Boys Have Cool Toys


toy tools So the girls clothing section may trump the three items that are available for boys but when it comes to toys, the boys know where it’s at. I told my husband I would much rather play with Legos and cars than Barbies. Of course your child can play with what ever toy they want no matter their gender but I’m a fan of the ones that are marketed to boys. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Speedster 1 of 8
    This can double as room decor.
    From Land of Nod
  • Wooden Tools 2 of 8
    Wooden Tools
    Get them working young.
    From A Summer Afternoon
  • Star Wars 3 of 8
    Star Wars
    Oh man, my husband would love if I bought these.
    From Simple Simon
  • Drum Set 4 of 8
    Drum Set
    I might regret this one but it's cool.
    From Uncommon Goods
  • Alphabet Blocks 5 of 8
    Alphabet Blocks
    I love the colors and patterns in this set.
    From Dwell Studio
  • Derby Critters 6 of 8
    Derby Critters
    A cute car collection.
    From Wisteria
  • Wooden Blocks 7 of 8
    Wooden Blocks
    I love that these are handmade.
    From A Summer Afternoon
  • Train Set 8 of 8
    Train Set
    A classic.
    From Land of Nod

Like I said, these toys can work for boys or girls but they’re usually marketed towards boys.

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