Breastfeeding: How to Beat the Booby Traps


breastfeeding rebrandedWhen it comes to late pregnancy worries, breastfeeding tends to come in pretty high on the list. Usually right after birth. Sometimes even higher.

The Best For Babes foundation is dedicated to helping women breastfeed in a whole new way: by pitching it from a positive place rather than focusing on fears and guilt. Best For Babes describes itself as “Giving Breastfeeding a Makeover”, and it’s clear from the first glimpse of their ads that this is not your mother’s breastfeeding group. (Then again,if more of our mothers had breastfeeding groups, there might be less for Best For Babes to do around here.)

The high-design campaign focuses on the value of breastfeeding in a light and witty way. At the same time, they’re hoping to raise awareness of the specific snafus women tend to encounter in their early attempts to breastfeed. You may be surprised to find you’ve already encountered some of these “booby traps” during your pregnancy…

Booby Traps is what Best For Babes calls the counterproductive forces a pregnant and new mom has to work around to successfully breastfeed. One example: Lack of education. What new moms don’t know about breastfeeding can sometimes hurt their chances of success. When the challenges get too great, no amount of cheerleading or fearmongering will help. If you’d like to breastfeed, early education is the best possible thing you can do to help yourself along in the process. But in the days and weeks after birth, things can get crazy, and moms often don’t get the support they need to climb the early learning curve.

This tactic seems so much more effective than most of the campaigns I’ve seen, which seem either soft -focus unrealistic or downright scary, especially for moms who don’t end up breastfeeding for whatever reason. Though there are some mothers who are able to get nursing going with little trouble, for many more it’s a hard start and support is crucial.

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