Buy This for Your Baby-to-Be


About a year or so ago, Wee Gallery sent me a box of their art cards ($12.95) to check out. My son was well past the newborn stage — when brand new eyes can most clearly see high contrasting colors, like black and white — so I shipped them out to several brand new moms.

The response? AMAZING.

It’s since become one of my favorite go-to baby shower gifts — as that extra something special that they didn’t know to ask for and no one else knew to buy them.

The response? AMAZING.

I even had one new dad gush over how incredible these cards are immediately after saying “hi.” He had to find and thank the person who gave his baby these art cards — the art cards that instantly calmed his newborn during diaper changes and consistently transfixed her gaze.

Besides just art cards, Wee Gallery also has these other products:

Mobiles, $12 – $22.

Books, $3.95 – $22.


Wall graphics, $38

Shop Wee Gallery or search for a store.

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