Birth Story Movie Now Available Online and DVD


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Birth Story is an award-winning documentary about Ina May Gaskin and a group of midwives who help women deliver their babies on “The Farm” a former commune in rural Tennessee. The movie is a fascinating look into a particular hippie moment– the there is some choice retro footage of sun-kissed braided maidens working alongside bearded men to seed and grow and kneed the bread–but the main topic of the film is giving birth. Though the commune went by the wayside, the Farm still exists as a place where women give birth to their babies without excessive medical intervention.

There are four riveting natural birth scenes in the film, each with a different twist, all with a joyful (if very hard-working, laboring) mother. Throughout the film, Ina May and the other midwives keep reminding viewers how clever women are for being able to do all this cool stuff like gestate and give birth.

Though many women will not identify with the Farm birth culture, the message that we need to undo a boatload of negative programming about women’s bodies and abilities is a real and positive eye-opener.

If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, watch this movie.