother you can be while you are suffering the effects of birth trauma…especially when nobody understands or believes you. I may not know the whole story here because I have not heard all the sides. But the most important part is that we, as women who have gone through pregnancy and birth, should support her in her anguish as she tries to mentally and emotionally process any transgressions she feels were done to her.

  136. Lorrie says:

    As a mother and a previously practicing midwife (I refuse to use the term “retired”…makes me sound like an old horse), I grieve for this woman and for her family. Birth is a powerful, uniting, life altering experience not only for the Mom, but for her family as well…all were denied this blessing, not because of medical danger but because of lack of her consent. That is a frightening thing in this country in this point in history. I would hug her and wish her the very best, lend her strength and courage…and hope that her future and that of her family is full of joy and peace. Shame on the medical community for this story and others like them. Shame.

  137. Stevens says:

    This is not rape. Try sexally assauted. Not this.
    I have had three great children. Two vaginal and one by way of c/s. The first one vaginal, the 2nd one c/s and the third vaginal.
    I almost died and so did my child.when I went to the hispital i was about 6 mths along. I had no other choice to have a c/s. One min. i was awake and talking to my dad and the next, my dad was calling out into the hall for the doctor. Because as the last thing i remember, was my dad saying something along the lines, that the white sheets had more color than i did at the time. And then 2 days later i woke up to a picture of this little baby boy, who was fighting for his life. He weighed less then 2 pounds at birth.
    All i knew was that both my baby and myself needed the best that we could get at the time, amd we did. I didn’t get to hold him in my arms for a other month. But i can say that it was worth it all. Not seeing him at first or being awake, when he was born.
    My other two children, i got to see them and hold the right a way.
    So, i have to say this lady did NOT GET RAPE. And that she does not know what she is talking about. She is just not happy with the out come of the whole birthing ordeal.
    I was rape between the ages of 12-14 years old. I moved on and got help with it so i can luve life and give thre great children life.
    So for any woman to say the were rape cause they did not get the birthing of their child the way they wanted, is very sekfish on her behalf.

  138. Melissa says:

    I have had 4 kids, 3 vaginally and my last by C-section. I was given about 3 minutes warning before we were down the hall and in OR and they were introducing me to an anesthesiologist and a surgical tech and getting me ready for surgery. I wasn’t prepared but I was informed. My OB is a proponent of VBAC deliveries, but she is also a nononsense OB. She saw the need and didn’t talk to me about it, they handed me papers I said what’s this they said it’s a consent to do a tubal at the same time (something I had asked for if c-section came up). When I registered I signed consent for C-section, they don’t mess around with that. And I think this lady needs to focus on her healthy baby that she might not have if she had continued hellbent on her “birthing plan.” AND for that matter mom’s don’t write the birthing plan, your body and the baby does. You can have whatever plans you want and someone else is calling the shots. Sounds to me like she’s a control freak that didn’t get her way and her panties are in a bunch over it.

  139. momburntdinner says:

    Adding the word “rape” is just begging for controversy. This article could have 500 other titles, but it’s likely that using the word “rape” brought more hits and generated more money for whoever titled it.

    The internal fetal monitor is reserved for high-risk births and normal births where the nurses are having a hard time getting accurate measurements from the external monitor. Perhaps not bouncing her your stupid birthing ball could have prevented an internal fetal monitor from being placed? Also, the author say “screws into the baby’s scalp” like it is some sort of Frankenstein procedure. The Fetal scalp electrode and the sire used to connect it is about the size of a pen tip, and is extremely non invasive.

    The sheer fact that the mother in this situation states in her own article that her own birth plan included immediately holding the baby, bathing him, and denying that she was “even present for his birth” reeks of a one-sided, closed-minded, uninformed woman who is 99% likely not revealing the whole story.

    Women need to knock this “holier than thou because I am pregnant” bullshit off. Would you rather have unicorns and rainbows and Yanni playing the piano while your child was born, or have a medical intervention (hey, she was AT THE HOSPITAL in the first place and here’s a clue- she could have LEFT AT ANY TIME) and a healthy, LIVING child?

  140. JDL says:

    Did this mother sign anything prior to her moving to the OR? If not there could be TROUBLE. Each person who is having an operation and this includes C-sections need to sign a consent for surgery, if she did not sign this consent then she could not be operated on. This would be interesting to investigate.. This is really too bad for this mother.

  141. Lizz says:

    While I can understand her disappointment in not having a Vbac. The baby is fine and the end result should be that the birth of the baby results in the baby being healthy and safe. All those hospital paperwork that is signed gives consent to any type of emergency surgery to save the baby or even the mother. The mother of this story should read her paperwork and she’ll find she gave consent. If she really hadn’t given consent to be gassed & if things were done illegally regarding her delivery, she should be suing not publicly posting. If she really has a case, an attorney would tell her not too. Maybe? just maybe she has spoken to an attorney and found out that nothing was done illegal. I will say sometimes it’s best not to let the mother know that the situation has taken a turn for the worst, her physical reaction could might the medical situation even worse. And remove the word” rape” from the title. It gives all the wrong impression of what the story is about plus it’s very offensive, what happened is no way similar to “rape” in the sexual sense.

  142. Lora says:

    It’s so true that the birth “experience” is not the only important thing, BUT as someone pointed out, the experience of the mother IS part of the birth. It’s part of what gives her the hormonal rush that causes initial bonding between infant and mother. It’s part of how nature has made sure that mothers and babies bond effectively. One cannot assume that doctors do c-section for the baby’s well-being: statistics show that about 4% of c-sections are medically necessary, while almost 30% of births take place via c-section in our country. Why the discrepancy in the numbers? Because a c-section is controllable by the doctor in terms of time and convenience and because it covers their legal bases – not because it’s better or safer for mother and child. The assumption that they know more about our well-being than we do is a dangerous one – it takes out the very human factors of greed, of covering their own very real threat of legal exposure and of arrogance. It also means that we as women are discounted as having wisdom, intuition, knowledge and a very powerful ability to give birth well (i.e., both to healthy babies and to our own healthy outcomes) if we’re properly supported and coached.

  143. S says:

    You were not raped.

    You had a procedure against your will and consent.

    I wish people would stop using this term in the wrong way. It discounts real rape victims.

  144. Angela says:

    All the women that called the victim names are very stupid! They clearly stated that there is no way doctors would do such a thing, forgeting that detail is what is drawing all kinds of questions in the victims head, how about she was given a baby thats not has! She doesnt know what happened and she doesnt feel good about it just like most of you who are mocking her would feel.

  145. chris garner rn says:

    I think that C sections are done in and for the same reason tonsilectomies were done in the 40′-50′s. for the money. for the conveinece of the MD. It is all about money. Please don’t forget that. At the end of your pregnancy, remember you may be tired and want to get this over, but the surgical risks, the dehumanization of the parents, none of that is what you want. Don’t let them separate you from your coach/partner, demand your right to the procedure you signed up for. Be as “bitchy and irrational” as you need to be to get the treatment, time, doctor you signed in with.

  146. Ava says:

    I sure hope she sued!!!!

  147. denise says:

    I have given birth to 5 babies I just lost my daughter on Feb.22 2012 she was only 21/2 months old my familys saddness is overwhelming I think this woman should just feel blessed to have her healthy baby and also I’m not buying this story she says she never seen the Dr. or midwife again what about a.postpartum check up ecspecially with a c/s and, i’m sorry but Dr.’s are not that careless when it comes to consent forms and as far as.calling this RAPE I SERIOUSLY DISAGREE!!!!!

  148. Becky says:

    I had a very traumatic experience with my first daughter. I had a mean anesthesiologist come stomping down the hall to do my epidural citing I had interupted his lunch. Because I had trouble holding still he yelled at me multiple times. Then about 30 minutes after my epidural, my daughters heart rate started to drop drastically, I was out of it and could barely move. It seemed like everyone on that floor was in my room. They rushed me in for a c-section and I gave verbal consent to a dr I didn’t even know to save our lives. I was put completely under and was still awake when they put the tube down my throat to help me breathe. They too sent my husband away to get “dressed” to never let him near me during the surgery. My dr showed up and kicked the other OB out of the room yelling “what did you do to her?! She was fine an hour ago!”. I didn’t wake up for 7 hours and no one would tell my husband or my family anything or let them near me in my room until I was awake. I was never given an explanation of what happened except the mean anesthesiologist did something wrong when he placed my epidural. I never got his name or had the opportunity to do anything about it. To top it off, the hospital forgot to give me my morphine pca after I woke up for pain control. Needless to say, I was scared to death to have another child.

  149. Richard says:

    I bet that if the doctors had done what the women wanted and the baby would have died due to lack of oxygen than this story would be about how the doctors “killed” her baby due to their incompetence and poor judgement. The woman has a healthy baby… who fucking cares if it didn’t come out of her vaginal. If anything thats great… now she won’t have that super loose vagina that all women get after giving birth but no men ever say anything about cause its rude

  150. Micky says:

    I would like to know what actions are being taken against the hospital, staff and doctors that were involved in this.. There should be some justice! I am shocked this happened.

  151. Dirk Pitt, Jr says:

    There was an emergency c-section. Case closed. It sounds like the mother here was not prepared for her delivery. And, no hospital has someone leave without explaining anything. It sounds to me like the mother her didn’t try to do anything to understand the situation. An emergency c-section isn’t rape. The mother in this case is in her 40s, has had at least one previous c-section, and was unable to advocate for herself post surgery. It sounds more like the situation was deemed an emergency, the hospital acted, and the mother did not ask for any information. She instead supposedly walked out of a hospital of her on accord with no helpful information. What? Why would a person just walkout, you need information just ask for it! I think this mother might be deranged.

  152. Birthgiver says:

    Six percent of women experience birth trauma so severe that they may suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, depression or other PTSD symptoms following the births of of their babies (Source: Penny Simkin).

    There are women who still experience these feelings DECADES after giving birth. Yes, I think it’s fair to call this birth rape – it’s a sense of helplessness, violation and being stripped of one’s power that is absolutely equivalent. As a society, we don’t do anything to validate the experience of these mothers or encourage them to seek counseling (skilled birth trauma counseling is very difficult to find). Why? Because we’re more interested in talking about how doctors are unfairly sued and it drives up our health care costs. We want to defend our “heroes”, the medical staff, and shush the mothers, who have not been properly formed as mothers in the birthing process and may or may not have attachment and bonding issues with their babies as a result. Birth has been made into something dangerous that has to be mediated by medical technology and surgery, taken completely away from mothers.

    This story does reek of Munchhausen by Internet – although the mother or her husband may have signed something without realizing – but what is more sad to me than the story itself is the total lack of understanding I see in the comments section, reflecting just how far we have to go in changing our cultural birth paradigm.

  153. Kerry says:

    All this talk of VBAC and C Section and the whole birth experience. I am sorry but I just get the impression again and again from a lot of you women on these sites that mothers who have a C Section have had less of a birthing experience. I chose to have a VBAC. No epidural. All natural. That was my choice. I have friends who have had C Sections. I do not look at them as less of a mother than I. Some were forced. Some ended up being choices (after the first C Section). But none of these women are worse than I for their choices. Yes the brithing experience is an important one…but there are many other important experiences to focus on throughout a child’s life. Women who have had C Sections do not love their babies less, nor have they had less of an experience having the child. Stop judging.

    If what happened to this woman did indeed happen that I am sorry for her. I am sorry that she went through this. However seeing that there was a midwife involved I cannot beleive that it was done without cause. The midwife would have advocated for the patient. I had a Doula at my brith and she was amazing and my advocate and fought for me when I was unable to fight for myself. A midwife would have done the same. So perhaps there is more to the story than we know. Perhaps there is more to the story than even the patient knew. Things happen very quickly if there is a medical emergency. Sometimes the details sort of fall to the wayside. I do ache for her regardless. She feels she was slighted. Justified or not she does.

    As far as calling this “birth rape”, I am sorry…that is offensive. I am a victim of rape and it does not compare. I understand that the drama of the name promotes attention…but it is still offensive none the less.

  154. Shelly says:

    This is so one-sided, so unfounded, and really just sounds like one of the MANY stories made up by bored women posting false experiences on Babycenter/Justmommies etc. for the sheer thrill of the response. If I was the mother involved in this and it were true, I would be pioneering the world’s biggest lawsuit and the press would know, names and all. I would WANT people to know the name of the hospital, the doctor, and the medical “professionals” that thought this was appropriate behavior. But all we get here is a conveniently fact-free synopsis of a situation that’s probably the figment of someone’s imagination.

  155. Heather says:

    I though this was honestly the biggest bunch of bull**** that I have ever read. The baby is healthy. Isn’t that what all parents want? Maybe this selfish woman should go talk to some parents who have a child who has suffered birth trauma and see what they would say. The fact that she used them “rape” is awful and not used in the right context at all. I also would like to add that an internal monitor in not SCREWED into the babies scalp. That statement alone makes believe this woman is very uneducated. Be happy lady your child is healthy.

  156. xanthia says:

    why do they call it birth Rape ,? couldn’t they call it unauthorized c section

  157. Reality says:

    This is absolute horse-hooey. Does no one have critical thinking skills? Where is the hospital name or Dr. name mentioned? What place performs surgery without signed consent? That just doesn’t happen.

  158. Heather says:

    The oxygen thing was exactly what happened to me! I had a panic attack during my first c-section and they told me they were giving me oxygen, but it was general anesthesia. I was very upset I didn’t get to hear my baby cry, but glad that I made it out alive.

  159. Heather says:

    I would like to add – money is not the number one reason why doctors perform c-sections. It has to do with medical liability. Just watch one day of day time television and you can see all the lawyers who are looking for malpractice cases and many are aimed at birth trauma – doctors not doing a c-section which could have prevented a baby from a have cerebral palsey. It does not take long for brain damage to occur when a baby is deprived oxygen. Our legal system plays a big roll in why doctors have to practice defensive medicine.

  160. Jenifer says:

    Although this definitely sounds like a horrible situation, and shouldn’t of happened! I’m struggling with the fact that this story is called, “Birth Rape” which I think is a pretty strong term, and I feel like it’s misused here! This is a sad story nonetheless, Every mother should be informed of what is happening, and her consent should be given. What a horrible new experience for a new mother, not knowing exactly what happened! But I did not read anything about Rape! So in the fact, the story is a bit misgiving!

  161. Sky says:

    Julie, you are an idiot. Internal monitors are indeed SCREWED into the baby’s head. Drs just say they’re placed because they know most women will refuse if they know something is being screwed into their baby’s head.
    Christi, you know as well as I do most people just sign all the hospital paperwork without reading it and are therefore unaware that by signing that paperwork they give the hospital permission to do anything they want to you, so long as they can claim it was medically justified. Even if a patient is aware that by signing admission paper work they are pretty much signing away their rights (although I suspect a good lawyer could make a case that those forms aren’t legally binding), they aren’t usually aware that it is their legal right to cross out or change anything they disagree with.
    For everyone saying she should just be grateful the drs “saved” her baby, you are entirely missing the point. It doesn’t matter if the baby was in distress or not. The point is that she was not informed and she was cut open without consent. If the baby was in trouble, the dr should have said so and gotten her to sign consent forms for a cesarean. If it was an emergency, they should have said there wasn’t time to wait for her husband to make the decision. There is NO REASON EVER to operate on someone without taking 2 minutes to explain and get permission. They could have told her while they were doing all the prep stuff. I guarantee if told her baby were actually in danger, she would have agreed to a cesarean. This has nothing to do with her “choosing an experience” over her baby and everything to do with the medical professionals violating her LEGAL RIGHT to consent or refuse a medical procedure.

  162. Katie says:

    I’m sure some parts of the story are true. Like, she had a baby. By c-section. As far as the rest of it goes . . . not so much. I work in a hospital, and you can’t just perform surgery on someone without telling them. There are about 500 reasons why that would never happen. I can also think of a lot of reasons why she THOUGHT that’s what happened, but it didn’t. I’m sorry she had a bad experience, whatever it was, but the experience she writes about did not happen.

  163. Winter says:

    xanthia- why isn’t it called “unauthorized intercourse”????

    I’ve had 2 babies, both vaginally, so I don’t know how I would feel. However something was taken from this woman without concent!

  164. Denise says:

    I find it very difficult to believe that any monitor would screw into a baby”s head……………..that’s ridiculous I think this lady needs some psych help . No Dr in the USA would eve do what she is saying. I think maybe she got some pain meds and was out of it. I had them put a monitor in my vagina when I was in labour, there were no screws or any trauma. I had taken no drugs and saw everything they did. This lady needs help. Im so sorry for the way you feel, but the Dr’s are ther to keep you and your baby as safe as can be and if they felt like you were loosing it, maybe the best thing was to drug you up to keep you calm and the baby safe. You have no case in the ct room. Go home, enjoy your baby and thank God that you are both here and healthy. Stop trying to sue the Dr’s that saved you and your baby.

  165. CindyRN says:

    Horse Hockey. I have been in so many emergency deliveries I can’t coun’t. And not just back woods either. I have worked on Islands where there was no one but me and the midwife to deliver the baby, and then worked in a posh hospital where the mother was given sips of water, the music she wanted and allowed to pray in her own language at the top of her lungs. Also delivered a baby where we were not allowed to view the woman’s parts..only the baby. Soooooooo many rules and paper work, you have no idea. Complete horse hockey. IF this happened, it def could be a major lawsuit, but as the OB nurse said, you haven’t seen the other side, where the woman was in labor 32 hours because she insisted on a VBAC and then had to have a CRASH, and I do mean CRASH C/S because the baby and the mother were exhausted and the baby was closed to dying inside for lack of energy to be born.
    HIPPA requires us to do so many checks and rechecks, you have never been inside an OR. All these women with wild tales…..*sigh*..just makes me shake my head. I have seen babies born for the last 20 years, and this is just ridiculous. IF SHE DID NOT SIGN CONSENT, I understand. But what she did sign consent for is the Dr to treat her as she is NOT a Dr…oh, and have delivered Dr’s babies too. Horse Hockey.

  166. Anon says:

    If for any reason this situation was occuring and there was something wrong don’t you think the husband would’ve been screaming to have things done differently?! Something doesn’t add up with this story. I’m not saying her birth plan went as she had planned, but they rarely do. From the story it sounds like the husband willingly went to get prepped for a C-sec and umm…where was he during delivery? What, did they not allow him in the room? Again, he would’ve been throwing an absolute fit if that was the case. Story is missing a lot. Also, I do not think the word rape should be used in this, the definition of rape is as follows: the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.

  167. Derek says:

    This story lost its credibility after the title “Birth Rape”. Seriously, rape is not funny and to try and correlate this story as being a type of rape just because the person was “violated” is just neglegant writing. GG melodrama

    And the OB Nurse was right. Bottom line. Work in health care before spouting off stuff. You don’t what the PaO2 stats were, how long the baby WAS ACTUALLY IN distress etc. Two minutes is a LONG TIME when heart and brain cells start dying. ANd seriously Birth Rape?!?! …..gross thanks facebook for turning me on to such trash.

  168. Libertywmn214 says:

    For the couple of people on here who seem to think its “impossible” to get pregnant 2 months after a miscarriage or even after birth, YOU ARE WRONG. Lots of women can vouch for that. There have been many women who have gotten pregnant 2 months after a miscarriage and lots of women who have gotten pregnant within 2 months of giving birth. I had friends in middle school, they were brother and sister. Their mom was only 6 weeks PP when she got pregnant with the 2nd one, so please don’t say its impossible because it is quite possible. Not saying her story is true or false one way or the other but the timing can add up just fine as far as all of that goes. According to her profile she got pregnant around mid 5/10 and gave birth on 01/30/11. If she had lost the last twin on 12/26/09 then yes, thats actually 5 months after and VERY possible. Also there is one picture of a baby boy under her milestones on the day of his birth. Now here’s the thing, if all the dates are accurate I am figuring out that she would have only been around 34 weeks pregnant when she had her son. She says nothing about him being premature and the picture doesn’t look like a 34 weeker to me. My son was a 33 weeker and I was very worried about the fact that he was coming early, it was in the forefront of my mind. She says nothing about his NICU time, his stay in the hospital and having to go there multiples times a day to see him, nothing about having to pump multiple times/day for him so he can have breastmilk. That would have definitely been mentioned if I were sharing my story with others. But thats me maybe she chose to mention any of that part for a reason, I don’t know. I have been one of her biggest advocates since I read her story back when she shared it on babycenter. But I did just check all the dates and did see a picture under the milestones for her son’s date of birth. Just something that I noticed that seemed odd to me.

  169. Julie-Anne says:

    Apparently nobody read the story through properly. The staff knew this woman’s wishes! She verbally told them at the time. She didn’t refuse help, she refused having a monitor screwed into her unborn baby’s head one but then consented to that being done. She was TOLD she was being moved to the OR for monitoring. She was not told nor asked if she consented to being operated on.
    While you are all correct in saying that rape is the wrong word to use, and, while I agree that the operation was probably performed because there may have been a problem with the baby, she was NOT informed, nor was she asked of it was OK for this procedure to be done, and that, if I’m not mistaken, is assault. As for the question of why she hasn’t at least sued the hospital, have any of you asked yourselves why a rape victim doesn’t report a rape or assault victims report the assault. Its called recovery people, also factor in the fact that she is probably very grateful she has had a healthy child.

  170. Tammy says:

    i have my babies fast without much warning..and my last lil girl was a vbac..and we had to go to the inner city hospital that was one block from my house ..instead of going to my hospital were my dr would have was 20 mintes away and there was no time !! Im glad to say that i got my vbac and these people that didnt know anything about me or my babies history and didnt have time to learn much seeing we were giving birth by the time we got up to the room I was had her 5 minutes after we got there,,they all did great and my vbac was prefect..they are not as scarry as people may think and birthing isnt as complex as people think..
    Im sorry for what happen to lady and I do believe some people do not get the treatment they ask..My self when I had my c-section was asked by my doc if I could feel the water they placed on my belly b4 the first cut and wasnt able to speak loud enough and the man giving me the iv drugs answered for me..and as he cut I could feel the pulling and the stinging.. I finally squeezed my husbands hand and he put his ear to my head and could hear me..saying I can feel that..

  171. Tammy says:

    Oh and toi forgot to say they also saved my vbac baby at this strange hospital I wasnt to sure of ..butt she was came out with the cord wrapped so tight they had to nip at it with a scalpel ..I had to stop pushing or I would have choked her to death..Thank God for these people ..They did great..and the whole time I was so afraid because like I said this wasnt my hospital they knew nothing about me or my history..and we didnt have time to give them anything..only that I was rh-

  172. Khan says:

    I agree with SKY… Everything sky wrote makes sense !

  173. A. In Florida says:

    First–yes be glad your baby is alive. Second–you signed consent when you were brought in (trust me it was in the paperwork), I grew up in a hospital, my moms an RN (39+yrs), and I went through a scheduled turned emergency c-section. Now in 1974 my mom was in labor with me, they gassed her and she woke with me there and they had “forced” a vaginal delivery from her–how that works I am not sure at all but it was common in the 70s I am told–and she was fine with it since she had been working in a hospital about 3yrs by then and knew you do what you have to do. Third–yes your birthing plan was not followed, but when it comes to your child would you rather say you did it your way regardless of your child’s life or you did everything medically possible? Sometimes the ends justify the means…oh and this is not “rape”…good lord even the OB check ups are uncomfortable and intrusive…get over it or do not have a child. by the time of my c-section, nothing surprised me on how many people need to physically check you, or this or that.

    All of the women who say they were taking to the OR “kicking and screaming”, why?? Did you want your child damaged or dead? You want trauma?? Try being on bedrest for 10wks (as in not up for anything but to pee, not even sitting up), then told all is fine to only miscarry at Thanksgiving dinner two days later. Then have to have a D&C and everyone pretend it never happened including your husband. I suffered an entire meltdown. Off the deep end so to speak. i recovered and moved on. Second pregnancy (a year and 2 months later), having a miscarriage on exact same amount of gestation as first one (no bedrest, but exact weeks and days along) and told your baby is gone, go see ob… only two days later to be checked and find out you lost a baby but it was a twin you lost, I was still very much pregnant. Being hospitalized over 5 times during pregnancy, some over a week stay. Such severe hyper-emesis losing 35lbs in 2wks (water was still cool coming up it was so bad). At almost 35wks he stopped moving, saw OB, heartbeat fine but no movement from my son so was sent to hospital, scheduled a c-section that day then after an amnio showing lungs were developed properly, went into labor (triggered by amnio they said) and my son went into decel. Then it became an emergency c-section rather than a “scheduled”. After his sugar was so low and would not stabilize so I didnt get to see nor hold my son until he was over 3 days old.

    I am thrilled that he is very healthy today and while I hated (still do) my ob/gyn, he did one thing correct–the c-section, My sons cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times and would not have survived a vaginal birth. So while I despise my ob/gyn as a person he did do the correct thing.

    Sometimes people need to count their blessings and just forget how it was achieved because if they had not done this she would be screaming that they DID NOT do a c-section. Not saying to just suck it up, just weigh what could have happened and be realistic. Your baby is alive. I lost 2 and almost my only one that survived is due to them just doing their job. Also, i am not sure most of this “story” is even real, or not overly exaggerated.

  174. Libertywmn214 says:

    *Maybe she chose not to mention any of that for a reason

  175. Deborah says:

    This story leaves out a lot of vital information and just contains what’s needed to grab attention.

    Internal monitoring is used for high risk births because it’s much more accurate. I’d assume the reason they were using it also in this case is that it can prevent an unneeded C-section because it accurately shows where or not the baby’s in distress. It isn’t really ‘screwed’ in although the tip does arch it goes slightly under the baby’s scalp to get the readings.

    Then the story takes a turn, most C-section don’t use a general anesthetic which is where they’d have you breath through a mask. Obviously if this was done it was performed because there was a dire situation at hand. And someone consented. No one performs surgeries without having informed consent explaining the benefits and risks of the procedure. She should be grateful she and her baby are alive because if they needed to honestly operate that soon they could have lost both of them.

    And next in my hospital women go to the recovery room for hours to monitor their heart rate, bonding with the baby and recovery from anesthesia. The nurses there have to be EKG certified to read and monitor the mother’s heart strips. Then they head over to the typical labor and delivery floor where they get monitored by the nurses. A recovering mother will get checks every 4 hours for the first 12 hours or more. That includes checking vitals, checking the baby, and checking lochia flow. Meanwhile she will at some point by visited by her doctor, the baby’s pediatrician and a lactation consultant

    I hope women don’t buy this story as true, educate yourself on what kind of birth you want but also realize the medical and nursing staff have two priorities. To make sure you live and that your baby does that’s it; it affects them too if something goes wrong.

  176. ndm says:

    Hang on… Was the result of this situation a healthy baby? I mean, don’t lose sight of the big picture here, because straight of the bat you have diminished any woman who has ever been sexually assaulted and that is a dick move. No really, you need to understand how badly you went wrong here. You used a term reserved for a life destroying event as spin for your title. Also, did the medical staff do their job? You described a situation where the health of the baby was an unknown quantity, and the medical staff responded. It should also be noted here that ethical consent is based on a few strict criteria, one of which is that it may not be considered informed consent if given whilst under duress. Would you say that childbirth, with added complications is a situation which you may not have all the information you need to make an informed choice as to the health of your baby? If everything went according to the mothers wishes and the baby died, would you consider the medical staff negligent? Basically, you’ve shat out some words and some spin, but the sum total of that is that you are simply bad at this. I’m not saying you’re a bad person, I am saying that you’re not that clever, and maybe the whole writing thing is, you know.. not for you. I think you should actually offer a public apology to sexually assaulted people.

  177. ndm says:

    Hang on… Was the result of this situation a healthy baby? I mean, don’t lose sight of the big picture here, because straight of the bat you have diminished any woman who has ever been sexually assaulted and that is a dick move. No really, you need to understand how badly you went wrong here. You used a term reserved for a life destroying event as spin for your title. Also, did the medical staff do their job? You described a situation where the health of the baby was an unknown quantity, and the medical staff responded. It should also be noted here that ethical consent is based on a few strict criteria, one of which is that it may not be considered informed consent if given whilst under duress. Would you say that childbirth, with added complications is a situation which you may not have all the information you need to make an informed choice as to the health of your baby? If everything went according to the mothers wishes and the baby died, would you consider the medical staff negligent? Basically, you’ve shat out some words and some spin, but the sum total of that is that you are simply bad at this. I’m not saying you’re a bad person, I am saying that you’re not that clever, and maybe the whole writing thing is, you know.. not for you. I think you should actually offer a public apology to sexually assaulted people. .

  178. Jacky says:

    I feel that one if you do not belive the story please dont put a comment on it necause nobody really knows if its true or not. And to the mother of this horrible tragedy I really do understand your situation this exact thing happened to my aunt a little over a year ago and when she tried to sue the hospital and doctors all the lawers she went to refused to help her

  179. Lily says:

    I feel sorry for the woman not being informed and all but I have to agree with what another person said in their comment. Using the term ‘rape’ to describe this is wrong, offensive and totally insensitive to those who are a victim to rape. I have not been raped however when I read this article my first thoughts were not about the mother this is written about but how sad I felt for the women who would read this that actually have been raped. These two things can in no way be held in comparison. It amazes me someone could write this article which clearly violates someones rights, a woman’s right, no doubt, I 100% agree with that but to use another violation, a much more traumatic awful one to draw attention to it. Wrong. So very wrong. The fact you did that takes away from the point of your article because all I think now is that I hope rape victims don’t read this, it must be so hurtful to them. As a woman you should have known better.

  180. Ashleigh says:

    Really, this isn’t Rape.

    This is someone had a birth they didn’t consent to and used a word that sounds more scary to draw women’s attention to it.

    Rape, is a horrible violent act, that this women never suffered. She had a surgery she never agreed to. She needs to shut the hell up and be more respectful to actual rape survivors.

  181. Taarhara says:

    As a mom of six one by emergency csection and five successful Vbacs all Vbacs and prenatal done handled by midwives I find this story some what hard to believe and also know that it is standard for all hospital paper work to be signed by the mom prior to admission to have the baby sometimes as early as five or six months in advance just in case of unexpected preterm labor or in the event there is a time during delivery that mom cannot make a decision and or give permission verbal or signed . And as part of that pre admission paper work the mom signs a paper giving all responsible medical providers permission to intervene if needed in a case of emergency and also giving the doctors to not go forward with a Vbacs if mother or child is in danger and also let the mom know that she runs the risk of splitting her surgery cut and sum other things that can go wrong from the previous surgery .We are and have to be our own advocates and read everything speak up and not be to shy to ask questions yes they are educated to help but are also human and cable of mistakes and it seems to me that the mom may have been a Lil too into the hype of birthing tech. If it was jus the fact tht they couldn’t get an accurate pick up on the external monitors for the baby cause of the movement on the birthing ball thn mom should have been moved to the bed and asked to stay put until she was ready for action thn if she was still goin natural it wouldn’t have been a problem for to switch into other positions to make pushin the baby out easier I find it hard to believe tht she gave birth with a mid wife and a doctor but wasn’t warned or showing symptoms of the baby being in distress tht is part of the beauty of midwives and a birthing plan u are limited to jus family , a nurse and ur midwife it is ur right to deny students observing or working on u and midwives are very anti medical intervention unless it is a must or u just are not built for a natural delivery like myself and I don’t care who knows it I need drugs lol . And no the more u have doesn’t not make it any easier or hurt less tht is a medical myth I should know . My fifth child hurt more than my first coming out and my sixth child took just as long as my second cuming out it is no one size fits all experience for any birth no matter the same women or not each child pregnancy labor delivery and recovery is unique . But I think that maybe the mom may not be telling the full story just because she may have blocked it out because of how traumatic the experience was for her this is yes sum thing very natural but soooooo serious giving birth so many things are happening at one time and can change sooooo fast and unexpected I think maybe mom is a lil upset and emotional and should really talk to her midwives and request her medical records and review all notes taking during the time from all assisting staff . And review what happened on paper to get a better understand Wht went wrong when and why things were handled in such a fast pace . Before feeling so slighted and if she still is feeling malpractice call a gd lawyer tht species in medical rights volition and medical malpractice .

  182. Bill says:

    As you may guess from my e-mail address I did anesthesia for 38years. Did
    mostly O. B. Anesthesia for the last 20 years and I find this story very difficult to believe, I can fully understand the desire for VBAC and also for the necessity
    for a C Section. I worked many emergency situations in O.B., I’v also seen some
    dire situations come from birthing centers where the baby survived but was physically and mentally challenged for the rest of its life because personell did not act in time to prevent these dasterdly outcomes. The infant inutero can only tolerate hypoxic situatrions for a very shot time before there is irreperable damage.
    There are many different reasons for the 1st C Sectionsome of which are going
    to be the same in subseqent pregnancies, some will be marginal reasons and
    may allow for VBAC without problems, some should never be ignored and elect
    to try VBAC. I know there are stories where the mother elects to have a C section
    for cinvenience or the Dr’s convenience, Where I worked this was extreemly rare and we were doing a lot of VBAC deliveries even 10 years ago. Some of these
    we had to rush to surgery and do emergency secions to save the child. Parents
    should go into pregnancy thinking it is all about the health and safety of the child.

  183. Elizabeth says:

    1. Can we please not dilute the word rape?
    2. If true, she will have an excellent claim against the hospital, anesthesiologist, and doctor. This was malpractice, and a violation of informed consent.

  184. Imac says:

    What’s the bet the husband gave consent whilst he was in the change room because of the irrational behaviour of his selfish wife who due to the stress of the situation was not prepared to listen to reason. The baby may have been in imminent danger, the mother though out common sense because of her predetermined desire to have a natural birth regardless of the child’s well-being and because she is obviously a aggressive woman that is trying to apportion blame on anyone but herself her husband hasn’t got the balls to tell her he consented, maybe?

  185. Chris says:

    I find this story a difficult pill to swallow. If this truely happened in the United States without consent then it is illegal. It is assault and battery and the caregivers would be arrested. There are other things too that do not quite jive either and this is from over 25 years experience giving anesthesia. If it is true then this has to be stopped, but if it is not what action will be taken against the writer for scaring every pregnant woman? Unfortunately not a thing!

  186. Kathy says:

    Yes internal monitors are screwed into their heads. I have one i used for teaching purposes.

  187. Misigrl says:

    Internal fetal monitors are not screwed into the baby’s head! I know this because 1) I am a nurse,I have worked OB/GYN before 2)I had internal monitoring when having my daughter and guess what…she was not born with any screw holes in her head!! The mother consented to emergency cesarean when she did her paperwork at her new OB appointment as all of us do especially VBAC patients. In a true emergency there may not have been time to make sure this lady was happy with the physicians decision as the goal in emergency cesarean is to go from incision to having the baby out in 11minutes. Most OB/GYN’s won’t even do VBAC anymore because it can be very dangerous …at least they let her try and delivered her baby alive and healthy.

  188. Shell says:

    Pfft what load of rubbish..some people just like to whinge and complain. She should be lucky that her baby is alive and out safely. Grrr..

  189. Lawrence Sim says:

    What is so traumatic about this? When you go for treatment of any sort, or even delivering a baby, you should trust the doctor’s judgement. Who is the expert here, the doctor / midwife, or you?

    Perhaps they knew the complications a natural birth after a c-section would bring, but didn’t have time to explain. Like others said, the baby and mother could have been saved by this decision.

    Calling it Birth ‘Rape’ is wrong! No one was sexually violated. For a moment, I expected photos of medical staff sexually raping the mother or baby!

  190. Givenbirth says:

    Yes its sad that she didn’t get to experience to birth plan she wanted but sometimes things dont go to plan. someone like me who has had 2 beautiful children and a 3rd on the way thought this would be a interesting story to ready about.but why the hell u choose the word RAPE is beyond me, for people who have been raped its hard enough to go through a pregnancy know ur going to have internals and strange people touching u down there, but u do it for the love of the child ur someone who’s been in that situation thinks u r so wrong forever using that word in relation to a pregnancy.I know her feelings were hurt but think of others before u go throwing that word around.

  191. Ann says:

    I had a pushy midwife for the birth of my first child and ended up with a c-section against my will. I was also repeated forcibly raped from the ages of 3-8. Never would I equate a pushy medical professional giving me a c-section to rape! Certainly its a terrible practice and it should be stopped, but its not rape. And any mother who would refer to this as ‘rape’ is insulting all rape victims everywhere and have clearly never experienced rape.

    There is a BIG difference between being put under an anaesthetic and given a c-section against your will, and being held down and forcibly raped until your are bloody and crying. After actual rape, you feel dirty and unclean. You are broken for life in such a way that is unimaginable to others, and possibly suicidal. Your husband may touch you one night in such a way that reminds you of the rape and you spend the rest of the week sobbing uncontrollably. And rape doesn’t end with you cuddling your beautiful healthy new baby. Think about that before you refer to this practice as rape.

  192. Laura says:

    I too find the term “birth rape” offensive and inaccurate. I am an RN who has brought 4 children into this world. The first and last 3 c-sections. My 2nd child, who was my largest weighing almost 10 pounds was a healthy VBAC birth. My 3rd child was born by emergent cesarean due to a congenital heart anomaly. He died at 3 days of life in my arms. Get over yourself. They intervened to help you bring a distressed baby quickly into this world. Be thankful of that and stop screaming you were “birth raped”. I’m sorry your plan didn’t occur the way you desired. But if it had, you might be dealing with a very sick child if alive at all, who may be living the result of lack of oxygen to the brain. Thank God and your lucky stars if you are holding a healthy child. Yes, the staff should have explained quickly the necessity of what HAD to be done to save your child. If that wasn’t done, I’m sorry for that. Kiss, hug and be thankful for your child.

  193. ANURSE says:

    I am so sorry you ladies feel this way. I am sorry for whatever happened to this person but it is sort of hard to believe since it is not in the news anywhere about the hospital being sued. The ultimate goal of any labor and delivery is a healthy mom and healthy baby. Having a baby is just the begining of life letting you know that baby is in charge. Labor is not something you can plan. If you want no intervention stay home.

  194. pat says:

    also this has been on this page from 2 -25-11 dont you think there have been enought crying over spilled milk…

  195. sick and tired says:

    look there are 2 sides to every story. we have become a nation of whiners and whimpes (even the military recruits have time out cards now, oh you hurt my feelings but yelling at me!!!!). we can’t spank our kids. now they take guns to school and kill people. now they can’t deal with being bullied and kill themselves. give the parents back the control over our kids. 20-30 years ago when parents did have power over their kids, they didn’t do things like this!!!!!! wake up. American’s need to get some backbone again and stand up. it is time for the government to manager the nation and its afairs. get out of hour homes NOW!!!!!!!!!

  196. rob says:

    I’m sure all the women who’ve suffered through an actual rape appreciate you equating your experience with theirs. Not getting what you want does not equal rape.

  197. Joyce says:

    Had a vbac in 1986 and everything went well. Now my gyn. tells me I was one of the first ( an experiment) and they aren’t done much anymore because of the liability incurred if something goes wrong. They are considered high risk. Mybe moms need to be sure they are in good physical condition going into the pregnancy (I was) and they should be anyway!

  198. laura says:

    Baby’s health is more important than what the mother ‘wants’ during labor. To use the term rape so loosely is ridiculous.

  199. melanie says:

    Wow you can tell just how ignorant you people are how uneducated about birth and women’s rights. First off the birth experience has a LOT to do with how the woman handles PPD and why many woman get it. 2nd its her body her baby isnt this a free country not one where they dont tell you a single thing and then GAS you are you kidding me you people think thats ok? To just let the drs do whatever they want however they want and its fine because the baby is healthy? Their was no indication that the baby wasnt healthy before had! Everyone needs to open their eyes because the more you turn a blind eye and think oh that wouldnt happen to me so i dont care the more itll keep happening till its you your daughter your daughter in law sister or close friend its happening to then what will you say? What will you say to her when its to late? Grow up and realize Whats goin on in this world this world of call free this world our men and woman fought for its all bein takin away one step one choice at a time! SOOO sad my heart aches for her

  200. S says:

    Sky, You’re an idiot. They are not screwed. It is placed beneath the skin. Know what you are talking about before you go around name calling.

    “Internal monitoring requires a small wire to be placed beneath the skin of the baby’s scalp”.

    Written by the Healthline Editorial Team | Reviewed by Sharon Thompson, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA

  201. Justina says:

    This msg is for Heather first off this woman is a.victim and not a con and should be shown respect put yourself in her shoes. quit being a condemning cold heartedperson. this woman was violated and is expressing herself. This is not bull****. Your comment is bull****. If you want to b**** and moan at this woman maybe you should look in the mirror and take.a deep look at yourself you cold hearted b****! You are unbelievable. You condemn her are no better than the rest of the world. Is your blood red? Does it flow out of viend? Get over your s*** and leave this poor.woman alone she’s been through enough she doesn’t need your approval. Besides do you actually know this woman? Personally? Your unbelievable!!!!!!!.

  202. Jessie says:

    I’m sorry that this happened, but calling it “rape” is terrible. Yes it was done against her will, but it was for her and the child’s best interest. A doctor is allowed to do things like this to save their lives. Rape is something completely different and I am very offended that this is being called “Birth Rape”.

  203. Kala says:

    I was in labor for 4 days. Mybson came 12 weeks early and they tried to delay the birth for his safety. On day four of my labor they had taken me off the IV medicine that was suppose to slow my labor, no one told me why but I assumed it was because my dialation went down from 6″ to 3″. While in the hospital I wasn’t allowed to eat, so I had a problem ahem “digesting” so I was given some medicine to help with that. On the morning of my fourth day in the hospital I have severe contractions, I hit the call button for the nurse from the severe pain and when she FINALLY arrived I had a contraction so strong that it made me puke and….release other bodily fluids. They cleaned the mess but told me to ignore the contractions they were just a sideaffect of the medicine I’d been given for the other issue. But they kept getting worse and worse to where I was crying in pain, but the nurse kept telling me I’d be fine. Finally it was too painful to lay down and.I guess the nurses had shift change because a new nurse came in and saw me sitting up crying in pain and told me I needed to lay down I told her I couldn’t I was in too much pain. Whrn the doctor came in I was fully dialated and rushed to the delivery room where I was refused an epideral because the staff was in with two other deliveries and I’d have to do it without. I cried and said no, but they insisted I couldn’t have any medicine. When he was born they told me he wss breathing fine but when I reached for him (which I think is only a natural reaction) my hand was smacked away and I was told no, which I could sort of understand but did you have to smack my hand like I was a 5yr old reaching for something I wasn’t suppose to have, then they rushed him out. Then after cleaning me up they told me I could go see him, but they led me to the overnight rooms and left me there for 5 hours without telling me where my son was or when I could see him. Finally at shift change my night nurse came in and was shocked I hadn’t already been shown him. Needless to say, my hospital staff wasn’t that helpful through what would have been a traumatic birth no matter what, but you’d think they would be a little more helpful.

  204. Katie says:

    Honestly Jessie The doctor is not allowed by law to do anything without the consent of a close relative( ie: spouse, parent, ect) if you agree with what the doctor and midwife did then your just cold hearted. I have two kids and I’m pregnant with my third. I am using the same doctor I used for the first two cause he is a friend of the family and I’m a high risk pregnancy. I almost died having my second due to a nurse. I know exactly how she feels and I feel for her cause no expectant mother should have to go threw any of the horror stories some of us have. And the definition of rape is to act by plundering which is rob by force. So I agree she was raped. Raped of a decision and knowledge of the condition of her and her child.

  205. Mondo says:

    I was a father with my sons mon at the hospital for her second birth. The hospital staff kept trying to change our birthing plans at every opurtunity they could, The hospital staff had no regards for our birth plan that we worked out with our doctor before. I was the one calling the nurses asking why our birth plan was being ignored. I feel that the hospitals have a different agendas and future parents should be wary.

  206. noneofyadamnbusiness says:

    What were they supposed to do?
    Wait for her anesthesia to wear off, before they made sure her baby was okay.
    “well we should probably make sure this thing is working right but now until she wakes up! then if it dies it’ll be her fault.”
    fuck this this woman has no clue what she’s talking about, which is not uncommon in women who’ve given birth.
    They misunderstand a lot of things the nurses and doctors do and say.
    Of course they’re going to go through with the procedure.
    If you cannot have a vaginal delivery, it’s not because the doctors are fucking with you. It’s probably for a pretty good reason.
    They’re going to do the procedure so your baby doesn’t get hurt.
    Because then if it did
    they’d have a real lawsuit on their hands.

  207. MARIANNE says:

    As a medical professional the hospitals in America no longer employ Americans It,s all foreigner doing things their foreign ways …. Our hospitals are not safe.

  208. Michele Bleskan says:

    This is the most false story I have ever seen in print. There are so many discrepancies in her story. And moreover it is NOT rape of any kind!!!!! This drama mama is just looking for attention and media fame. You should never of printed this story unless you were able to validate the source and receive the medical records from her.

    The likely case is this baby was in severe distress and may of been a still birth outcome if this impossible patient didn’t switch her birth plan of a VBAC to a C-section.

    There was many fools in the world. But the one whose foolishness endangers the life of her child is reprehensible.

  209. Deranged Housewife says:

    SOme of these comments are really sad and pathetic. You’d think that misogynistic comments like this would come from men, not other women.

    FWIW, the woman never said if her baby was truly in distress. The monitors can be wrong, and cesareans are often performed because the monitor picked up distress that didn’t exist.

    Aside from all of that, putting someone out and performing surgery without her consent – which I still can’t find anywhere in this post or the original thread – is wrong, unprofessional and unethical. A doctor shouldn’t be allowed to do unethical things just because he’s a doctor – that does not give him license to treat you against your will. The idea that because this is the US and this can’t ever happen is ludicrous – and this stuff continues to happen because people dismiss it as nonexistent and refuse to believe it. Please, wake up from your dream world. If this were a sexual rape in the office by a physician, would you reconsider? If he assaulted her with a pelvic exam and membrane sweep without her permission, is it assault and/or rape?

    Just because it’s never happened to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to someone else, or doesn’t happen at all. And really, I think some women are so trusting of their doctors and disbelieving that anything could ever go wrong that they are too naive to even know the difference.

  210. ANON says:




  211. Mayra says:

    I feel your pain! I am also a victim :( not as you bur was lied to.

  212. Ashes says:

    What a horrid name for this article. So misleading.
    I had an emergency C-section with my son and was not informed much about the procedure either. I was in so much pain by that point, I wouldn’t have understood anyway. The doctors did what they did to save my son. I was trying for a natural birth…didn’t work out that way.
    How can any of you readers say that doctors ‘don’t want you to have a VBAC’? That’s just ridiculous. Truly. Doctors don’t go through the education and YEARS of training just to force women to have c-sections. What the hell do they care as long as the child and mom are healthy? Get over yourself.
    Like me, this woman probably did not remember being put under or what they said. It does not mean it was not said, but in the moment of pain and confusion and childbirth – things are definitely not clear.
    Cherish your healthy child.

  213. jamie says:

    honestly todays society is crap, doctors 90% of the time are worried about THEIR time, not yours. So they DO try to rush mothers into decisions to help themselves out. People have been delivering babies for centuries without surgery, this is after all the natural cycle of life. And yes having any kind of complication with birth is very sad but it happens, and doctors should ALWAYS consult the mother and father before performing ANY kind of procedure. Its not just about the baby it is about the parents and the safety of everyone involved. Its truly sad that our society today is all about the money and themselves, sad but true and i dont see anything improving in the future. But in either case you should be able to fully trust your medical provider and fully trust that they will follow your birthing plans fully UNLESS there is a very serious actual risk to the mother and child, not just because they want to get home. Another reason why a doctors wage shouldnt be soo much, anymore its about the money and not about the respect and honor to help out your community. Sorry im rambling but its just a bunch of bs how our country works today, and scary to think how it will be when our children are grown :/

  214. Mom of 7 says:

    I’m tired of women thinking that childbirth needs to be some big event. Women used to go into the fields and work hours after having babies. Now women think that in order to bond with their child they must have candles, music, champagne, cheesecake and 6 girlfriends ooing and aahing over their vaginas. Shit happens during labor. It’s never going to go the way you want it to. The point of childbirth is to have a child, not have some huge romantic experience with people chanting as you push out a baby. The baby is what you are waiting for. Childbirth is only a small part of it. If you don’t want medical intervention, have your baby at home! Some people really have balls to go into the hospital and order doctors and nurses around because things aren’t going your way. Next time I have a kidney stone, I am going to demand soothing music and have my entire family come in to watch as I pass it.

  215. Mom of 7 says:

    By the way, this IS NOT rape.

  216. Deranged Housewife says:

    They could not tell her what happened that would necessitate the surgery – and just because the baby’s heart deceled, that is not necessarily an indication of “suffocating” or fetal distress. She said they gave her no discharge papers pertaining to wound care, which sounded like they didn’t even know – or want to acknowledge – that she had a cesarean, and discharged her in the timeframe appropriate for a vaginal birth, not a cesarean. It’s sad that people would question her story and make her feel like less of a person for her experience. Basically, telling her to shut up and suck it up. How do you know it’s not legit? Pull your head out of your asses, people. Mistreatment in obstetrics has been going on for probably nearly a CENTURY.

  217. jordan says:

    you were not raped. to imply that a medical procedure is on par with sexual assault is unthinkable. shame on you.

  218. marci says:

    I feel for everyone who is afraid. remember, nurses,doctors, anesh. are looking out for your health. when discussions need to me made for life or dealth, the are made. plain and simplie. if we say no, and no will kill us they have to do everything to save us. this is the code of ethics.!

    knowledge is power. know everything “you”need to know in order for your prodecure. ask questions, they will be answered. don’t as you will not be answered.

  219. LDRP nurse says:

    This story is aweful. There are so many details left out! I would love to see what the fetal heart monitor displayed. As a former labor and delivery nurse it amazes me to hear women’s birth stories. This lady’s story of her tramatic delivery is sad but what would have been more terrible is if her baby would have died. The baby and mom both lived according to the article. I believe each woman has a right to make her birth/delivery decision….but your doctors and nurses are there for you to ensure the safest delivery possible for moms and babies. I truely dislike the name of this article….serious…. birth rape.

  220. Anonymous says:

    If she didn’t want any medical interventions (regardless of whether they were for her and her baby’s benefit or not) she shouldn’t have gone to the hospital in the first place. She should have just saved her husband’s, her own and everyone else’s effort and time by jumping into her bath and giving birth there, savouring her 100% anaesthetic free air. Whether she and/or her baby die is her own fault and part of her gamble – at least it doesn’t tarnish the medical profession’s reputation!

  221. Melissa says:

    That is horrible. I used to be a surgical technologist and was in on a few c-sections. The anesthesiologist should of had a consent form for her to sign. The OR nurse should of been the patients advocate and the damn surgeon should of spoke with her before doing anything. I really wish people would go into the medical field for the right reasons.

  222. Yode says:

    Yes, you should have been introduced and talked to. But this is not “RAPE”. In some situations there is a thing called “STAT”. We take the baby out or it and possibly you are injured or worse died. I am a nurse and I get so frustrated when some of our mothers act like they baby has died when they have to have a c-section. It’s not about “how” you have the baby, it’s that you have a live, healthy baby to take home!! Parents need to realize it’s not about you! It’s about the baby and what is safe. If what you want is reasonable than fine, if not stay home and have your baby. And everything we in the hospital do is because we have a policy. We don’t just do things because we want to.

  223. Fontaine Cowan says:

    No this was not “birth rape”. It was medical professionals doing what needed to be done for the best outcome for the mom and baby.
    People should try for less invasive procedures; however sometimes c-sections are medically necessary. Find a doctor that you trust (by doing your homework).
    Then just trust them to do what they spent FIFTEEN YEARS of training to master. If healthcare professionals let us as lay people make their decisions, many of us would
    be dead. Harsh? Reality tends to be that way.

  224. cam says:

    I read this article expecting it to pertain to sexual assault. I think the use of the term birth rape is highly misleading and highly offensive to many victims of rape. Rape isn’t a word that can be adopted casually for any situation that goes against someone’s will, and I would have thought a magazine on parenting would have more sensitivity.

  225. triswild03 says:

    I my self have had to csections an its not be cause I did want anatural birth or. Was scared to have one or cause I couldn’t handle it I was in labor with my first child for 9 hours before I told any one but I to hade problems with. The birth of my daughter my body was not doing wat it was suppose to I only dialated to a 1 an on top of that I was 8 days over due but I had lost my daughters heart beat 3 times an my doc had to brake my water but my doc was worried for the safty of my daughter that if she did not do a emergency csetion that I would lose her but my doc got my consent before she could do the surgery and ever step she was taking n by law she had to do that or it is one hell of a law suit it is ur right an law to know wat they r doing to u an ur child. They can’t just take it apon there self to do as they please even if it is life threating they have to inform u an ur family memebers if u are unable to sign for it. An on my my 2nd child my son once again my body was not doing as it was suppose to so I had to have another csection on my 1st child they had to put me out an on my 2nd child the gave me a epurdural after I told them 3 times I did not won’t one. But they took it apon there self to give me one an they had trouble getting it in once they finaly got it to take I had a reaction to the med an my heart rate dropped then the doc had to give me other med. To stop the alergic reaction. An well I have severe epurdral head aches now when the doc gave it to me it leaked in to my spian an now is causeing me a lot of problems. An I had went an talked to my lawyer about them giving me a epurdral after I told them 3 times that I did not want one an have witenesses that I did tell the doc that an I did not sign a paper saying they could give me a epudral. They have a lawsuit on them for medical melpractice an not getting the proper fourms signed by me to give me the epudral so yes things can happen an no one has a right to put this women down for wat had happen to her it is her rights to be let known wat was going to be done to her body so intell u go threw something like this an know ur laws and rights u have no right to put this women down for wat happen to her anything can happen an does just because u have never been threw it yourself does not mean it don’t happen cause ur wrong. TO THE WOMEN THIS HAPPEN TO I WOULD GET A LAWYER AN SEW CAUSE U DO HAVE RIGHTS AN THERE IS LAWS AGAINTS THIS KIND OF STUFF AN GOOD LUCK I HOPE ALL GOES WELL.

  226. kelly says:

    The first things that told me this story was ‘questionable’ was the overly dramatic title. Second, the monitor was NOT screwed into the baby’s head. Third, this is a one sided story.

    So based on these three things(though there are more), I believe that the story is exaggerated. She wanted a VBAC and didn’t get one and is now trying to stir trouble, perhaps it is financially motivated or perhaps she is just looking for pity.

    Whatever the reason, get over it, enjoy your baby and be thankful for what you have. Childbirth is very difficult to plan and predict. It wasn’t a birthday party, it was a childbirth!!

  227. Erin says:

    I am a Registered Nurse and I work on a labor & delivery unit. When I first started reading this I thought it was going to just be that the patient was denied a VBAC, which I have seen good things come from those but also some terrible outcomes. But this story absolutely put me in tears. I feel SO ashamed for the so-called “health care professionals”. This is NOT what we represent! I’m so appalled that a doctor would actually do all of that stuff. But let’s be honest. This girl wasn’t just misled and lied to by her midwife and the doctor, it was a whole team of people that participated in those dishonoring actions. I am still in shock and so furious. I’m also really angered by reading about all of the horrible care that some of you other ladies have gotten. My team takes pride in what we do and every day we strive to keep our patients happy and safe. It saddens my heart that some of you have had horrible experiences in a time that should be full of joy. Even though I personally wasn’t there and had anything to do with any of these stories, as an RN I truly apologize on behalf of all of us L&D staff members that do love our patients and love serving them.

  228. My heart goes out to you says:

    My heart goes out to you or your friend, but what you’ve just described is I believe the exception and not the norm. This article is misleading in suggesting that this happens on a large scale when the only evidence provided is one example – for which I am of course very sympathetic towards. However the only place which can truly redress your friend’s grievances is the court of law, and if this is truly rape as you consider it, go ahead and sue for rape – I would certainly like to see how that plays out, or whether your attorney would even consider such a frivolous use of the term rape.

  229. Dawn says:

    I am a little skeptical of this story also. First, there are too many people in the story for any one person to get away with anything. Second, if there was a problem with the heart rate with the baby, then she should be glad the doctors came through with a healthy baby. Third, it almosts sounds as if she was so headstrong into what she wanted that she wasn’t giving a thought to what may have been for the better. We are really not given any comments from the doctors, just what she is saying. And there seems to be more than even 2 sides to this story.
    When I read the title rape, naturally I was thinking rape of the sexual nature. Not the possibility that a hysterical woman in labor may or may not have gotten unneccessary care.
    I am sorry if she missed out on hours of pain that she obviously wanted.

  230. Patrick says:

    Firstly I think Birth Rape is far to strong a wording for this and in my opinion rape always has sexual connotations.

    Secondly we do not know the full story as to why the doctors acted so quickly and without much explanation, for all we know there could have been several complecations that the women was not told of due to it inducing her to go into a statye of panic. And could have caused more harm to the women.

    I know she was unhappy about the way that she was treated and I think the doctors should have been more professional after the birth and explained to the women what happened, but at the end of the day she has a healthy baby and that is due to the doctors actions.

    Side Note: Could you edit the main text if you get any more info on the matter as I would like to know the full story.

  231. anon says:

    I was going to comment on the extreme title which actually has no correspondence to your story whatsoever. I completely agree with most of the comments and that your choice of title is insulting and shameful.

  232. twinkiesandonemore says:

    I had to comment in response to someone saying that having a c-section diminished the “birth experience” of mothers. I’m sorry, but the most important thing is to HAVE that child, period.
    My first pregnancy, I was high risk. I had twins, but was also extremely sick. I lost 15 pounds the first trimester because I could not keep anything down. It was determined that I had gestational diabetes as well. I was also anemic. During a non-stress test, I went into early labor (for the second time), and it was determined I would have to have a transfusion in case they could not halt the labor. I was transferred to a different hospital, and told multiple things ranging from I would have the twins that night to I would stay there indefinitely until I delivered. I did stay for a week, moved to the regular maternity ward, but did not receive my transfusion until I had my husband call my doctor to find out what was going on. He called the new hospital and I had my transfusion and was released the next day. At my next visit, my doctor explained that the next time I went into labor, I would deliver. He also told me that while one of twins was in perfect position, the other was breech, curved around the other. He told me if this was still the case, I would require a c-section, unless I wanted to go back to the other hospital. No, thank you. I went into labor again two weeks before my planned c-section, and both my girls were happily delivered via c-section.
    I did not have any of the same problems with my second pregnancy. My same doctor explained, and was willing to attempt, a VBAC if I wanted. I decided right away I would have another section. The second delivery did not go as smoothly, and I was in more pain and had crappy nurses. But you know what? If I had tried to VBAC, it would have ended up a c-section anyway. His head was over ten centimeters, and the cord was wrapped around his neck. Thank God I had all of my children born healty.
    Do I feel “robbed” of the experience of giving birth “naturally?” No, but if I did, who cares? It is not about me and what I want, it is about having my children and doing what was best for THEM.

  233. Demi says:

    Well I have had 3 c-sections. And NT had a problem with any.. “Rape” is the wrong word. I feel sry that she had a bad experience.. She just ran up on the wrong doc.. Her baby is healthy, so thank God for that.. Whatever the doc do for me to ensure that I have a healthy baby, its fine with me..

  234. Kayla says:

    This woman has a right to know and except what goes on with her body… Regardless if anybody thinks its not rape or it is. That is her body, she has legal right to know what’s going on. My heart goes out to this family. This is a lawsuit. If it had been me, well let’s just say that hospital would not be standing right now. I would have leveled it all, and that doctor would have had answers for me!

  235. Panda says:

    If the mother or the infant is in immediate harm, Physicians are allowed by law to perform emergency surgery. Yes I understand that you didn’t get your dream delivery, but would you have rather risking losing your child due to oxygen deprivation or have a child that has an acquired brain injury due to lack of oxygen? In life we all can’t get what we want. You have a healthy child and you should be thankful for that as there are so many children out there with very devastating birth defects. The physician should have came to speak to you after and provide and explanation of why the surgery needed to take place, this is the only point I agree on. Rape is a very strong word and should not have been the title for this article, as you are ALIVE and your child is ALIVE…I suppose if the doctor took the time to explain and answer all of your questions before hand and had waited for your husband to arrive for you all to discuss the situation, your outcome would have been very different ( meaning your child could have died). So instead you should say “thank you” to the medical team for acting appropriately when all you had in mind was “you” and your “dream delivery”

  236. Cris says:

    Like all other employees, nurses are very irritating when they are tired or stressed. People don’t know their job so they keep asking and seem to never understand the answers,because all they think of was getting the service they want. These nurses (employees) go through with these everyday. So really sometimes they stop listening sometimes become rude, and just do what they do best. The biggest mistake that happened in this story is that the mother did not DEMAND for an explanation after, or did she? anyway…she should have just sued the hospital.

  237. Carol Dickinson says:

    Did anyone once consider the health of the baby in this story. Maybe just maybe the doctors were trying to save it’s life. If the pelvic bones were STILL to small for the mother to give birth… AND the baby would have died if not for the C section… then we should all be glad that the doctors took the matter in their own hands… and saved the baby AND the mother. Some women are just to SMALL to give birth… and they NEED to have C section or another C section. In old in days… mothers and babies died BECAUSE C sections were NOT an option. Praise God mother and baby are fine. Really… I think everyone is being melodramadic here… Birth Rape???… more appropriate “Birth Save!”

  238. Erin says:

    Well i’m really sorry to hear this happens to women. However, I feel worst for a friend of mine who had a still birth because she was refusing to have a c-section even though the doctors told her it was the best thing for her due to really prolonged labor and little dilation and fetal heart rate irregularity. She insisted she wanted the “natural” way and wanted to push. Well she did push, a lifeless baby. I know its wrong what these doctors do, but I can feel the panic inside of them as these mothers insist on a vaginal delivery while they fear the baby’s life is at risk and how to explain that to a determined mother is sometimes impossible. Its wrong, yes, it is. Its a true violation to the woman, yes indeed it is. But if her baby weren’t alive today, and praise God he is, she wouldn’t be writing about this. Lets be grateful for the life of our babies and their health regardless of how they came to this world.

  239. Kayla says:

    I had an emergency c section, they did the epidural not put me under anesthesia! No one told her! I feel for the mom, they did the epidural and got my son out in 15 minutes! They could’ve told her and explained everything. Hospitals make more money by doing c sections.

  240. Mike says:

    How is this birth rape? I understand she was forced to do a C-sec against her will but what part of that is rape?

    Also what’s the difference between VBAC and C-sec?

  241. Reyann says:

    Wow! All I can say is WOW! I mean if this really happened, I wouldn’t be THINKING about suing, I would have got an attorney the next day, and within a week, I would own the whole state! Sure being in labor is crazy. Sure everyone’s stories are different. SURE you don’t always get what you want. But to say you were RAPED of the birth you wanted is ABSOLUTELY WRONG. That is not how it happened at all… STRIPPED of her birth story is more like it. I had a friend whose husband went behind her back and told the dr’s to please do the c section. LATER she was thankful. ALthough the trip from l&D to the OR resulted in her yelling and screaming but her and the baby are both alive… that is all that matters… stop trying to get attention, nobody lied to about oxygen and really put to sleep… like I said, I would have got an attorney the next morning and be rich by noon.

  242. Cheryl says:

    My friend’s perfect 7lb 7oz baby boy Alex died 7 hours after he was born because she wasn’t given a c-section quickly enough… She’s the one you want to hear talk about pain, hurt and regret… Alex would have been 23 in June…

  243. P&Dsmama says:

    I’m pretty sure this story is a lie. Simple research on the original post from baby center show that this same woman posted “One last thought.. your hips, pelvis, vagina, etc. will all change to accomodate delivery. I started out at 105lbs. in a size 14 KIDS jeans.. No hips.. No waist.. etc… and my scrawny little body was completely fine giving birth vaginally”. Something is more than a little fishy there!

  244. jim bob says:

    if this happened to my wife…. i would go beserk

  245. Donna says:

    Something is not right in this story. Like the lack of facts. No consents signed? An entire OR crew, nursing, physician, anesthesiologist were in on it? Sounds like a load of bull. Like another poster said–I’d be rich and making the circuit of talk shows and news shows to make sure no one else went through this. But since they are lying, that won’t happen. Bad stuff does happen and unfortunately people who tell lies like this make it hard on the people who actually have a story to tell.

  246. Donna says:

    First of all, not all women are warm and fuzzy over pregnancy. Some don’t care to educate themselves and some educate themselves over the internet. It should be a team that works together. I’ve seen men castigate their wives for having to have a c-section and the mom feeling extremely guilty for it. Some posters here seem to have a little knowledge but really don’t know what they are saying. The poster who said internal monitors are not screwed into the baby’s head is wrong. The are essentially screwed in–it is a wire that is turned until anchored into the scalp. Another poster said all women do what is best for their babies is wrong. Many put themselves far above that. Another spoke of dehydration and sneaking water thinking that was sufficient for her baby–it’s not. IV fluids are not tap water. I say educate yourselves while working with a good physician and nurse, getting a second opinion if needed. But educate with proven practices from reliable sources. Extremes in any one direction should be avoided.

  247. Anomous says:

    Seriously I think she needs to get over it her son is healthy she is healthy who cares how her son was born he is here nothing went wrong with the procedure she is fine so is he seriously women get over it.

  248. Carolyn says:

    what happened was truly a HUGE violation and a horror story, but one thing bothers me. This woman who seems to have been totally aware of her situation and what could or could not happen, etc. NEVER talked to the doctor who performed the C-section or the midwife AFTER it was all over. (at least this is what the article implies). While I am sure at the time she was thrilled with her new baby, who I assume was healthy and well……..I cannot understand why she and her husband did not make a HUGE effort to talk to the surgeon and the midwife both. Even so, her OB would have been able to explain what happened at her six week checkup. I would like to know how he explained things.

  249. Blackbeard says:

    Calling it rape us just wrong and a insult toreal rape victims. ALIT of people have choices taken from them on a daily bases but to call it rape is just wrong and uncalled for. Now if it is true then the doctor has a duty to the unborn child as well. He had certain rules he has to follow by law to protect a unborn. No one here knows the real truth and until you do making wild gross dtatments like Birth rape is Wrong and insulting

  250. Mommy of three says:

    First of all let me point out, I had three home births. My opinion is based on friends that are physicians, midwifes and my own experiences. I am so tired of people complaining about hospital births. Instead of complaining how your ‘birth plan” went wrong why aren’t u putting energy into a. having a safer at home birth (if you meet the low risk factors for home birth), or b. stop trying to get a dollar out of a bad experience. A lot of these bad experiences are because of ignorant patients expecting a certain type of birth in a hospital. Won’t happen and that’s the patients fault for not taking some responsibility for desiring a hospital birth in general. friend of mine is an anesthesiologist. He so many years in school and he worries about every little step he takes all the way down to his verbal communication with his patients during epidurals because of the general attitude of humans. People need to get properly educated about birth. Leave the suing to those whom truly have sue issues. Take responsibility for your own health for those nine months that your caring for someone. So many moms say they love their babies but they don’t eat their best, take their vitamins, drink enough water, read non-bull **** material and educated themselves appropriately on their bodies as we live in a time where there is so much available to women and we have rights. Do you think the doctors can just go on your word that your taking care of yourself? That would be a liability. OB’s are patient overloaded and don’t have the time to personalize with you and know you well enough to judge if your really focused and committed to caring for your baby while pregnant. If Humans are so selfish it’s hard to think outside of your just general excitement over having a baby. People don’t realize the pressure the docs are under due to their malpractice insurance which mandates what a doc and do and can not do. The insurances write it based on what type of claims they get and based on how they can minimize law suits. So when you step into the hospital you are allowing them to do things their way. Unfortunately that’s just the way it is. Yes you may think I am a self righteous home birthing mom but I am the only one in my group of friends that would ever have a home birth and I do not judge them because they had hospital births. I am simply stating the risks factors as people constantly did to me. I don’t complain about how my births could have been better. Some would say they could have been. I went the route I went because that’s the experience I wanted. Stop complaining!!!!! Get real and look inside yourself for why you aren’t happy with your birth experience. Lawsuits are for the crooked docs and midwifes that aren’t doing their jobs within the scope of hospital / insurance policies.

  251. Daniell says:

    huh this happened to me in 07 i thought it was normal since i wasnt married to the father and had no family i asked them not to do a c section i was told i had no choice they never told me why i didnt

  252. Mom of 2 daycare mom 2 many says:

    I sympathize with this woman. I really do. I have had 2 pregnancies, 2 live births & complications with both. I never had a c-section but was very close to it. My husband had pushed the emergency button on the wall while the nurse was on her knees on the bed pushing on my stomach while I tried to birth my 11# son. I was scared s***less through the whole experience. Especially if I had to have surgery! However, I do have to question the validity of her story. How come it hasn’t been on the news? Surely Nancy Grace would’ve had something on it. I do feel that her story is criminal. No patient should have to go through this. I had back surgery 8 years ago. I was told what they did after they were done. They had do to what is called a microlaminectomy. They had to chip away some of the vertebrae surrounding My nerves because I had 2 nerves coming out instead of the normal 1 per vertebra. They didn’t know this until they got in there. In this woman’s case, she was never told what was happening to her or her baby. In the chaos of childbirth things happen,but not something like this. Not telling someone about their baby or pending surgery & just doing it with no consent is malpractice to me. They should sue all the doctors & nurses involved & the hospital for allowing this to happen. Just my opinion. They are like a$$hiles, everybody has one.

  253. Liz says:

    Unbelievable to the comments on here saying she should be glad she had a c-section. Do you know how many RISKS are involved with c-sections over vaginal birth? Please don’t be ignorant.
    An inability to get a clear reading from a fetal heart monitor is NOT a good reason for a c-section. There are many factors that play effect in the heart rate, and more tests should be done before even considering a c-section. There may be lack of details in this story alone, but for those of you who are not educated on the matter, please become educated, especially if you are considering a VBAC. Question why you had a c-section to begin with; what kind of drugs were you given; if no drugs, what position were you in – were you walking, were you laying down, were you sitting, were you on a medicine ball; what was the baby’s position-was he or she breech? All these things and more can play a role in whether you have a vaginal birth or a c-section. Still, the ultimate decision lies with the MOTHER. The MOTHER has the right to choose her birth plan, and those who actually write a birth plan are usually the ones who are educated about it. Always always do what is best for the baby and remember that the decision to have a c-section should absolutely NOT be taken lightly because there are SO MANY RISKS involved.
    Also, for those of you who are not big on doctors and hospitals, watch the Business of Being Born. It will open your eyes to a whole new world of birthing.

  254. SRQIggy says:

    LOL…this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. You’ll probably be reading about it on SNOPES in a few months…when they find out it’s BS. Wow, get a bunch of hormonal hens together…let’s have some group hysteria.

  255. mom of 4 says:

    What is so offensive about her situation is that no one apparently spoke to her or her husband. My youngest 2 children were rushed deliveries due to problems, but I was told in detail what had to be done after the fact so we could understand why. I could not image not being told what happened and why.

  256. angela says:

    Something similar happened to me and it pisses me off all the comments saying it’s a lie and could never happen. It did happen to me and it does happen all the time. I was dialated to 4 and things were fine. My daughter was not in distress and I was fine. No sooner than walking into the hospital the whole thing changed. They didn’t want to allow my midwife to be with me. They separated me from my husband. I refused a c-section several times and my midwife asked why they wouldn’t give me pitocin to help my labor progress. I started crying and they kept telling me I avoid be happy to have a c-section. It was a terrible experience!!! To this day i still have questions about what exactly happened. I felt violated. My midwife said she had overheard the dr saying she was in a hurry to leave and she believed that was the reason she did the c-section instead of letting me labor naturally. I also wonder if a c-section was all they did because i have not been able to get pregnant since. That was almost 9 yrs ago. Btw, the dr was an indian woman.

  257. Rhetta says:

    I don’t buy this she sounds like a woman I know who don’t ever have anything go right.If she sick it’s always 20 times worse than normal and the doctor always dose something wrong.She’s pregnant right now and told me that the doctor said the baby was due in late Feb. Then he supposedly said he couldn’t be sure it could be April or May,Sorry but there isn’t a doctor in the USA that can’t date a pregnancy at least 2 weeks either way.Some women just can’t do anything without attention.She should be happy her baby is healthy.I didn’t want 2 c sections either, but I wasn’t going to risk my sons lives just to keep from having a scar.And I don’t feel like I didn’t give birth cause with my first son my water broke and my labor began very hard & 2mins apart I refused medication as I wanted a natural birth. But when his heart rate dropped & my blood pressure dropped I was more than happy to consent.

  258. Sam says:

    ”RAPE” No, Wrong 100% I agree this woman was violated , no dought about that, so why did she not sue, I mean Gezz, if all that is true then she can completly SHUT that hospital down, snatch that Doc. liecens FOR GOOD ! pluse so maney other charges, so what the heack IF she is so scard like she clams, then why was no leagel matter taken ?

  259. Leti says:

    If she really gave no consent at all, she can sue the doctors and hospital and be rich. I highly doubt there was no consent, though. Upon admission the patient signs paperwork, and there had to be something in there about performing a c-section if the baby was at risk. I respect a woman wanting to have a VBAC, but those very rarely go as planned. I do think that she should have been informed, but we don’t know the whole story here. We don’t know what her mental status was, or what the husband agreed to. We also don’t know what kind of risk the baby was in. I think we should know more before being so critical.

  260. Jeremy says:

    I’m calling BS on this one. There is DEFINITELY more that than what’s on the surface with her story here. One, if you do a little digging on her profile and previous posts, you find that she’s been pregnant at least seven times and in over half of of them there were complications which have resulted in the loss of three babies. Now while that is in itself tragic and I would never wish that upon anyone, it points to there being a very, very, very good chance that there was in fact a medical problem here and a c-section was required. Sounds to me as if she had it all planned out that she wanted a vaginal birth and something was wrong with the baby and she’s sour about it that it didn’t go her way. If she was admitted to the hospital, then she signed a consent form. Just because she didn’t want it, doesn’t mean she never consented to it if it was medically necessary and, given her past, there’s a very good chance it was.

  261. San says:

    This is ridiculous! She apparently would rather her child have brain damage or be dead from lack of oxygen. Im sure if the baby had died this would be another blog. I’m not sure you are calling this “rape”. Extremely disturbed that you use this terminology. From your blog there were complications and concern about the health of your child. Seems a little self indulgent that you had more concern about having a vaginal birth than your baby being able to breath. I would be thanking God I had a Healthy baby boy!

  262. Omaha Surgeon says:

    Being a Boarded OB/GYN I agree that any surgery against your will is assault. I suspect there is more to the story than you have posted though. If a woman does not want a cesarean section when a uterus with a scar on it is suspected of ripping open via the stress of repeated uterine contractions, then that is her choice.

    Having said that, every time a bad outcome occurs and the mom is stuck with a baby that has brain damage due to her own choices, the OB is sued. Why? Because he didn’t try hard enough to convince her to have a c-section. I have been involved in (at the time) the largest medical lawsuit ever in a midwest state which was due to this. I was called emergently to clean up the mess of a patient (not my own) whose uterus had ripped open due to labor after a c-section. I was the closest doc and I saved the baby’s life. What was my reward for this good deed? Being named in the lawsuit. The plaintiff’s experts testified that I was “Johnny-on-the-spot,” and the baby was alive due to my actions. I was released from the lawsuit with no apologies or thank you. One of the palintiff’s arguements was that the woman had not been counseled about the risks enough, and would not have chosen that course if she had. It settled (literally) for many megabucks.

    Because of that case, if a woman wants a VBAC, she can find another doc. There will always be a lawsuit against the OB if there is a bad outcome. It will ruin your practice and life. Sorry to all the woman who have to experience “the miracle of birth” to be a complete woman. You’ll have to find another doc. I know there will be a lawsuit if there is a bad outcome, and I will not take the risk.

  263. Samantha says:

    The mother signed an informed consent form when she went in.

    It does not matter that she did not read and memorize it.

    The form authorized the doctor to perform emergency procedures to save the baby’s (and mother’s, if necessary) life, and informed her of the risks.

    She signed the form. That’s how we “consent” to things in our society.

    Whether the staff treated her well before and during surgery, I don’t know. I have serious doubts about her credibility. She sounds like she went into hysterics and is likely to shade the truth to get sympathy and create drama. If I were on a jury, I wouldn’t give her a one red cent. I’d tell her to thanks God, and the doctor, that her baby is healthy.

  264. Tara says:

    I’m just wondering how on earth you can call this rape?! Rape is forced, unwanted sexual intercourse. Did the dr have sex with her while delivering the baby? No. Using the word rape in a headline just to grab people’s attention is horrible. It’s insulting to women who have actually been raped. The woman is healthy, her baby is healthy. Get over it. Most women do not have a “pleasant” birth experience. It’s painful and long or it’s surgery. Move on and enjoy the time you have with your beautiful baby boy.

  265. Crystal Griffith says:

    I have had both and never again would I do a c section that was the worst thing ever! I feel for this mother! My son is four months old and after his birth I felt no bond with him because of the c section! Never again I was going through depression and everything it was my chose but the doctor was pressuring me into it that I finally gave up for being so tiered! It was the worst mistake I had made! Thank God he is all right! I felt like I was hit by a truck after the c section and couldn’t hold or do anything for my son till the next day! I hope this mother does something about this!

  266. anna says: Please before being stupid educate yourself!

  267. Elizabeth says:

    So drugging someone to sleep, giving them
    Surgery and making her go thru a c-section okay???? Isn’t it a little common sense that IT’S NOT OKAY to drug someone against their will??? Why couldn’t they wait until her husband was around? I can just imagine how she felt waking up after the whole procedure, remembering the last thing she said I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS! She doesn’t even know what happened during the procedure ! I hope justice does something about it!

  268. msouth says:

    I had a really bad experience also. I arrived around 7:00 am in labor with contractions 3 mins. apart, I was sent to walk for a couple of hours. I was one day before my due date with a wonderful preg. I went back to my room and a doctor arrived whom I had never met. I was told my dr. was out. This dr. told me that I would be having a normal preg. after checking me and I was 7cm. I had already told them I didn’t want any drugs. The dr. and nurse both kept asking and finally the dr. talked me into Demerol. The dr. told me to hurry up and have the baby that she had other things to do that day. Within a few mins. I was asleep. I woke up to nurses rushing to my room telling me that the babys heart rate had dropped. After a few secs. it returned to normal but I was told that a c-section was needed. I refused. The dr. stormed off and my husband got very upset with me. I finally gave in and, was brought papers to sign that I was so drugged, there was no way I could see or possibly read what I was signing. My husband was changing when they took me down. I was alone, I asked for my husband and was told he would be there soon, that he couldn’t be in there until after the spinal. The nurse then went to get him. My hands were tied. and after the baby was born both of my hands were tied to where I couldn’t move to touch the baby. I just got a glance at him and my husband and the nurse took him away. He was perfect, and healthly and there were no reasons for the c-section. I was never told exactly why the c-section had to be done. I was given no chances of normal birth, and I was only given a few hours to fully dialate. I did not get to see my baby again until 2 hours later. I was very unhappy and very pissed at everyone, including my husband. My mother said that no one ask or was told anything about me, she had to hunt down the dr. to find out how I was doing. All in all it has been 5 yrs. and I have gotten over it. My wonderful little boy has healed the wound but the scars will always be there. There is much more little things that were done that I totally was not asked and did not agree with such as…. bathing my child nude in the nursery window to where pictures could be taken and the public could view my child. I was still in recovery when this was happening. Then, there were pictures posted on the internet before I even got out of the hospital. I strongly want another child, but have put it off, until I am almost to old just because I fear of this happening again.

  269. msouth says:

    Mommy of three I did do my homework, I did eat right and done every single thing I could, and I did have a healthy child and a perfect pregnancy. I had no issues!!!!! The dr. had issues, of not having delivery time she was paid darn good money for and rushing things. There was not a midwife available in my area. For the $ they are paid from my insurance and I, I should be treated like a queen when in delivery, not an animal. If I wanted the respect and rights I was given, I might as well went to my barn and saved a bunch of $. I thought that a hospital is where you were to go when a human was in labor! It seems many moms are having bad experiences with delivery in hospitals, not just me. This needs to be fixed, if a lawsuit has to be the only way, I say go for all you can get.

  270. lou says:

    I want more info please?

  271. Me says:

    NOT RAPE two lives saved, general anesthesia = emergency , seconds count no time for consent, too many facts lacking in your Story

  272. Anna says:

    I actually had a very similar birth experience with my first pregnancy and was GRATEFUL to hold my healthy and alive child. Im sorry your experience didnt go as YOU planned but it is their job and liability to get that baby out safely. After my experience I learned that the cord was wrapped around my daughters feet and had she been vaginally delivered, at best, she would have to have been resuscitated. Excuse me for feeling the need to do ANYTHING to avoid putting my daughter through this.
    Also, this is not rape. Im sorry. I have been raped and this aint even close. Here I was thinking when I clicked to read this that there was going to be some horrifying story of how a nurse or doctor took advantage of you being doped up on morphine and decided to wet his willy. No, your experience wasnt what you wanted but realize what you are insinuating when you title your article this way.

  273. Denise says:

    You are misleading, in fact lying, calling this incident a ‘rape’. Get your facts straight. This is a story about a terrible thing that the hospital staff did….but RAPE ? Come on now. No rape involved here. Just a pending lawsuit, I’ll bet.

  274. Candie says:

    When I was in labor with my son the hospital staff wouldn’t like me dilate past 9 cm and made me have a c-section. My husband was in Aghan at the time, so my sister went into the OR with me. Before leaving my room I told my sister not to let them put me to sleep. But, they put me to sleep anyways. I was so mad. I had missed the birth of my first born. I was the last person to see him after he was born. My husband got a picture of him on his cell phone in Afghan. My son was born at 751 pm and I didn’t see him until after midngiht. And to make matters worse, the doctor left part of my placenta inside of me. 12 hours after having my son I was rushed back to the OR cause I have lost a lot of blood. So I pretty much missed out on the first 48 hours of my son’s life. I was heart broken. I was bed ridden for the first week of his life. The only thing I could do was feed him.

    Now I just had my daughter VBAC and had an awesome hospital staff!!!!

  275. monica says:

    They do this because it cost a lot more to have a c-section then delivering natural. Its like Mexico, almost everyone that I spoke with said they all had c-section and they don’t know why but they figured its because u have to pay a lot more for a c-section. This happens everyday in Mexico. So when I found out that I was pregnant when I was in Mexico with my husband cause I lived there for.a year and got pregnant. But I told him that I will never have a baby in Mexico so I came back to the states to have.her. its really messed up….

  276. CRNA says:

    This article disgusts me. I am not disgusted for the mother, but for the fact that this article was even posted in the first place. As a woman, I will be the first to stand up for women’s rights. However, as an anesthesia provider and being extremely familiar with surgery on a daily basis, this article hold many faults on behalf of the woman and the author. First, if the baby is in harm, an emergent csection is required regardless of the moms wants. Second, the father is not allowed back into the OR until the patient is prepped, anesthesia given, and incision made. Third, pregnant women are not “gassed” to sleep. And lastly, in emergent situations consent is not always required until after the procedure or surgery is performed.

  277. Amanda says:

    It amazes me how ignorant the people posting negative comments about this article really are. Let’s define rape. “the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person. an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation; the act of seizing and carrying off by force. ” SHE WAS CARRIED OFF AGAINST HER WILL TO THE O.R. She made that known that she did not want to have a seizure. Most women put their birth plan in WRITING. She didn’t even meet the attending surgeon. I had something similar but very different happen to me. My doctor came in to see me at the hospital for maybe 5 minutes. Looked at everything, said “Oh your baby is breech, she is “a month early than the due date”, and thee amniotic fluid is low. You HAVE to have a C-section” A)He couldn’t even properly calculate my due date…it was a guesstimate, B)Doctors used to be taught how to deliver breech babies vaginally and it is STILL done all over the world, in every single country except for ours?!? That’s just fucking laziness. C)Amniotic fluid being low is easy to fix by the practitioner placing a catheter in the cervix and pumping it full of warm saline. Had I have known these things in the hospital I probably wouldn’t have been pushed into having a C-section out of fear. I regret it everyday that I let someone push me around because they wanted the quick and easy option for them and their busy schedule. Recovery from major abdominal surgery isn’t pleasant, easy, and your body is never the same afterward. You feel violated when it isn’t what you had wanted and was unnecessary!

  278. RPH says:

    Always 2 sides to every story.. I agree with Stephanie & PND 100%…
    She consented. Take responsibility for your actions and learn to think! This is an example of what is happening to people in America because we have become so complacent and trust/allow others to think for us. We are handed paper-work and we sign. In this case, she probably did consent. She would have been given paper-work that she signed allowing them to make these choices. Many women sign these thinking it’s the normal paperwork and because they don’t read it (they just trust), they end up consenting to things they may have not had they read it. We have become so used to the government thinking for us that we are loosing the ability to critically think and make smart decisions. She consented & probably just bitter because she lost her malpractice suit

  279. dezi says:

    this is a little ridiculous i have two children both by c-section with my second child i attempted a VBAC but was unsuccessful for me my doctors had me sign consents before i was even due at about 30 weeks i had to sign these when i woman attempts a VBAC if she is in labor to long or anything goes wrong the doctors have to get the baby out as soon as possible the mothers uterus can rupture and then both mother and child can die so i find this story very unbelievable

  280. Norma says:

    I don’t believe this story as this woman tells it. Did she want this child to be born alive? Or did she want to be the VBAC hero? We lost our first born because they wanted me to keep working at the labour in the L&D rooms and then suddenly realized there was a crisis and in the time it took to move me, prep me and deliver our now stillborn daughter by c-section there was no time to worry about signing a paper. As for the rape connotation this mother sounds like a spoiled.brat who doesn’t deserve children. I gladly went on to have 2 c-sections and have two wonderful daughters. Today’s young mothers need to be better educated about the risks of the birth process and realize its not all about themselves!!!! I know of to many women who would gladly have had a c-section in order to hold that precious baby in their arms. And no we didn’t sue the doctor or staff at the hospital because our plans in our life were changed because the staff didn’t act fast enough.

  281. sharon says:

    You needed to hire a malpractrice attorney. They can not do any procedure without your informed concent. Anesthesia could have been harmful to your baby.

  282. Barbara says:

    I have a cousin who insisted on having a vaginal birth and she was in labor and they added a bit of pitocin to get it moving along. I have 2 children already and have been in natural labor and induced labor, so I knew she wasn’t supposed to be in such hard labor so quickly after beginning pitocin. I said nothing.
    I continued to find out info throughout the day and the doctor allowed my cousin to decide to stay in labor instead of taking the baby when she was 4.5 cm dialated for hours and hours. I said nothing.
    I finally relented and told her that she should of progressed by now and asked what the doctor had said, she (the doctor) was allowing her to make the decision. As I spoke to her husband the baby’s heart beat went down to ’0′! Her husband says, “I gotta go”!
    They needed a emergency c-section, and their son was born, but not with out complications. The baby had had a stroke, due to lack of oxygen! The moral of the story….. Sometimes the mother shouldn’t make the decisions, let the doctors inform you and DO WHAT’S BEST FOR A HEALTHY BABY!!!!

  283. skeptical says:

    Having been a L&D nurse in the past on night shift, I’ve seen my share of emergency C/S. I’ve read her story on the link and couldn’t comment there so I will here. A birth plan is every woman’s right to have and it’s for the “perfect” delivery meaning everything goes the way you’d hoped. VBAC’s are very risky for the reason’s others have said-uterine rupture, etc. The midwife should have explained that AND the worst case scenarios before she went into labor. She should have also read up on it to be prepared, especially since the article talks about how informed she was about what she wanted. When she went to the hospital in labor, she would have signed consent forms for everything including VBAC,C/S, anesthesia, etc. She and her DH would have been present for this signing and explanation. Having another person present, if possible is generally done since the patient may not be focused on what the nurse is explaining but on her labor. As for her husband having to change to scrubs- anyone who goes into an OR has to change into them as it has a sterile environment. Its not a good idea for people with their street clothes on with all of the possible contaminants on them if an emergency C/S is required with an open abdominal incision to be the room. As for her husband not being allowed in the OR, well that’s true with anyone under general anesthesia. If she had an epidural in place that could have been injected for her to be properly numb for a C/S, he would have been allowed in. Her midwife could have gone in with her to the OR but that isn’t mentioned. Where did she find the midwife? Sounds like she may have been negligent in informing her patient about all of the what ifs. The OR is very busy during an emergency C/S since there is very minimal time to get the baby out with a favorable outcome. The nurse would have been telling her what was going on as she was prepping her-perhaps she was too focused on her what she wanted to happen from her birth plan that she wasn’t listening. If a baby is having decels, as she stated when they wanted to but an electrode on the babies scalp TWICE- that meant the baby wasn’t tolerating labor well. Labor was stressing the baby-which was probably the reason for the C/S. A baby cannot tolerate the stress of their heart rate dropping and rising to normal, etc.
    She said she wasn’t given any wound care instructions upon discharge or never saw the Dr. or midwife again after surgery. Where was her DH then? They had a right to demand to speak to either of them or both. Why didn’t she ask about that if she was so well prepared with knowledge? Doesn’t sound to me like the hospital or OBGYN was negligent- sound like the patient wasn’t as informed on what could happen if her baby or her body didn’t tolerate VBAC. If she refused an emergency C/S, what was supposed to happen? The staff should have taken the time-maybe 3-5 minutes to explain it all again to her and her DH, when in that time her baby could die, or be deprived of oxygen long enough to have permanent brain injury? Now that would be medical malpractice.

  284. Raven says:

    Sorry but as a Mother who was not so lucky to have a C-Section and end up with a healthy LIVING baby. I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for this selfish mother. She should be thanking her lucky stars that the medical staff acted so quickly and got the baby out with a c-section. Maybe she would prefer to deliver naturally and have a still born! Reality check lady its not all about you it`s about your baby!

  285. SOPHIE says:

    I am 21 years old and have 3 beautiful girls and recently had my beautiul baby boy, now they were all fine normal deliveries.. but i no that if i needed a c-section i would not have even questioned the doctors or midwives, as long as my baby was ok and healthy i would not have cared… at the end of the day they work thee they have there jobs for a reason and no what they are going on about otherwise they wouldnt be there would they?? obviously it was an emergency so you shoukd be thankful they jumped to giving the c-section otherwise it could have taaken a turn for the worse, which no mother wants, how would u have felt then if they didnt preform the surgery… and as for the name birth rape who fault of that u need that changing coz it sounds sick!!!

  286. Provider of care. says:

    Sorry, but as a health care provider I find the story hard to swallow as told. While I don’t work in obstetrics or peds, they are the lowest paid and highest liability in healthcare. Performing surgery on someone without their consent is not only unethical, but criminal. It’s hard to believe that one caregiver would risk it all to avert a single VBAC. Consider that a person can leave the care of a facility and tell any story they please, but ask yourself this….would YOU have taken a situation like that lying down? Any attorney would pick up the case without retainer because he would be assured to win the suit. No…I think there’s a lot more to this story than what meets the eye.

  287. aleasha says:

    I know how this feels my doc made me have a c section after my first twin came out. It was heart breaking and it still hurts to this day . One twins came out vaginally the second c section. They said it was cuz the second flipped and his cord came out but I could of still tried to push him out in plenty time come to find out . If I had them at home it would of been fine.

  288. TG says:

    I feel for the doctors and nurses in this one, they obviously felt they were doing the right thing – baby was born alive, the mother should be grateful for that. I have had both forms of birth, and quite frankly, C-section is the better way to go.

  289. Lily says:

    As for the ridiculous wiki definition someone pointed out for “birth rape” it was only just put there recently, wonder who??? hmmmm? There is no such thing as birth rape, unless the doctor is having intercourse with you. Stop being a spoiled rich brat, and be grateful you have a healthy baby! Are you worried about the scar? Do you know how many babies are stillborn? Thank the Lord you gave birth to a healthy baby, selfish woman!

    Having your baby come out vaginally, or cut out of your stomach, makes no difference in the bond you share. Either you have it in you to be a loving mother, or you don’t. If you think you don’t feel close enough to your baby, then there is something mentally wrong with you, it had nothing to do with a c-section. Maybe you are naturally cold and shallow then.

    Vaginal births are not fun. They hurt like hell, and your vagina hurts for weeks. Going to the bathroom is painful. and sitting down in painful. Stop being a royal snob and get over yourself!

  290. Not amused says:

    I wonder how women who have actually been raped feel about this wacko throwing that term around so loosely?

  291. vicki says:

    The word “Rape” should not have been used. If this really happened i am sorry for the lady, but when you see the word “Rape” it leads you to believe that she was sexually assaulted by someone.

  292. Gaspasser says:

    This story sounds fishy to me. She had to have signed a consent because if she didn’t then she would have been the victim of assault and battery. There isn’t a lawyer in this sue happy nation that wouldn’t take this case to court and make a small fortune. Given that she hasnt pressed charges, there is a consent on file. Also, we are forgetting the baby’s rights. It is the responsibility of the health care providers to do their best to deliver a healthy baby. Jehovah’s witnesses can be given blood against their wishes and against their religious beliefs in order to save the baby. The baby’s health takes priority. I have done the anesthesia on numerous repeat c-sections and 99% of the mothers swear they “don’t remember this from last time”. That is because the first c-section was more then likely done emergently and the body’s stress response represses some terrible memories for self preservation. Bottom line: the mom and baby are alive, and presumably well, so no harm, no foul.

  293. alice says:

    I am a registered nurse, who has practiced in the labor & delivery area. I have assisted in many emergency c-sections. I have never seen a case like as described by this mother. While doctors may have been unable to explain to the mother what was happened, they normally explain to the next of kin and obtain consent. Also,to the lady who was talking about receiving pitocin without giving her consent for it’s use. I do not recall ever obtain a consent to give pitocin to boost contractions. It should be administered using a device that can control exactly how much is being given. The only time I have ever administered a bolus of pitocin was after delivery and the purpose was to help the uterus clamp down on the blood vessels to decrease bleeding. I disagree with the term “birth rape”. Medical personnel must look after the health of both the baby and mother and administer the care for the optimal condition of both.

  294. Anonymous says:

    The title of this article is absolutely insulting. How dare you trivialize such a traumatic event for women who have been truly coerced into something that will haunt them for their entire lives? An emergency medical procedure is a far cry from “rape.” You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

    I don’t know why pregnant women think the world revolves around them. Newsflash: you’re not special, and neither is your birthing process or the baby. End of story. The doctor doesn’t care if you want to push the thing out of your vagina. He or she does what they have to do to keep both of you alive. You should be grateful that you had a healthy baby. The health of said baby takes precedence over your selfish desires to have a “beautiful birthing experience.”

  295. Realist says:

    I do NOT believe this story for a minute. I think that it was written for shock value, and nothing more. I cannot imagine a roomful of people; the surgeon, anesthesiologist, scrub nurse, circulating nurse, and scrub technician, allowing such a “rape” to occur.

    What is more likely, is that because of the child’s medical status, an emergency C-Section was necessary in order to save the life of the child and the mother. While I appreciate that she may have wanted a vaginal delivery, it may not have been medically possible. While she certainly could have refused the C-section, it would have meant not only ending her own life, but that of the child as well. I can’t imagine someone choosing death of herself and the child over a C-section.

    If, in fact, this is a TRUE story, then why not consult with a lawyer? Who, by the way, would have advised the writer from posting such a story online. And, if this story were in fact TRUE, then they would have included the name of the doctor and hospital in their post. But of course they can’t do that, because then they’d be opening themselves up to defamation lawsuits as well.

    There used to be a time when you read something, you new it had to be true. But that was back in the print world, before the invention of the internet. Now anyone can write anything, and some are stupid enough to believe it to be true.

    Anyone remember the A Million Little Pieces book?

    Instead of writing purported fact, the author of this story should try writing a non-fiction book. It certainly made for interesting reading; even though not true.

  296. ANON says:

    There are several issues I find with this situation…but none with respect to the physicians/midwives involved.

    It is clear from the start, that the mother is anti-medical establishment, as are many on this blog. The mom starts off by “doctor shopping” DURING HER PREGNANCY. Doctors are medical professionals with training and expertise in the care of people, not handymen paid by the hour. This woman should have researched and met her OB/midwife BEFORE her pregnancy to establish herself in her care and develop a relationship. Finding a doctor to deliver your baby YOUR way is not something you do when you’re 6 months along. That’s absurd.

    Once you have a trusting relationship established, issues like this emergency c-section wouldn’t be this sensationalized as this story has become.

    Second, as others have stated, all hospitals put in “emergency” clauses in the paperwork to the effect of “in case unforseen circumstances warrant, x/y/z may be done to help protect the life of a/b/c.” If not, then she has every right to sue, as, assuming the facts of this story are true, there is enough justification here to warrant a suit. However, like others here, I am skeptical.

    Finally, to characterize this as rape is disgusting. Rape is forceable act on an unwilling participant. Last I checked, she asked to have her baby delivered. The fact that the delivery didn’t go “according to plan” implies that the typical layperson knows more than the doctor who studied 12 years to deliver that baby. They don’t. You may think you know, you may have read stories like these and think “I know it all,” but you don’t. You don’t know the complications that can happen, the risks involved in waiting “5 more minutes.” Giving “just one more push.”

    I’m not a medical professional, but my wife had a VBAC, and tore her uterus while pushing, hemorrhaging and ending up in the ICU in a coma for 2 days. She recovered, and both mom and baby are doing well. But after that experience we realized everything the Dr’s warned about were true. We were glad the OB reacted quickly, performed emergency surgery, and saved them both.

  297. fella says:

    when i read ‘birth rape’ i think mother was raped before-during or after birth, or maybe the baby was raped during or after birth. this title is misleading and all of you a stupid. thanks for reading my comment because it was from the bottom of my brain. :) take care.

  298. Jennifer Smith says:

    I’d say the comments have bothered me more than the story did honestly. First, I’m bothered by the medical “professionals” here who are stating things about how what was done was best for the baby. Since we dont’ know the true situation, you don’t know that. However, if you can’t admit that C-sections are done way too often and are often done when they aren’t necessary, than your opinions, imo, are biased. With my third my dr tried to scare me into having a c-seciton, after a day of pitocin, saying that I ran the risk of infant death if I chose against it. I KNEW my rights and I KNEW what should be a concern and there was absolutely NOTHING that indicated there was a problem. He told me that in his 25+ years of delivering he could almost guarentee that I would be having an emergency c-section the next night b/c obviously my son was too big for me to deliver vaginally (b/c I had dialated much at all after a day of pitocin). Hmm, really? Maybe he just wasn’t ready! Sure enough, my son was born the next day, vaginally and naturally (outside of the pitocin). I never saw the dr who tried to scare us into a csection again (another dr delivered).
    Secondly, I find it interesting that people assume b/c they’ve never heard of it happening that it must not happen. NOT a good argument at all. Again, I’m not saying it did, I don’t know, but I can’t question it simply b/c I’ve never heard of it before.
    Third, I do agree, as someone who has been a victim of rape, that the term “rape” in this article is a little insulting. I too was “tricked” into reading the article (though I am interested anyway) by the title. If this is true, was she taken advantage of, yes. Was it horrible, yes. Will she have scars, yes. The definition of rape is normally “a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person’s consent” (Wikepedia). However, I do see that some definitions state that it can be a “violation; improper or abusive treatment”. So I guess one could argue that it was used appropriately in this article, but I would still argue that it is poor taste to use it in anyway outside of the first definition.
    If this story is true than I too hope she presses charges. I can’t, for the life of me, see why she wouldn’t.

  299. Women For Gender Justice says:

    I believe her and I am curious about if the violated mother was on a private insurance plan or public payor. Also, this happens a lot, the hingepin is fetal distress and slow dialation. File a criminal complaint and a civil suit. I’m sure in short order the number of plaintiffs can run into the tens of thousands. Think what is the financial incentive for hospitals and insurance payors to perform nor C-Sections? Follow the money.

  300. Jay B says:

    To all of you who deny this can happen, I’m a nurse and have been a patient many times and I can tell you doctors frequently do stuff without a patient’s consent, and also deliberately mislead patients so that any “consent” gained is not informed consent and therefore legally NOT consent – ie it is ASSAULT if the patient does not give INFORMED consent.

    Tell yourself it doesn’t happen, but it happens all the time.

    And for those who say it’s not rape? I’ve been sexually assaulted and I can tell you this – the negligent midwife who nearly killed my daughter and who left me scarred for life and infertile, leaving my second husband and I totally unable to have children naturally (or to have children together at all since we cannot adopt either due to my daughter being disabled), that is WORSE than being raped. Having the ability to have another child ripped from me by a stupid, selfish midwife who chose to be negligent because she wanted to finish her shift early – that really is worse than being raped.

    I’ve been through both, so I can judge which is worse. If I could take back one of the two, I’d choose to take back being infertile in an instant.

    Until you’ve been a victim of medical negligence/assault and rape too, you have no right to say which is worse.

  301. Woman says:


  302. Selaspy says:

    I find it incredibly sad all the so called “professionals” who deny this stuff happens. I’ve been a nurse for 8 years now and what happened to this poor lady is just the tip of the iceberg of the terrible things that go on in some hospitals.

    I had the opposite problem when my child was born. Even though I’d plan for a natural birth, no drugs, waterbirth – it was very, painfully obvious that something was seriously wrong. The first midwife I had though entirely missed it – mainly because she went against hospital procedure and didn’t bother doing an internal examination. She thought she could just leave it for the next shift that was due to start in an hour.

    While I told her I could feel that I was fully dilated and that my daughter was breech, she WITHOUT EXAMINING ME internally (with just a quick poke of the outside of my abdomen, wrote in my charge that my child was head down and that I was nowhere near giving birth. And when I kept saying something was wrong, that I could feel my uterus tearing, she made fun of me. Ridiculed me over and over, telling me all first time mothers think something was wrong and to stop being so stupid etc. She ignored that 1. I know my body and 2. I’m highly educated and highly intelligent and knew a lot more about the human body than she ever will.

    By the time the next shift started, the next midwife immediately examined me, found out my daughter WAS breech (later confirmed by the ob-gyn that she would havebeen stuck in that position for several weeks at least) and that I was fully dilated and quite obviously had been for a while and that something WAS very, very wrong.

    The midwife totally completely panicked, shrilly screaming for help, waving papers at me saying “sign these or you and your baby are going to die”, not letting me even read them. I knew what they were because of my own training in healthcare, I knew they were c-section consent forms, but the average mother wouldn’t have. Because it was 11pm at night, with only one operating team set up (another team on call but not on site), they actually had to bump another mother who had been prepped for her emergency section from the OR to rush me in.

    My daughter very nearly died, she is 10 now and still suffers from the complications of oxygen deprivation, thankfully not severely, but enough that I am only able to work two half days a week because she needs me to care for her. And I am scarred internally for life. It took three hours to sew my uterus back together where it had been ripped to shreds. I suffer from severe abdominal pain (which the hospital lied to me about for FOUR YEARS telling me that it was normal post c-section pain, and then after four years admitting that severe pain after one year was very not normal – funny that the statute of limitations for medical negligence here is THREE years), and I have been left infertile. Ripping away from me the dream of a large family that my partner and I have both wanted all our lives.

    I suffered severe PTSD and PND as a result of what happened.

    Some people would ask why I didn’t sue? I live in Australia. Courts pretty much don’t care about psychological damages. The hospital lied to me about my physical damages til it was too late to sue. And my daughter’s problems didn’t become obvious until pass the deadline to sue. My parents and then-husband consulted lawyers on my behalf (several lawyers) who all said the same thing – that we’d win, absolutely no problems at all, but with only the psychological damages being known within the deadline to sue, they said we’d only win $10-$20,000 and the lawyers fees would be that much. So it would be a moral victory only.

    I never wanted to sue, all I wanted was an apology. And despite the australian legal system saying healthcare professionals can apologise without making themselves legally liable, the hospital would still not apologise.

    In the end, my PTSD was so severe I could barely function for several years. I was traumatised, I still can’t trust medical professionals as a patient (I can work with them as coworkers, but have zero trust in their ability to care for me as a person). I had to give up my studies to be a doctor that I had been half way through when my daughter was born, and it was several years before I could go back to studying again, this time to be a nurse which I am now.

    And I may have to give up nursing, because of a procedure I did not consent to on my wrist which that has left me unable to hold anything in my left hand, which severely limits what sort of nursing I can do. That’s a different story, but the short version is I consent to contrast dye being injected into my wrist for a scan, instead the doctor put in steroids, something I had never been informed would happen and I certainly did not consent to because I am very ALLERGIC to it and now my wrist is screwed. There was no mistake about consent – I repeatedly asked what they were injecting me with because I have numerous medication allergies, and it was literally seconds AFTER I was injected with it, that I was told “oh sorry, it’s a different procedure we are doing, it’s actually corticosteroids we just injected with you”. And ever since december, my wrist has been constant agony. I’m down to working one day a week and I may have to give that up if my wrist continues to deteriorate.

    Don’t ever pretend that doctors always seek consent first – I didn’t even sign anything for the contrast dye injection I was supposed to be having, because they screwed up and forgot to give me a consent form and it never crossed my mind at the time to ask – I was too busy trying to find out exactly what dye they were supposedly injecting me with.

    Don’t fool yourself, mistakes and negligence, and deliberately proceeding without consent happens a LOT in hospitals. Any medical professional who denies this is deluded. I guarantee as a medical professional myself, a lot of bad stuff happens in public hospitals.

    Even though I’m broke working so little, I am paying a fortune for private health insurance because I need gynocological surgery to try and stop some of the pain I suffer and I simply don’t trust the hospital who butchered me ten years ago to do that. Screwing up my wrist by injecting me with something I was allergic to after repeatedly misleading me (I realise they did it through stupidity and it was accidental not deliberate), was the final straw.

    Even with insurance, it’s going to set me back 6 months income to pay the “gap” payment surgeons charge for the procedure I have to have done to fix the damage.

    And technically, I could try suing the hospital, even though it’s been 10 years since what happened, and I’d have no trouble winnning either according to lawyers because the hospital deliberately withheld from me the damage they caused, but it has only been in the last two years that I finally shook off the depression caused by PTSD and I simply cannot face going back to that place.

    And 5 years ago I lost my husband because he also suffered from male PND and PTSD and he had a nervous breakdown which turned into violence so my daughter and I had to flee from him. If he was by my side, I would have probably sued, but I could not face court alone, knowing that it’s what happened 10 years ago that led to his total breakdown and the destruction of his life.

    Until you’ve suffered PTSD you cannot understand how deeply it effects a person. All I can say is bad things happen in some hospitals and any “professional” who denies it is either a liar or is so delusional that I don’t know how they function.

  303. me says:

    Hummmmm I’ve had 3 c sect n this story screams there’s more to this than we hearing like if the baby at risk her husband has the right to tell them to do a cs and prior paper work will say if the baby in danger a cs can be performed to save the infants life. I really am confused and concerned that this story would be called rape in any way I think that should be reworded now this could be a violation of rights if we new the whole story but not rape.You are Blessed with a beautiful healty baby boy that may not have made it through vag.birth GOD was in control :)

  304. jeff says:

    im not a mom but this story is so wrong by what they did. and if i were in that situation. id be suing for everything the doctors got and also be suing the hospital for letting the operation happen like it did.

  305. 0707 says:

    Ok, first of all…. NOT ALL doctors are professional and do their job “professionally”!! Are you serious??!! Do you not live in this world sweetheart?? There have been several incidents where doctors have been convicted of crimes (sexual, fraud, murder) malpractice of all sorts! So you can’t say that all women are in great professional hands and that all doctors are going to do the right thing! USE YOUR HEAD!! And as for the usage of the term “Birth Rape”, what the hell else would you call it?? She was forced into something against her will and consent…. what else would you call that?? I think it is actually a pretty dang good description of what she says happened! Its not “taking away” from someone who has truly been sexually abused, that is just wrong for you to even say! This article has nothing to do with that! You are trying to make it into something that its not! This article is about a woman who was ..NOW LISTEN CAREFULLY, OK…..she was SEPARATED FROM HER HUSBAND, LIED TO, and FORCED INTO SOMETHING SHE DIDN’T WANT!! Put yourself in her shoes…..seriously, just think about that for a minute! What in the hell would you do if this happened to you?? And for those that don’t believe that this happened, thats fine….no one is twisting your friggin arm telling you that you have to believe it! If you don’t believe it, then read it, don’t believe and GO ON with your life! Obviously if you don’t believe it, it shouldn’t make a difference to you at all to even express your opinion about it. RIDICULOUS! But, I bet there is someone out there that is going to take the time out of their busy life that said that they don’t believe this and that they don’t care and blah blah blah, they are going to comment on what I just said….mark my words! Its ridiculous! I am just trying to stand up for this situation, if in fact this is true and it did happen, it is beyond disturbing and it needs to be addressed and stopped before it happens again! It is disgusting! And for the person that said this womans story shouldn’t have been shared so much in detail….ummm, YES it should! People need to know this stuff! I know that if this happened to me that I would want other women to know to save them from going through the same thing. Its called having a voice! We need to speak up for when NASTY, DISGUSTING, VIOLATING things like this happen! And for those that think this is ok, or this is this womans fault, or that she is just complaining for no reason…..YOU NEED HELP! Psychological help! SERIOUSLY!! SEEK SOME SERIOUS HELP TODAY!! Because you are whats wrong with this world today!!. Now this is just my opinion, so take it for what you will………………………….

  306. Holly says:

    I commend those health professionals for delivering your baby safely. Sometimes shen a baby is in trouble there isn’t time to obtain consent. The baby needs to get out ASAP. Sometimes I think people get so wrapped up in the birth experience that they take for granted when their baby is born alive and well. I wish my drs would have realized my baby was in trouble and rushed me to surgery to save him. Unfortunately he was stillborn 10 days before my due date. Instead of feeling the happiness of a new baby I was filled with sorrow and was faced with planning a funeral. Count your blessings…..for the love of God.

  307. Omer Faraz Khan says:

    Birth rape…. Are you serious….????? It’s just shows that the author of this so called story lacks some basic knowledge about medical ethics…. It is true that doctors are bound respect and follow the patients decision but…. The consent you sign before anything also states that if there is some life threatening emergency that can become fetal, doctors has a power to make decision…. Well it’s a human nature that no matter what… We always complain about things…. This is a negative impact of having so much blogs… So much negative criticism on everything….

  308. EAT says:

    It’s difficult not to think that some sort of ritual may have been performed on her.

  309. S says:

    Birth Rape, really. This mother should be celebrating and thanking God for a healthy baby. The docotor’s did what was in the baby’s best interest. If the child lacked oxygen, would she have rather the child is born with SERIOUS birth defects or not born at all, in order to preserve her right to choose the type of birth she wanted. I think it is selfish to make this about her. Birth should be all about the baby. As long as the child is healthy, she should be thankful. She should feel disappointed that things did not work out how she hopped, but to call it Rape, that is too strong of a word to describe preserving a baby’s life. Besides, the baby cannot choose, so the doctor’s chose for him or her!

  310. Melinda says:

    Funny, I was encouraced to VBAC by Kaiser Permanente. My first birth was C-section, but trying to save money is the MO for an HMO, so second time they told me of the glorious experience I would be missing out upon if I C-sectioned again. I was truly raped, ripped apart from one end to the other, 48 hours in labor. Vaginal birth when a woman is too small IS rape in my opinion. Thank goodness they took your baby C-section, they probably did it for a really good reason. If I could go back I would NEVER give birth vaginally again. I had to undergo extensive reconstruction surgery but I will never be the same again. Say your prayers that someone took care of you and stop complaining.

  311. Reply to Woman says:

    Are you really that ignorant thinking c sections should not be used? My sister and my niece* would have both died if she couldnt have gotten one. Think about others before you condem something you dont understand! If you dont believe in them, fine, good for you! But dont be so judgemental about things!

  312. Kayleigh says:

    omg thats shocking!!!

    although ive always thought ‘as long as the babies happy and healthy it doesnt matter what the births like’ im disagreeing with myself.
    thats illegal !
    my good god. what is the world coming to when you cant even have a baby (the oldest and most natural thing in the world) without some one (the people we pressume are their to guide and help us) going against our will and doing that!

  313. Gail Rives says:

    Apart from a story which is incomplete and one sided, does the author think that a women who is in labour, with analgesia on board, in one of the most stressful situations of her life is in a position to make an informed decision. Under such conditions any consent is invalid. If she had refused and had a stillbirth or child with brain injury and severe disability she would still be stating the medical professionals failed to care for adequately. Clearly the doctors did what, in their expert opinion (yes they have spent years at this, not some idiot who clearly doesn’t have the faintest idea – birth rape my ass), was deemed in the best interest of the child and mother. This is not what the patient states they wanted at a latter date (obviously she didn’t go in with an advanced directive stating she did not want a CS and thus clearing the doctors of any negligence if they didn’t carry this out) or even the right answer. It is about what was deemed the best, at that time, with the information present, acting in good faith at a prompt time. People take longer at a fast food chain choosing what they want to stuff their face with, then the time doctors have to make these life saving decisions.

  314. Sam says:

    This is so wrong!!!!! I totally hope this doesnt happen to me and thanks for sharing your story with us. And I am so sorry it had to happen to you

  315. shazya says:

    well….i dunno actually but i only read her version ….so we cant judge…what did the doctor claim? i think that there r 2 options one he did it cuz he saw tht she would hav health problems with the after birth , or the 2nd option is he was really acting mean..
    but u know sometimes the birth plan doesnt go as we wish …the most important is that you n your baby are safe…..i wanted to go for a vaginal birth aswell but wen my doc told me it would be risky due to the fact my water sack broke i was 25 weeks….n thnaks to bedrest n other procedures i managed to carry the baby until 38 weeks…n against my will …but with my permission i had a csection….but not all mothers take it easy as i did …some moms insist tht they wana go for vaginal birth…so maybe the doctor wrongly took this action , if he had his reason he should point out the risks n tell her tht she would b havin a c section !

  316. Raverna says:

    I have a major problem with this! Mostly because you’re turning against the same Dr’s and Nurses that brought your child safely into this world. My situation was similar, but ya know what. I would not have a beautiful, talented 13 year old today if my Dr. didn’t tell me that it was necessary.I wasn’t ‘aware’ enough to give consent – but you go into this knowing – if there are complications you HAVE to do what’s right. Dr’s know what’s good for you and your baby. Have you not read the VBAC horror stories? VBAC Research? My doctor shared several research articles with me from peer reviewed journals conducted by experts in the field…..they are not as safe as you think. Kids being born with cerebal palsy because of the lack of oxygen, uteruses rupturing because of the previous trauma, blood loss. Quit being so damn pretentious and just have healthy babies – however they come to you. Not everyone is that lucky. VBAC or not – you are still a mother.

  317. Carolo Samate says:

    Complete misuse of the word rape. I am sorry this happened and we all must fight to insure informed consent is valued in treatment. But, to use the word “rape” when not referring to sexual assault devalues that word and lessens the power of the word that describes something more horrible than anything described in this article.

  318. Debbie says:

    That’s why I opted for home birth with a midwife with my youngest 2 children after horrendous hospital births with the first 2 – way over 20 years ago….

  319. bill says:

    I think you need to see a shrink

  320. meaghan schneider says:

    as a woman who has been raped the use of that word in this story is totally offensive . i thought this was a story about babies being raped not some woman complaining he didnt get her way

  321. Elaine Cooper says:

    I am a retired midwife in the U K All midwifery services in the whole in the universe are the worst in record. What this poor lady suffered was assault nothing less, mentally and physically What can we do about it, women must do more research into what happens in midwifery services and make it known loud and clear what they want , things are improving in the UK but there is a need for more changes, perhaps litigation would make a difference.

  322. Jenny says:

    So glad I’m not the only one upset by the term “rape.” I thought this was about a woman getting sexually assaulted while giving birth and was mortified. I read it because I wanted to empower myself not to let that happen. If this story is completely true, it is horrible. It does seem a little fishy, because if it were 100% true there would be a lawsuit, I’m sure. We don’t know the reason for the C-section, or what happened while she was out. Anyway, I think calling this “rape” devalues the actual meaning of the word. It should definitely be changed. It is misleading. I do understand that C sections are not ideal. I don’t want one, and I hope that it doesn’t come to that. Sometimes it is a must for a healthy baby. I’d like to hear the other side of the story.

  323. tnt says:

    When I had my daughter (now 6 years old) I was put n the hospital a week prior to my due date because my blood pressure went from normal to 171/120 n a matter of a few hours! They induced my labor the day of my due date and I dialated 5cm and stopped!!! My doctor told me it was due to my body reacting to the epadoral! It made me fall asleep. I slept thru the 16 hours of labor, I know that sounds good but it wasnt! Because the medication put me to sleep my body functioned as if relaxed instead of under stress that labor causes and I ended up having an emergancy c section because my blood pressurre started rising even on medication for it and my body started to feed of my daughters instead of vice versa. Well I awoke long enough to sign my concent forms (which they let me reread the next day after I was able too). My true horror starts here the doctor was n such a hurry cuz my daughter was dieing quickly and I was almost coma tose they started cutting me before the next shot of the epidoral kicked n and I was fully aware of everything! At first it didn’t hurt but then she started cutting muscle and tissue. Well I was screaming then she got to my uterius and she had to cut it and rip to get my daughter out quickly. I ended up with bloood clots comin out of me the size of a deflated basketball! And bigger. I also ended up with blood clots n my legs. I was kept for 6 days

    after my surgury! I then got pregnant with my 2nd child about 3 1/2 years later and with my first ultra sound my current doctor (not the same as the first) informed me I had placenta previa do to A LOT of scar tissue due to my previous under the knife experiance and a deformed uterious also due to my first expierance. and that a vaginal birth was out of the question but thankfully I had a c section and she was born happy and healthy! And my doc cut away the scar tissue and did some constructive surgury on my uterious while I was under the knife and am now expted to beable to give birth vaginally if I ever decide to have another child!!!

  324. kathy says:

    If u had a fetal monitor the baby would’ve not made it through vaginal birth. U may have but the baby would not have made it the monitor is in place due to low fetal heart rate. Child birth is Just as stessfull on the child as is the mother and if the mother is so selfish she is enraged over the child living verses her having some kind of sick gratification of her tummy flattening faster with vaginal birth then she is a monster. An shouldn’t have gotten pregenant to start with.

  325. trina says:

    okay so did she take this to court?

  326. carolyn says:

    she should be happy the hospital intervened and helped her i had a friend die cause there was no consent to move forward and rape is a strong word to use and the hospital is there to save and help but their not gods if she would have died would be reading a article on how they didnt help over a silly piece of paper with a signature on it some people just like to bitch

  327. Nancy says:

    I am sorry for this woman, but there must be more to the story than has been shared. I also do not believe Drs do C-sections, just because. There had to have been a reason and sounds as though the baby’s oxygen supply was being deprived. I am an ultrasound technician and have heard some horror stories, but her child is alive and well. A patient told me once, I’ve had 4 wonderful natural childbirths, how about you? I replied that I had a C-section because I wasn’t dilating after several hours and my son was in distress. Her reply was, “oh, you poor, poor thing”. WTF? She said “don’t you feel like less of a woman?” Lady, please, I was glad to get my son out safe and healthy. I told her my son’s head was the perfect shape and not squished like a vag. birth and how much healthier he was for it. She shut up. Some women think natural births are the only way to go or they do it for their husbands. I did not have a problem with it at all and neither did my husband. That’s what this sounds like to me. So she could be like my patient. Also, to call that birth-rape? That is just so offensive to women and I believe that makes the name calling worse than this woman’s experience.

  328. Maureen Ward says:

    Ok. I find it difficult to believe that they did a c-section without informed consent, but it appears to be so. Drs do not know everyhing and all have their preferences and beliefs. Drs on the whole, don’t trust nature and womens bodies. Drs like to be in control and can get very upset if questioned or contradicted. On the whole they just want their patients to be compliant and do as they’re told. In my role as a midwife I have heard drs use scare tactics such as ‘baby may die’ or ‘your uterus will rupture’.\ to convince women to consent to intervention. I have seen drs, and not only male drs, be so rough, prolonged and aggressive when doing internal exams. Many c-sections are done for convience, both drs and at times the mothers.

  329. Rebecca says:

    I agree with S and OMER. Stop complaining. Your child is alive, thanks to medical intervention….not your “birth plan”. This is a far cry from rape of any sort. But it seems you’re the type..if the doctors had not intervened, and your baby was born dead, Im sure you would spin the blame on them in that scenario as well…I hear nothing less than a classic victim mentality going on here. Presumably, it’s how you’ve learned to operate getting through life so there’s little hope of that changing now. But if you could only be objective for but a moment..

    I have four children. During my last pregnancy, as I knew he was my last child, my biggest fear was having to have a c-section. I had my first three naturally and without complication. I desperately wanted the same for my last. But, nature had a different plan. Wesley, flatlined while in utero. He was nearly ten pounds and I’m a peanut. In essence, he was stuck for too long and it created too much stress for his little body to handle. It was a night Mayer. One minute I thought I was a few minutes away from birthing my last child. Life was good. The next minute I was being whisked off, without my husband, strapped down to a table, stabbed with needles, masks to my face. It was my worst fear. I was terrified. They had to put me to sleep because I could feel them cut my stomach (confirmed by the nurses who conducted a tap count). I awoke to my husband holding our son. And all of the trauma was instantly behind be. Wesley was alive and healthy. And so the mean doctors who took me from my husband, hurt me, insisted on giving me a c-section as I was pleading for them not to….I say, Thank You!!!

  330. B says:

    Would I call it Baby Rape? Maybe, maybe not. Would I call it unprofessionalism? Definitly. Why? Because they didn’t explain to her what was going on. By not doing so before the c-section or even afterwards is professionally immoral. I, too had a c-section over 19 years ago. The day I was supposed to give birth to my daughter, I had back labor and went to the hospital. I was given meds for the pain and eventually was released after staying overnight. I was back in the hospital a few hours later with the back labor. My OBGYN at the time broke my water. I was also given an epidual for the pain which I requested. Anyway, I am laying on the table for at least 12 hours and my daughter was not budging. My OBGYN was nowhere to be found. The next morning, his assistant came in to check on me. I told her everything that happened. She said if my daughter did not come within the hour, I would need a c-section. An hour went by and I was getting a c-section. Luckily I did. My daughter was stuck in me because her head was up and not down. Till this day, I wonder if the epidrual caused it. Anyway, I wound up having a uterine infection and was on antibiotics. My daughter was also given antibiotics as if she had an infection. None of this would have happened if the dumbass OBGYN had not broken my water. It ruined my chances of holing my daughter when she was born and breastfeeding as well. Till this day, I still wonder if he was trying to speed up my daughter’s birth. He retired a couple of months later. I forgot to add that he called me a baby because I was in o much pain. A few months after the birth, a movie came out where Arnold Schwarzneager was pregnant as an experiment. I wish that could happen to every male OBGYN to see how it feels to be pregnant and to deliver.

  331. Lauren says:

    I totally feel for this woman. I had an unnecessary c-section for my first child, and initially laid the blame on the hospital staff for their complete lack of communication, but in prepping for my VBAC a year later, realized it was more my fault for blindly going into the hospital too early and conceding to every intervention available without knowing the risks. I can only imagine the let down and frustration this woman has in not being able to successfully VBAC but I have a hard time believing they operated without consent. If she never signed this consent form, then absolutely she should sue. From my experience, I had to sign a consent to operate at the doctor’s discretion- not my own- at just 26 weeks pregnant because the liability for a VBAC is much higher and there was always an understanding that sometimes things are out of our control. The fact that her midwife called the doctor out of concern and asked for intervention multiple times shows that the baby had warning signs and wasn’t in optimal condition for delivery. I’m sure the conditions worsened and because she had fought the initial monitoring to the death, they realized they didn’t have the time to talk her into it and they did what they had to to save mother and baby. I would like to see her reaction if she refused the surgery and god forbid something had happened to the baby. I’m a strong supporter for natural birthing and believe that the medical community is taking the csection rate too far, however there is a valid reason for many c-sections and they save lives. The best we can do is to fully educate ourselves about labor and birthing and to let nature take its course. My prayers go out to her and I hope she can make peace with what happened and cherish the beautiful life she created.

  332. Amy says:

    In reading through many of these comments, it amazes me how many people look to doctors as “gods.” Birth is a normal process that has become over-medicalized in this country, and it is NOT producing better outcomes for mom and baby. We actually rank #1 for emergency care, but we rank about 70 in the world for wellness. So that averages out to about 34 for infant mortality, which puts us behind some third world countries!! Increased interventions in childbirth have not increased the safety of childbirth. When these procedures are necessary it’s good to have them. But just like heart surgery, if you don’t require it, you are better off without it!

  333. LCS says:

    I am so relieved to see some common-sense reactions to this story here. From the inadequate details of the story provided, it seems that this woman had an unfortunate experiences (though having a healthy baby would be any woman’s most desired outcome.)

    But the use of the term “birth rape” is misleading, narcissistic, and so entitled that I feel really sorry for this woman and the misery she is invested in carrying forward. Her child and her own emotional health can only suffer because of it, and she is harming, not helping other women by telling her story this way.

  334. Linda says:

    I have been a labor and delivery nurse for 25 years. People think giving birth and having a healthy baby is a just part of the whole pregnancy and a guaranteed right. You have no idea about all the potential dangers involved. It has nothing to do with money, it has to do with giving you a healthy baby in the end. If the staff says you need a c-section why would you question them???? .Although this mother thought she was no educated, she was obviously quite ignorant to the facts. From reading the story I can already tell you the baby was in fetal distress and she needed a c-section. They were trying to accommodate the mothers wishes, and we’re hoping she would dilate quickly, which happens, and they could give her what she wanted, a vaginal birth! Unfortunately, I’m sure the fetal heart rate dropped and was not coming back up so they had to give her general anesthesia and get that baby out before the heart beat disappeared all together. They sent the husband to get changed which is perfectly normal, but in the mean time they had to put her under to save the life of the baby, and when a mother gets general anesthesia fathers are not allowed into the room. Same as if you had any other surgery. The fathers are there to enjoy the experience with the mother and support her, if she is asleep there is no reason for him to be there, especially in an emergency situation!! Mothers like this, who insist on “au naturale” births run huge risks for their child. 9 times out of 10 mothers who want the “natural” experience wind up with c-sections…it’s like their write their own destiny. The fact that she wanted a natural birth, with the ability to get out of bed and sit on a birthing ball… with no epidural.. Left the staff no choice but to give her general anesthesia in the emergency. Her baby was in distress and there was no time for an epidural at that point. Believe me the staff in any L&D get no pleasure out of seeing a dead baby. Our goal is to have you walk out with a newborn in your arms. This mom was obviously disappointed she didn’t get what she wanted and needed to twist the story to place blame. Be happy you have a healthy baby!! You should be thanking the staff not condemning them!

  335. Physician's viewpoint says:

    Speaking as a physician, if there were serious problems with desaturation of the baby, it does not take long for brain damage to occur. The doctors involved should have come to talk to you afterwards to explain that sometimes a crash c-section is mandatory. Sounds like that did not happen. I imagine the doctors knew you were unhappy about the c-section and did not look forward to a tongue lashing from you for doing the right thing. Patients often have completely unrealistic expectations. I suspect that is what happened here. You should know this: The doctor is ultimately going to be held responsible if he or she piddles around and doesn’t get the baby out immediately and the baby ends up oxygen deprived and permanently damaged. Those kinds of cases run into the millions of dollars.

  336. tontolo says:

    either she deserved to av the baby is not for anybody to determine. i dont expect men to understand as threy dont know the pain of birth after a natural birth and definitely not in a position to compare with a c section. but then that is by the way ,am glad that her son is hale and healthy and am sure she is too.but then that doesnt give anybody the right to determine her faith, if she was told that they will av to operate on and she refuses and they went ahead to do it so as to save her and her baby,then it will be understandable.but she was not informed,her husband that was present was and no consent form was signed.and no explanation offered before and after,haba! believe me that is a total infringement on her right as a patient. blaah…. she is no minor and neither is her husband . the doctors definitely cant love her and the baby more she and her husband does. there is no justifiable excuse for what they av done to. it is simply wrong.and what is wrong is wrong .and they should be prosecuted .

  337. NP says:

    The author of this story should be absolutely ashamed of using the word RAPE in this case. How disgusting. This mother was not raped, she was given a healthy baby through a very safe surgical procedure.

  338. Alex says:

    No woman should be forced to do against her wishes concerning how to give birth. Men, if you love your wives, don’t let them down, be a man and protected your spouse in all dealings when she’s pregnant. Talk it out and don’t stay silent about this kind of abuse, this is rape through and through, it should not be tolerated by anyone. Get the word out to the public and media right to the ears of the president. Do not give up hope. There is always a way out of this darkness. These offenders need to be brought to justice and pay for their crime. I am sorry this is happening to women in US, I have no doubt if this is happening in other countries where law I forcemeat is weak when it come to protecting their citizens. May you who have suffered find peace of mind again.

  339. Mo says:

    Well that’s one of the most scariest thing i have heard of man….no wonder no one wants to be knocked out anymore.

  340. Jeremiah brown says:

    People these days will complain about anything, that lady, should be grateful for the c section. Her dumbass was about to murder her baby, why, for a ridiculous VBAC… She had already undergone a previous c-section. She should be thankful that everything went accordingly. Geez people really are moronic when it comes to dealing with lives.

  341. CJ says:

    I think that most of your comments (aka judgements) are based on ignorance. What happened to this woman was a horrifying injustice that is far too common in our sophisticated and “developed” country. A woman has a right to make decisions about her health and body – no one should be forced or manipulated into situations which she has no control over. That’s totally barbaric! I have had three babies – my first was a c-section due to frank breech positioning. The atmosphere was calm and doctors were informative. I can only assume that this woman’s medical team shares the same view of a labor and delivery reality tv show – that childbirth is one of the most dangerous “medical procedures.”. Seriously, humans have been delivering babies while leaning against tree trunks or squatting in fields for quite some time. I think it’s pretty bold to think that every woman , or even a majority of women, will need medical intervention in order to safely deliver a baby. Of course, I also understand that there are certain cases that require the quick thinking and skill of a trained medical professional – and thank God for that. I also believe that a meddling doctor who thinks they always know best is a recipe for disaster. My second child was delivered via vbac! However, the doctor on call was not a proponent of natural childbirth and my experience was horrendous. I had a near 4th degree tear and a repair job that later required a surgery to fix. My third child was born at a birth center in a water bath. She slipped quietly an easily into this world. I was allowed to listen to my body – it was one of the best experiences ever. For those of you who think home births or midwives are crazy and dangerous, check out some stats of those countries who only or mainly use them…I think you’ll be quite surprised at how low their infant and maternal mortality rates are. As far as the term birth rape – I think it’s quite applicable. Your power is taken away from you against your will, and your body is physically assaulted/damaged. The baby also suffered negatively by missing out on some very valuable bonding time with its mom.
    We can know every detail of each situation, so I think it’s best to give this woman the benefit I the doubt that she isn’t making this up or being ridiculous. Thankfully she and her baby survived, and I pray for emotional, physical and spiritual healing for her and her family.

  342. Jonna says:

    I can relate her. 35 years ago I had a similar experience, but without the C-section. I’d progressed completely through labor with NO drugs. When the time came for my son to be born, I kept asking, “Can I push now?” Several times I asked. The doctor ignored me, ordered the nurse to knock me out. She protested and suggested he use a local and he insisted on the knock out. I missed my son’s delivery and woke just in time to kiss him before they took him away to show him off to his father. I am still upset about this. I don’t know what I would have done if he’d added the C-section to the mess.

  343. Rachel says:

    @Anon and @Elissa. I’m sorry but I agree with Anon. I may not have voiced my opinion quit so harshly but I do agree. When I gave birth to my son, 6 months ago, I did NOT want a c-section. My first pregnancy went perfectly. I did NOT expect this delivery to be so difficult. My water broke, but I did not have any contractions. 8 hours after my water broke the doc decided to induce my labor. Because I was hooked up to the machines to monitor the baby’s heartbeat I was not able to walk around to help the baby move down into the birth canal. I was stuck in a bed. With each contraction my baby’s heartbeat dropped, dramatically. I only dilated to 3.5 cm. The contractions were pretty frequent but I was not dilating. My doc also attached the same wire to my baby’s scalp to better monitor his pulse. My son’s heartbeat dropped down to the 40′s at one point. I didn’t see this, my mom was in the room and told me later. My doc said they may have to do a c-section if I didn’t start to dialate. I said I didn’t want one. My nurse immediately looked concerned and alarmed and told me sometimes we have to decide ‘a c-section or your baby’s life’. I understood this so I did agree to the c-section. Perhaps the woman in this store rejected the c-section right up to the end and the doctors had no other choice to save that baby’s life. Doctor’s deliver baby’s every day. They see many many scenerios. They know the warning signs. They made a pledge to save lives, not to listen to irrational mothers and lose lives. Most of us give birth to 2-3 babys in our life times. We don’t know everything. I trust my doc first.
    We only heard one side of this story. There are 2 sides to every story. I gaurentee you this woman left info out of her story. I feel the doctors did the right thing. You do what you have to do to save a life. Had they listened to the mother, her baby would have died and she would have been complaining that the hospital didn’t do enough to save her baby…

  344. Debra Vedder says:

    This is just total non-sense that this mother could not have a VBAC, when I had my daughter 21 yrs ago the doctors wanted to put those on my daughter, however at the time daughter was in distress and the doctors would not do a C-Section. They told my former in-laws that they would not do a C-Section unless it was the only thing left to do. My daughter almost died because the cord was wrapped around her neck & body instead 3 doctors & 3 nurses came in at the 17th hour and spread my legs wide to get the cord unwrapped. I am done having children but that should never happen either.

  345. disgusted says:

    All of you trying to justify this horrific bull really ought to be to be ashamed of yourselves and need to stop being so naive.

    Do you guys know what an appeal to authority argument is? That fallacy where you expect people to take someone at their word simply because they’re a professional? You know what the thing about arguments like those are? They’re wrong. Doctors are not always right. Doctors are — *gasp shock* — sometimes wrong. Doctors sometimes do wrong and terrible things for their convenience, which sounds like what happened here. From the context of the events, it’s obvious they just did this because they only cared about their paychecks and wanted a C-section because it would have been quicker, more convenient, and something they thought they had a lower risk of being sued over. This is something that, very sadly, happens all the time.

    Doesn’t the fact that her doctor was switched during labor and that, in the time frame given, he only could’ve approved of a C-section the second he was assigned to her ring alarm bells in your head? Doesn’t the fact that the only indication that something was wrong was that a heart monitor was attached to the baby’s head, even though this is something that happens fairly often? Or that these assclowns clearly had plenty of time to tell the poor woman that the baby’s life was in danger and obtain her consent that they instead used to lie to her as they wheeled her to the O.R. under false pretenses, gave her an IV under false pretenses, GAVE HER ANESTHETIC WHICH COULD’VE KILLED HER AND THE BABY under false pretenses? Not one person thought to say “Oh, by the way, your baby’s dying?” and that doesn’t strike you as odd in the least? No one came down and told her there was a terrible emergency when they woke up, and that doesn’t strike you as suspicious in any meaningful way?

    If there was something wrong that woman had the right to be told and they had the obligation to obtain her consent no matter how serious shit was going down. It’s not as if this woman was unconscious or bleeding to death right in front of them. They OBVIOUSLY had time. The only logical conclusion is that their dishonestly was deliberate and that there was no fucking emergency. You can keep trying to justify this until you’re blue in the face, but the fact of the matter is that the burden of proof is still on the doctors to prove that there was a life-threatening emergency, that proof was not forthcoming in any meaningful way at all, and even if it was what they did was still horribly, horribly wrong.

    I feel disgusted I have to share the same planet with knuckle-dragging neanderthals who think this kind of abhorrent behaviour on the part of medical professionals is OK. House M.D. is not real. House M.D. Is Not Real. HOUSE M.D. IS NOT REAL. Understand that if you can understand anything at all.

  346. bunny says:

    I haven’t read all of the replies, but I think a lot of people are missing the real point. If a c-section was given as baby needed it, that’s fine, the problem here is that the parents were not informed as to what was happening .

  347. Katrina says:

    I won’t comment on whether or not this story is true… But seriously. “Fore-granted…?” If you’re going to write for a living, at least take English 101, for the love of God!

  348. Chris says:

    It is always sad when we can’t have the experience that we desire. Many years of learning go into being a Doctor. I trust that these Doctors want a good out come and are not there just to mess up your day. Labour makes you very irrational. Who amongst you can remember saying crazy things. A Doctor is not a puppet to do your bidding. Yes you matter, and your wishes count….. But when things change and hard choices have to be made, I believe that they make them. Sad if there is no time to hold a forum to get approval for the unexpected. While it may not suite. Hopefully you and your baby are alive and well. Love that don’t waste time being bitter. How would you feel if your doctor and Nurses sued or slandered you because you dared to have anything other than a text book delivery think about it ……….

  349. Megan says:

    Nearly ten years ago my son was born. I always take a comical approach to his birth because it was a huge mess.
    I woke up at 11 pm needing the washroom and I had a back ache. I stepped from our bedroom to the bathroom and my water broke. We arrived at the hospital at 1130. I was measured and was 7 centimeters. 30 minutes later I was ten and pushing. I thought to myself, this is quick. I bet ten really good pushes and I will see my son. I pushed for nine hours. Something happened during the pushing and I lost feeling in my right leg.I was offered laughing gas and demerol. I was told repeatedly that the OB was coming as well as an Anesthesiologist. They never came. I was rushed from a rural hospital to the city by ambulance. Where they tried to convince me to allow them to push my child up and turn him. I said NO and stood my ground. I insisted on a c-section and got it. Now arching my back like a cat was difficult but I was given and epidural. I was also given morphine through the epidural and through an IV. I do remember signing for the procedure. But not too much after that. I was awake and I did feel some tugging, I also felt pressure and they a sense of weight loss and pressure reduction. Then I saw this little purple thing being carried away. Then a cry and then a squished face being shown to me. As horrid as the deilvery was My son was here and alive and in ICU. The treatment I received post delivery was worse. I was scolded by an older nurse that that thought I was a teen mom. I was told to have my baby’s father or have my mom bring diapers, pads and fromula because the hospital wasn’t a food bank or a charity. I was married and 23 years old when my first child came into the world. My son was born on a saturday, I was released on the Monday. They did not check my bands or my sons. I was not wheeled out to my waiting car. My husband carried our son and walked out. Later the police showed up at my door to check that I had taken the correct child home. That following friday My incision burst open as i was getting out of bed and I had to return to the hospital to be closed again. Where I met the doctors that stood me up the prior Friday. I understand why they did not come. The Anesthesiologist had been awake for two days and was not confident that he would do no harm. and as a result, the OB did not come either. In the end everything happened the way it needed to and I now have an amazing nearly ten year old who rocks my socks off every day. Because of all the complications from first child I did not attempt a VBAC for my second. And her arrival was just as interesting.

  350. HolleyMK says:

    I just want to say that some of you women out there cussing and carrying on about this… its ridiculous that a person cannot even read something without someone bashing them. The fact is, that even if you dont agree… this person was tramatized. You dont even have to agree with the person this article is about. You can sympathize but I have always been taught that you always believe the person who is hurt, or tramatized. Yes, I understand that the internet is a nest of lies at time. However, if you dont agree that does not mean you can just say whatever you want. Also, it does not mean that everyone else wants to hear your ugly opinions. I would be nice to see support for a women who was misguided etc, instead of bitterness. If you are saying these things because you are angry its not your story, write your own story… dont take the attention away from hers.

  351. kate says:

    So you would have been happy with the natural birth experience you wanted? Even if it means delivery of a stillborn?
    As a midwife, I remember delivering stillborn babies as a result of women refusing medical interventions. Saddest thing in the world. Decels kill.

  352. christian says:

    So true or not, the post does give a general sign that malpractice is evident. And to all you readers who complain about the term “rape” being used, look up the actual meaning in a dictionary. If you think of it as just sexual, then you should probably know that the correct term is sexual assault. To be raped means that something is done to you against your will. So here, the term birth tape is actually applicable.

    So to those of you who find the term rape used wrongly here, get your heads checked and return to school and learn what each word means.

  353. Tom says:

    Have you ever delivered a baby…. yea, i didn’t think so…. you might be on the other side of the screen here thinking we an outrage this is but honestly debra you need to get a grip of the situation… the life of the baby is more important than the scenario your wishing for… seconds that doctors don’t respond could be the difference between an empty handed labor, or your star child that lives, breaths, and functions properly… i got a better idea for you. Go check out some stories on accountable loses due through birth, ask those parents what they would give to turn the tables around. You act like these “professionals” did something wrong, you can’t ask questions when the time is ticking, your consent at times isn’t the best judgement call when your babies life is on the line. I understand its your body, but the main objective is keeping that baby alive. The biggest thing that upsets me in this article is the term rape…. nobody got raped here so why was it used.

  354. Liz says:

    To Tom. Spoken like someone who’s never given birth. Or been raped. Or had their choices taken away. There is a reason men don’t have babies.

  355. jen b says:

    arrogance and chauvinistic maybe. rape? hell no! doctors are jerks and don’t listen to their patients but then u sue them for their arrogance and they listen. or don’t pay them for what u did not want them to do.

  356. Debbie says:

    It is important to note that while birth is about a healthy baby…it cannot be seperated from the intensely personal process the mother experiences that are physical, sexual and emotional on very deep levels. For the sake of life long bonding the experience of birth should not be underestimated. Physicians and care providers vary on their level of understanding and ability to tend to mothers with this in mind. After a traumatic first delivery, that went wrong in many ways. Hours of pushing with no progress, an IV improperly placed so it was going into my hand and not my vein. (Hand looked like a hot air balloon.) Catheter that caused an after delivery infection. After being convinced C-section was necessary, I consented to the Epidural. The following day fever raged and was separated from baby until it was determined that it was due to urinary tract infection. Hospital refused to admit it was the catheter and proclaimed I must have had it upon admitting. I believe now hospitals must test for UTI’s before administering a catheter. A very good rule!! Upon my second pregancy I was wiser and prepared. I shopped physicians and found one agreeable to VBAC. Hired a labor and delivery coach, an RN and certified midwife, who was our personal advocate. She was a godsend and I went on to deliver two flawless VBACs drug free. Nothing is better than educating yourself and being “prepared.”

  357. Chiara says:

    I think the title of the story “birth rape” is a little excessive. OK The doctors did not keep her fully informed of what was happening! That is not good. However as someone else pointed out, we do sign papers before we are admitted in which we consent for emergency procedure etc… We don’t know the full story, what if the mother was hysterical… she might not have realized but that is how it came across to the doctors. Which is why they would have to sedate her, she might refuse it! And has anyone thought about the husband? He was there, is he a brainless idiot? He would have been there somewhere and probably being informed by the staff of what was going on (I would hope)… What did he think was happening while his wife was getting a C-section? They might have had his consent… he is the father after all! Too many dark points to this story and it would be interesting to hear the nurse’s and doc’s side of the story.

  358. Anne says:

    Calling this story Birth “Rape” is outrageous, offensive and sensationalizes a story that should stand on its own.
    Please, Babble blog editors, have more respect for your readers and for women everywhere. Rape is a most heinous crime against women and all humanity. You are encouraging the use of this word to be used in a most off-hand, casual way, and there’s nothing casual about it. Don’t go down that road.

  359. asdffdsa says:

    If you are refusing a operation, and by refusing such operation are endangering your babies life the doctor SHOULD do whatever possible to save the baby.

  360. Phoebe Carter says:

    I have scrolled down past all the responses in reply to this article.
    I do feel that I need to say something.
    Having arrived at the bottom of the pile, I see two comments up (at time of typing) Chiara’s response to the term used for this article.
    I too was shocked at the article’s heading with the words ‘Birth Rape’ included.
    I read it to be informed about what is going on; I have a heart for rape victims, because I have been one.
    This article (or any other with this terminology) is portraying the ‘visual’ of a Mum being viciously attacked – raped – either before, during, or after childbirth.
    The heading leads readers into thinking that this was what happened.
    If this is a true story, I am extremely sorry and hurting inside for the Mum who went through her birth ordeal; but I would rather prefer to name it as ‘natural birth deprivation’.
    Not only did the Mum have her rights taken away, but the ordeal she has been through has been labelled as having been ‘raped’.
    Rape is a very serious and life changing attack, on someone’s physical and mental health.
    Hopefully this Mum wasn’t sexually abused whilst she was under general anaesthetic.
    The word ‘rape’ has serious implications, and I do feel shouldn’t have been used.
    It’s enough for the Mum to have been denied the plans she had for a natural childbirth, without also considering a ‘label’ she has had put against her ordeal.
    I do hope this Mother is eventually told all the reasons and facts in her case, so that she can deal with this in the future. A lot of emotions to be worked through.

  361. Phoebe Carter says:

    Apology: Having read the article (and scrolled to the bottom), the 2nd comment up was Anne’s – not Chiara’s; she and I share the same sentiment about ‘rape’. I think we both agree on the way this ‘situation’ has been portrayed.

  362. Nikki R says:

    I really don’t understand why pregnant women that don’t want medical intervention come to hospitals. It’s a hospital they medically intervene,that’s what they do if necessary. People like this should be in a birthing center or better yet have your baby at home. This sounds to me like it was all about the mother what about the baby. Does anybody not know what decels are(its when the baby heart beat drops to a life threating level) by her own admission she had more than one and she still didn’t see the need for the baby to be monitored.Moving her in the OR more than likely saved that baby’s life. I mean you want to have a discussion while your baby heart beat plummets. I’m all for VBACS when it’s safe for the mother as well as the baby. IN this case clearly it was not safe for the baby. People I beg you , before you respond really understand what is being said, there is no guess work here simply look up the terms. Ask yourself this, would you sit there and do nothing while your baby heart rate plummets. How can you ask any health care professional to sit back and not medically intervene. One more comment to the writer if you still feel after all of this that you are still right and that you didn’t put your childs life in danger have your monitor papers pulled from when you finally let them put the monitor on. Get someone you trust that’s a L&D nurse or obgyn to explain it to you . Just simply say can you explain to me what was going on with my baby. If they tell you that you came close to losing your child, which I fear they may tell you ,then you need to post an apology and thank all those wonderful OR people who worked quickly and I’m sure calmly to save your baby’s life. They are heroes, simply put.

  363. Melee says:

    Since when is putting the safety of an infant before the desires of the mother rape? What does this say to women who have actually been raped? I really doubt the veracity of this article, too.

  364. Kristina says:

    This sounds completely fabricated. Also, the use of the term “rape” is extremely insulting to actual victims of rape.

  365. patrick says:

    the title is scearing, please change the title’birth rape’. Moreover when a pregnant mother is in deep pain, u dont need to authorise your doctor on what to do,thiis is there job and they knew the best for you more than your so-called husband .the most important thing is you and your baby is alive.just thank GOD for that………

  366. Sam Robertson says:

    In this instance, the medical personal were acting in the best interest of the baby. I see nothing wrong in their actions. This particular woman might moan and groan about not receiving consent, but the medics knew what they were doing – unless she has an appropriate qualification in this field, I suggest she stop thinking she knows what is the best course of action.

    Calling it a ‘birth trauma’ is being slightly liberal with your choice of words. And the fact this is reffered to as a ‘birth rape’ is frankly disgusting.

  367. star says:

    Id like to see all you people go thru something like this! Until you have walked in her shoes shut your piehole! Hospital is supossed to be a place of trust much like dropping your kid off at school..people have lost their repect for human life and choices! Where is the compassion, I tell you where up you ass!! you dont go to a hospital expecting to be treated like roalty but you do go expecting appropiate compassionate care especially in delivery! This is about the mother the baby on equal importance! The amount of pain woman are subjected to thru birth should be repected and as mothers we have rights as to how we want to birth our child into this cruel world..I have a right to say wheather i want medication or surgery thats what makes it my body! what next..the elites are really controling people in every aspect of life..down to how your to give birth..what a complete disconnect on the hospital and its political bullshit too..and you think this has nothing to do with politics and control think again. Goverement will victimise anyone especially womans rights! its all up for bargain and has been for years. And bith rape means that you have a lack of control of a personal vaunerable situation, Means your rights have been stripped and you have been violated physically and emotionally psychologically ect..for people that cant grasp tht concept or lack an once of compassion or understanding or think that this is a incongrueant term with “Rape” check out the definatition to Rape its not all sexual..Its about violation! Dont be ignorant about something you have no clue on cuz the people commenting negatively obviously have no conscience or heart and to think this dont happen your nieve and need to educate yourself..If you think we are walking in clover then I dunno what kind of world your living, denial is all I can say..Why not go out and expeirence what Trauma is it comes in all forms! Giving birth is a natural progression and woman are capable of delivering their babies! wht do u think happened 50 yrs ago? People gave birth naturally since when did giving birth become such an unnatural process? when did it become a surgical act?? Ok so the baby is stuck its life is on line then u do wht needs to be done..but if a woman is requesting a VAC birth then let her have it! when is it the hospitals say on how the hell we give birth? Its Bull plain an simple an people who disagree give you head a shake. AND FOR GOD SAKES HAVE SOME COMPASSION!

  368. Nikki R says:

    Walk in her shoes, I’m sorry you don’t need to walk in her shoes to know the safety of your child should come first any sane person would already know what she clearly failed to realize.Trust flows both ways sweet heart.Those precious rights you so love to talk about should have had her ass signing out AMA and having her baby at home if she didn’t want a c-section. She wasn’t strapped to the bed nobody forced her to sign the consents. You want to talk about definitions, try looking up DECEL, can’t find it,don’t have a medical dictionary, maybe because your not a health care provider so shut the HELL UP!! The baby was dying dumb ass. Compassion my ass, what kind of person are you. There’s only one positive thing that came out of this and that is the mother and baby lived no thanks to her. Oh and if you had bothered to check out your history you would have known that child bed was the leading cause of deaths in women back then. Let’s see what’s different now, hospitals, knowledgeable doctors, Oh those monitors she didn’t want to keep track of the baby’s heart beat and could it be those life saving cesareans.STAR I suggest you do some research before making a comment. A mother does no a doctor make.

  369. Magen says:

    the doctors saved her sons life. her wishes would have killed her child. trust me, if i felt she was violated i would day so. the only reason you labeled this birth rape, is so people would read it. shame on you! she was not raped, she was knocked out so she would shut the hell up and let the doctors save her child. if it were up to her, get baby would be dead!

  370. Jennifer says:

    I have has six children; including two sets of twins. I have been bullied in hospitals many times. You truly have no rights while under their care. I have had 3 c-sections. I was never given a choice in the matter. If I had, I would have had them all naturally, just like my first. The first was because one twin presented breech. I have seen them delivered naturally. I would have liked to try. All the others were mandatory. Even though I had no complications. I would have been a perfect candidate for vbac. I asked repeatedly and was always told that was not an option, even though there was no reason why not.

  371. karen says:

    This woman has screamed rape? really? im not surprised…… she wouldnt even agree to the baby being monitored for the babies own safety, she is damn lucky they took the baby out when they did as the baby probably DID need more oxygen. RAPE wtf?????? why not use another term like lack of choice, but i guess it did get me reading it and i guess that is what the person who used the term rape wanted. I bet if they didnt do the C-section and the baby died they would be the first to scream that the dr.s and nurses hadnt done their job and killed their baby. Sensationalism not rape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  372. Julie says:

    Unfortunately almost the same thing happened to me. I had 2 prior reg deliveries with no problems. My 3rd however was a nightmare from the beginning. Lasted a 45 external version to get my son turned out of a breech position. Everything was going well until a nurse checked my progress. She screamed out the hallway for my doctor. My OB/GYN jumped into bed with me, rammed her arm up you know where, and I was being rushed to the OR all the while hearing CODE RED being announced over the PA system. My husband was yanked away from me & neither of us knew what was going on. In the OR they cathed me while wide awake, a nurse grabbed my face & yelled @ me to stop screaming (anyone in this position would have been with having an arm shoved up you & being cathed, feeling the entire thing). They put the oxygen mask on & next thing I remember is waking up all alone in a white room.

    Thought I was dead at first, and sure felt like it. During the surgery, my husband was forced to wait in a room all alone & wasn’t informed as to what was happening to me or the baby. A pastor walked in a one point & my poor hubby thought I was dead. Why wasn’t a nurse in there w/him or at least someone telling him what was going on?

    No one would answer our questions as to what really happened in that OR that night. Requested the records, but anything relating to the actual birth supposedly wasn’t in my file anymore. Requested records for my son who was kept in the NICU and same thing, only basic summaries of his days there but no detailed info (like if he was fed a bottle, etc.) I wasn’t allowed to breast feed for 2 days, with no explanation.

    At my 9 week checkup with the OB/GYN, I again received no clear answers as to what happened in the OR. All she said was she would never do surgery on me, ever unless it was emergency. (Meaning any kind of surgery, not just the tubal that she insisted I consent to earlier on in my pregnancy & signed consent forms for them to do in case of c-section yet it wasn’t done, again with no explanation.) She also informed me that I had permanent muscle & nerve damage to my abs that was irreversible. This explained why I was still in excruciating pain weeks later. Since the surgery, I have terrible & painful digestive issues, bladder issues, excruciating pain during/after sex, and the list goes on.

    For those wondering, yes, I contacted the head of the hospital as well as other organizations, etc. and it’s been 2.5 years now and we still have no answers. All I can say is thank God we’re both okay and we have moved on with our lives. I don’t expect to ever know the truth behind what happened and I’m finally okay with that. I just hope no mother ever has to go through an experience like that.

  373. sensiblelogicalman says:

    i can’t believe this story or those who support it. VBAC is a stupid and selfish choice… why risk 1-2% chance of your baby dying, all so you can stretch out your vagina, risk long term incontinence, pelvic floor damage, and losing your husband through his selfishness. You already have the scar, so why add insult to injury??
    having a birth plan is a nice thing as it helps you try and feel that you have some control over the whole process, but when it comes down to it, birth is a bloody, messy, unpleasant process at the best of times. As a man and a doctor i would never risk a VBAC, why would i? I am not stupid or ill-informed.
    this was obviously a medical emergency, probably late decels and the maternity staff were concerned you might be going on to rupture your uterus. You had a section and your baby lived… sounds to me like a good result in the end. Welcome to the real world, shit occurs, reality kicks in, and the worse happens. Why do you think so many mothers and babies died in years gone by?
    Sure, medicine is not perfect, and doctors and nurses are human… if it is a choice between saving your babies life, or dealing with your feelings, which do you think takes priority???? We don’t have magic wands, we make the best of shitty situations, to the best of our abilities.
    This could have been so much worse, get over yourself and write to the obstetrician, obstetric and OR nurses who gave you a healthy baby and thank them for saving both your lives.
    If you actually enter litigation then you really do not belong as a fit member of society, you might as well become a journalist or other worthless bottom-feeder.
    The use of the word rape in this situation is both wrong and so utterly offensive to survivors of true rape that it is simply not a joke. I wish it was. To disregard the physical force used to subdue another and exercise complete control and violation over them, and the lasting mental anguish is just pathetic.
    As an aside, Dr Google above, you are so right in every regard.

  374. Anon says:

    Code Red means fire…I would hope they were intervening quickly if the hospital was on fire and your nurses were worried about you and the health of your baby. Also, generally speaking, the “child birth is a natural process that has been occurring for millions of years” bit is absolutely true, however, take a look at the fetal and maternal mortality rates now compared to the earliest research available (much, much, MUCH lower). Also look at the maternal and fetal mortality rates in North America compared to a number of third world countries (as high as 1 in 8) and you can see the difference in fetal and maternal death that our “horrble medical interventions” have made.

  375. Father says:

    I think its incredibly stupid of the woman to be posting that in the first place. First of all the hospital is not going to perform a procedure like that unless it was incredibly necessary wether she was informed or not she could have lost the baby if they hadnt done what they did. They are not just going to fuck around with her for something to do unless they felt like it was the only option they had. So anyone who thinks this is such a sad sad story learn the facts and realize doctors are only doing what is best for you and your child and if they can give you what you want they will but if anything occurs that could hurt you or your child, well then its not in your hands anymore.

  376. Yup says:

    Maybe more appropriate consent could have been given, absolutely. Usually in the rush, mother is informed in the continuous process of room to theatre transfer. I’ve witnessed women in active labor who originally planned to have vag births be rushed into OR. was she a high risk patient to begin with? What was baby’s presentation? Prolapsed cord?There are time limits sure but communication is important. when the FHR gets undesirable sometimes the immediate response from staff forgets the importance of communication. It is also noted that not all births are pleasant experiences with hosp staff. This topic is complex where I need more information and what really happened.. Father is always asked to get in scrubs in the OR maybe consent WAS given… I don’t know what to believe of this.. Some unprofessional acts and overreaction and bitterness together perhaps?? No one will know.. If this case takes legal action, I hope the staff documented well on this birth… Bless you and your family, sorry you had an unpleasant experience:(….. Enjoy parenthood and good luck!! :)

  377. Collins Agina says:

    What is a Birth Rape?

  378. Naren says:

    Everything about this is pathetic. Firstly, Emily devalues the psychological trauma suffered by actual rape victims by comparing an emergency medical procedure to being sexually violated. Secondly, the doctors would have had serious health concerns about the baby for choosing a c-section over a natural birth. The doctors are not involved in some mass conspiracy nor do they gain some sick pleasure from forcing women into c-sections. The fact is women during childbirth are real bitches. Giving birth is not some wonderful, spiritual experience, she should be grateful that the doctors delivered a healthy baby boy when instead of complaining that the nurses which looked after her had some poor manners.

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