Celebrity Fitness Guru Tracy Anderson Comes To You


I have to admit. I’m a little scared of work-out DVDs.

I’d rather go to a yoga class or take a manic run through Central Park, my nano blasting all kinds of worrisome thoughts out of my worried mother head.

But when you’ve just had a baby? Those luxurious out-of-the-house workouts are less realistic. But fear not, Gwyneth and Madonna’s personal postpartum trainer can come to you. Tracy Anderson– fitness guru to all beautiful people– has a series of DVDs including The Tracy Anderson Method Post-Pregnancy Workout DVD.

Anderson has been working on her perfect body-sculpting regimen for years. A former dancer, she apparently has all kinds of specific moves for honing in on small muscle groups to make women especially lean and mean without too much bulk. The pictures of her body are pretty ridiculous. Madonna and Gwyneth LOOOOOOOVE her. I guess it’s worth a try.

It turns out that losing postpartum weight is a really good idea in terms of future pregnancies and I guess just future health.  Women tend to lose weight after pregnancy, but not all of it. Getting into shape before subsequent pregnancies has all kinds of positive health benefits for mom and baby. There’s been a concerted effort on the part of health authorities over the past year to help moms take off those lingering pounds. Or if there hasn’t been help, there’s certainly been pressure.

It is true that working out gives you more energy and is good for you. But take baby steps postpartum. You have time to lose your weight. And you have a baby to care for. There’s only so much your average mom can do “while the baby naps.” So maybe get the DVD, but try not to look too hard at Tracy’s body. It could cause serious and entirely unnecessary malaise. Women are supposed to have some fat on their bodies. Especially right after they’ve given birth.