Celine Dion Says Breastfeeding Helped Her Drop 40 Lbs Pregnancy Weight


celine dion credits breastfeeding weight lossCeline Dion gave birth to her twin boys Eddy and Nelson 5 months ago. Since giving birth, she has lost 40 lbs of pregnancy weight – all of which she credits breastfeeding. Celine insists that weight loss isn’t her top priority.

“It’s not important. I’m not a model,” said Dion, who has resumed her Las Vegas shows. “I’m not there to wear a size 2 or 0 or 4. I’m going to find the dress that’s going to fit the body at the time. But it happened to be that the weight loss [happened] very rapidly. And genetically, I’m very lucky too.” Celine Dion tells Canadian TV show etalk

Celine Dion endured six rounds of IVF treatments before getting pregnant with the twins, born via C-section on Oct. 2. Her new show in Vegas, Celine, opened March 15th at Caesars Palace and is set to run for 3 years.

Did breastfeeding aid your post-pregnancy weight loss?

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