Cell Phone Use In Pregnancy Linked To Behavioral Problems In Kids


A new study links cell phone use by pregnant women with various behavioral problems in their children several years later. Researchers looked at 28,000 women who used cell phones to varying degrees during pregnancy. Then they evaluated their seven-year-old kids. The results–which apparently took into account factors like mom’s inattentiveness– showed that the higher the cell phone exposure in utero, the greater the behavioral issues down the line.

The study relied, however, on “self-reporting” from mothers about their phone use which can slant the study. I would imagine that women (like people in general, and perhaps teens especially) tend to under-report cellphone use rather than over-estimate. But that’s just a guess on my part, and perhaps a projection, since I always (incorrectly) assume I’m never on the phone.

The researchers are not calling on all pregnant women to put down their portable devices. But they are hoping for more research. It’s certainly worrying to think about all the cell phone use and how hard it is to keep our gestating babies out of the range of cellular frequencies. “Although it is premature to interpret these results as causal, we are concerned that early exposure to cell phones could carry a risk which, if real, would be a public health concern given the widespread use of the technology,” the authors of the study concluded.

photo: Jason DeRusha/Flickr

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