Celebrity Cribs

I was surprisingly curious to get a peek at where Alba's Haven and Honor live....

I’m not one to get too caught up in celebrity news or Hollywood gossip, but there are a few stories that are likely to catch my attention. Some might prefer talk over an actor’s is-she-or-isn’t-she pregnant status, or the buzz surrounding how much she’ll sell her “announcement” for, but I simply like to see how they live. Because, you know, they’ve got some cash. And I guess I’m curious how they spend it.

People recently ran a slideshow of celebrity cribs … literally. We’re talking nurseries. You can take a peek at baby rooms from Jessica Alba, Jewel, and my personal favorite (in terms of talent), Rachel Dratch, after the jump!

Though their spaces are decked-out and detailed, I have to say, I wouldn’t trade my little nursery for one of theirs. Though some of those cribs put mine to shame. Would you? You can check out the slideshow and story on PEOPLE here.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite?