Calendar For 2011: Countdown To Birth

Cool countdowns to birth

If you’re anything like I was when I was pregnant, those last two months seem to draaaaag by.

Every single day I’d use a Sharpie and cross off another date on the calendar, a big black X that would put me one day closer to my due date.

Paper calendar not your thing? How about a free app. Click here to check out all the latest and greatest technology for the pregnant woman.

Smartphones offer apps to map everything from pregnancy weeks, to contractions, to medical records.  If you don’t want to spend on fancy features you will rarely use, simple countdown apps are a free and efficient way to keep track of time – whether you’re marking days until the stork is supposed to land, to your next moms’ night out, or the new year.

If it’s an online countdown to birth you want click here for a baby countdown widget for your blog.

If fancy ain’t up your alley, click here for a free printable 2011 calendar that you can mark up to your heart’s content.  Happy birthing!

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