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Chain Me to a Stove!

By Danielle |

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I guess I am just feeling a little feisty today, but a couple weeks ago a family friend made a comment to me that I don’t think will ever sit well. It sparked me to write a list of things I do on a daily basis as a working mother, despite having the option to stay at home with my children.

The comment, which got me all riled up was “Do you do more than have babies?”

Uh… first off pal, STOP and think before you speak… especially to a pregnant woman that has the main focus of keeping her breakfast down for the day while changing crappy diapers and trying to force feed my toddler who doesn’t like anything anymore.

I mean seriously!!  You must have a really big set to say something like that to anyone, let alone someone you consider to be a family friend.

While we all know this child wasn’t the most planned event in our lives would it be more acceptable if I set up a crappy internet poll asking if we should abort like those other internet jackasses?  Or am I just destined to stupid comments because our three children will be close in age?

I mean, we are clearly no Duggar family. No one is going for a dozen kids, and certainly I don’t think I could ever deal with more than the three we will have. But the lack of manners today is completely astonishing.

Yes, I do a lot in my life… I do way more than just get knocked up and gestate babies, and maybe if you weren’t such a narrow minded nitwit you would see that.

Sorry, I am just getting overly sensitive to the stupid comments since we have gotten so many over the past four years since we started our family.

What kind of stupid comments have you got during pregnancy?

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0 thoughts on “Chain Me to a Stove!

  1. Angela says:

    How inconsiderate! I get the “competing with the Duggars?” question ALL the time. We have 3 kids and are expecting twins (very unexpectedly…we weren’t planning on any more kids…).

    But, yeah…some people just do not think before they speak.

  2. TheFeministBreeder says:

    Thankfully the negative comments don’t come from my family – just internet trolls who hang around my blog to talk shit about everything they can think of. I don’t care about those people, so that’s good. I do know that my family originally didn’t want us to have more than two kids, but as soon as we were pregnant again, that was all forgotten about.

  3. Danielle625 says:

    I am glad it hasn’t been family making any crappy comments to us. But I was shocked by this.
    Oh, and by the way Gina… Good for you for striving to become a lawyer and kicking ass and taking names on the way there.
    Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or should not be doing. Women NEED you as a lawyer and advocate!

  4. Joy Szabo says:

    Oftentimes people, especially Americans are very selfish. They see children as a burden. They have one so they can see a reflection of themselves, but cannot fathom anyone actually would knowingly have more then that. There is not enough ME time. I got lots of flack about the second third and fourth. “They figured out what causes that!” (to which I reply “When you are good at a sport, it is a shame to give it up”)

  5. wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas says:

    I’ve only had one baby, so I don’t get those types of comments, but I did hear lots of “Oh, no way are you only XX months along.” and “You’re HUGE!” I would get SO SO p’ed at people who tried to tell me that my due date must be off because I looked big (even though I knew exactly which day I got pregnant, and I only gained 24 lbs the whole time.) Now, I just get rude comments about nursing past one year and being too picky with my son’s food and toys. Whatev.

    It comes down to common courtesy. I wish people would think a little before spouting off their opinions as if they were fact, or even relevant. In fact, at this point I’d welcome a rude comment that was at least original. I can’t believe how often I hear the same rude comment–word for word!– from multiple people!

  6. PlumbLucky says:

    My pat answer to almost any dumb question/comment was “Wow, do you THINK before you open your word hole?” because I was just over it.
    Now, the old biddy at my local Target who loudly called me out (while pointing at me) for being a pregnant, unmarried teen who was nothing more than a welfare suck? She got both barrels, as she could not have been more bloody incorrect had she even tried.

  7. Canuckmom says:

    When I was pregnant with my third, after having a boy a d girl already, I got a lot of “was it an accident? No? But you have one of each!”.
    Really, I hadn’t noticed…

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