Can I Handle One More Child?


I’ve recently really started to get in the thick of the “terrible twos.”  Harlan has started to throw tantrums over just about anything, especially when she doesn’t get her way.  Add the fact that she can speak full sentences, it makes for a great scene as she is yelling at me on the bus how much she doesn’t want to ride it, but a taxi instead.

The other day she refused to go down for a nap, and after over an hour of attempting to let her do it on her own in her bed, I finally went in her room to help calm her down.  Nothing seemed to help except when I told her I would lay with her until she fell asleep.  No more than five minutes later, she was sleeping soundly and I could go about doing what I needed to get done.

As I laid in her bed, quietly waiting for her to go to sleep, I thought to myself, “How the heck and I going to be able to do this with another child around?”

Nothing made me happier than when we found out we were expecting our second child. But as time has passed and I am nearly in my sixth month of pregnancy, worry has started to settle in.  When you have just one child to take care of, you can sleep when they can and follow their schedule.  With two children, I know that they will be on completely different schedules and I won’t get much sleep for a while, which makes me very nervous.

I am telling myself that these fear and anxieties are completely normal.  Going from one to two children is a very big change.  Although I know what to expect from a parenting a newborn perspective, I have no clue what to expect for parenting two children, two and under.  Especially when I know they will both require much of my attention at the same time!

Please don’t think that I am in any way regretting this pregnancy or wanting to have another child, because I am not at all.  I can’t wait to hold this little girl in my arms.  I just wanted to express real and raw concerns that I have during this pregnancy, in hopes that I can find support from other moms that are going through the same thing.

Did you go through these same fears and anxieties with your second pregnancy?  Any tips you would like to share are greatly appreciated!


A mother’s perspective: Why I only want one child.