Christina Applegate's Big Pregnant Mouth


Maybe it was all that time on Married With Children in her formative years? After a couple of decades of maintaining perfect public Hollywood decorum, Christina Applegate seems to be taking pregnancy as a cue to let it all hang out.

Applegate is honoring the secret contract signed by all Pregnant Famous People (Section 1, Clause 23: The Undersigned agrees to publicly proclaim herself “Blessed” in all interview appearances in perpetuity.) But when she’s not fulfilling her contractual obligations, she is mouthing off much more than the average celebrity about how pregnancy is affecting her in less than flattering ways.

This verbal seesaw is pretty typical, actually. Love it/Hate it is a universal refrain in pregnancy, and when you think about it, how could it not be? Pregnancy is an absolutely amazing, thrilling experience…that comes along with some truly unpleasant side effects for a good number of women who experience it.

When Applegate laments her sudden inability to filter what comes out of her mouth—or what goes into it—she’s expressing what a lot of women feel when they get pregnant, which is out of control. It’s just extra weird to hear about this from a celebrity who’s image is so perfectly honed in general. The thing that’s different here is that celebrities are so rarely willing to stress the negative. I guess if someone’s going to come out with the honest goods, Applegate is a pretty good bet. She is, after all, a comedy actress, and these revelations make for pretty good laugh fodder on the talk show couch.

photo: watchwithkristin/flickr

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