Cabernet and a Burger: How I Plan to Spend Memorial Day

If you're looking for me, I'll be in the garden...

We have officially moved on to our 7th month of trying for another baby.

Though I tested negative on Tuesday, I was holding onto a tiny shred of hope until my period arrived today, a day early.

Another month, gone.

I’m trying to regroup and think positively about next month.


So, this Memorial Day weekend, I’ll be indulging in all of the things that I wouldn’t be able to have if I was pregnant…

I plan to start with some lovely Cabernet while my husband grills me the biggest, juiciest, medium-rare hamburger with Gorgonzola cheese and crispy bacon on top. Maybe I’ll have a salad on the side. Or maybe not!

And I’m going to savor every bite. Because I am convinced that our day will come.

It has to.

Until then, I’m going to find joy in the little things…my beautiful children, my amazing husband, a garden blooming with gardenias, and the long Memorial Day weekend.