Breastfeeding Doll Inappropriate? As Inappropriate as A Doll With A Bottle!


I am still trying to figure out why this doll is even making any kinds of news headlines, especially with major news sources all over the country.  But this morning I stumbled across an article from a Fox network affiliate that questioned their viewers whether or not the My Breast Milk Baby is appropriate for children…

Now, I am not sure why there is even a question about this, I am grasping to understand what exactly would be inappropriate about the doll itself, but apparently over 82% of the viewers polled on the website think this doll is completely inappropriate. 

When I saw that number, I was beyond shocked, but quickly saddened because this is really the way breastfeeding is looked at in our country.

When preparing my son’s for our new daughter, we bought a doll which my oldest son nick named baby smoozy and one thing I noticed while shopping for this doll, is nearly every doll in the toy aisle at Target came with a bottle. I didn’t think anything of that until this.

I mean, breasts are certainly made for feeding a baby, so why shouldn’t there be a doll available for parents to buy for their children showcasing this?   Personally I am considering purchasing this doll for my sons, so they can be ready and understand how their sister will be fed instead of confused when they see me breastfeeding her when she comes home.

But what gets me most is the same people who are going to complain about this doll, are the people who do not think twice about buying their two year old a doll that craps in a diaper, or pees.  Really America?  Time to get your head out of your ass!