Changes for the New Year


I’m not much for resolutions, mostly because I don’t feel like I need a single day to decide to change something for the better. If I spot a part of my life that could use improvement, I don’t wait until a holiday to make a change, I usually just procrastinate a little while and then make it. But since this is a bit of a big New Year’s Eve/New Year for me, I figured now might be a good time to evaluate my pregnancy and make some changes. Yes, let’s call them changes.

To be fair, most of my resolutions changes are probably things I should’ve been doing for several weeks or months now. But all of them are things that for whatever reason haven’t changed yet, despite good intentions. So now seems like a good time to kick off these changes for good.

1. Worry less. This one is so much easier said than done, but I think I’m already gradually learning how to do it. I am an anxious person thanks to some strong genetics and have struggled for years with often paralyzing anxiety. I can’t always predict when it’ll hit or exactly what will trigger it. But I have learned through these struggles that anxiety doesn’t really help anything and typically the more I relax, the more I am able to handle life. So I’m going to try to take that realization and make it a life policy. If anxiety isn’t going to benefit me anyway, I’m going to try to give it less of my time and energy.

2. Floss. Yep, I’m not a flosser. The more I read about flossing the more I find that its connected with seemingly unrelated good things. Flossing seems to be correlated with less pre-term labor and with general better life longevity. And while I hate flossing with a deep burning passion, I’m willing to do it for such wonderful outcomes. So I am going to do my best to return to nightly flossing sessions. Begrudgingly.

3. Exercise. Wah wah. I have been the worst at this during pregnancy. It didn’t help that for the first 18 weeks of my pregnancy I was working from 8 to around 7pm and by the time I got home, cooked, ate and cleaned up dinner I was ready for bed. There was no time for exercise because sleep was much more important to me. My schedule will now be a much nicer now with work from 8 to 5, so it’s time to look into that prenatal yoga for real and start taking walks with my husband. No excuses, just action.

4. Reduce the drama in my life. I have friends who are high drama and I find that that kind of situation just stresses me out. I need to not cut those people out of my life, but realize that other people’s drama is not mine. I don’t need any extra stress in my life and I will not invite it in anymore. I need good friends and relaxation, both of which I am committing myself to.

5. Stop caring about what other people think. Pregnancy has made me feel more vulnerable than most other times in my life. I wonder if I look pregnant or just awkwardly fat. I feel a need to make sure that people know I’m old enough to be having kids and that I’m married, as if people who are neither cannot be good mothers (which I know to be untrue, obviously). I need to live my life, wear my clothes, do my job and let the rest melt away. I know who I am, I know what I do and that needs to be enough, regardless of what some stranger at the grocery store may think.

I’m not out to try to reinvent resolutions changes, I just think that with some small life adjustments, 2012 can be a happier year to finish this pregnancy and to begin my life as a mother.

May your New Year be all that you dream or resolve it to be.

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