Can I Give Up Pregnancy for Lent?


Keeping in mind that after my last pregnancy and birth… I had zero plans on doing it again… now that I am fully in the uncomfortable phase of pregnancy, I am so over pregnancy.

My husband and I were joking last night about things to give up for Lent. He is Catholic… me, not so much. The whole Lent, Ash Wednesday, yada yada yada thing makes zero difference to me… and I really couldn’t care any less… but after I told him that giving up work for Lent really wasn’t an option… I started thinking of things that would be great for Lent.

The first one that came to mind?  Pregnancy!

Of course I wouldn’t wish my daughter to be born prematurely, that would just be horrible… but I do secretly wish the last 55 days of my pregnancy would magically speed up over night and tomorrow would be May 3rd, and I would be on my way to the hospital to have her.

I am sure in the weeks following my delivery I will be begging to have her back inside me… no midnight feedings, no crying, and of course, no c-section recovery… but just for today… I could use the feet out of my ribs, and the heartburn turned down a notch… or twelve!

What do you want to give up for Lent?