Birth - This is Really Going to Happen, Again.

Birth shock. It happens, even after having 3 other babies.

The realization hit me as I was glancing through a set of amazing portraits from Alice Proujansky of child birth. Alice is a photojournalist who specializes in capturing birth photography.

I’ve done this birthing thing 3 times. Why would birth scare me or why should I fear it all of a sudden. My heart is racing. The baby is doing a worm type movement in my belly. The reality of what is about to happen is oh-so-real. I need to just relax.

Alice was recently interviewed by NPR for her documenting of birth. She noted in her interview in regards to What Makes Each Birth Special and Different to Photograph?

Each birth I’ve photographed has been inconceivable: a woman with a big belly comes in, and at some point there is suddenly another person in the room. There’s a rhythm to birth, but the specifics are different every time.

It’s so true.

With each of my birthing experiences, each has been so different. I walk (or hobble) into the labor and delivery room with a big belly. By the time I exit, I have a little person that my husband and I created in the room.

This is happening again. Birth. So real. Embracing the experience as it maybe my last. Thanking God for this new creation, this miracle that we soon will meet. After a little bit of work. Guess they don’t call it labor for nothing!