Can You Get Pregnant Over Twitter? NFL Wide Receiver Hopes Not

Chad Ochocinco

Most everyone that stops by our fair site is not only pregnant, but is also delighted to be pregnant. For many of you, my wife included, pregnancy is no given. It’s something you had to fight for. It’s something you went to great lengths to attain. For some, however, a pregnancy is an unwanted thing. Like, say, if you’re a famous and recently engaged NFL football player and the pregnancy in question is not your fiancé’s.

Good thing you can’t get someone pregnant over twitter. At least that’s what Chad Ochocinco has to say about the matter.

TMZ is reporting that a woman who goes by the name of “Paige” recently came forth and told a Philadelphia radio station that she’s pregnant with the child of the flamboyant Cincinnati Bengal wide receiver. But Ochocinco (who legally changed his last name to the Spanish word for his jersey number) vehemently denies the claim.

According to the article, “Sources close to Chad — who’s engaged to ‘Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozada — tell us Ochocinco is adamant the woman is merely giving birth to a BS rumor … because the two have never, ever met in person.”

According to Ochocinco, the only contact he had with the woman was over twitter. And, well, it’s impossible to get anyone pregnant with a tweet. Even if it’s a really big tweet. (Sorry.) I mean, Ochocinco would be the first to tell you — he’s good. Just not that good.

Or so he better hope. Or else he’s got some ‘splaining to do.

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