Climbing Mountains and Getting No Rest


When I was pregnant with my first son a wise friend once said to me “you’re climbing mountains” in response to me mentioning how tired I was all the time. I loved that. Climbing mountains as a comparison to the process that was happening internally. It was an uphill journey and zapping me of all the energy I had available. It left me needing lots of rest.

Napping wasn’t something I really did before I got pregnant with my first, but it was something I ended up really looking forward to during that pregnancy. It was something I could do without feeling guilty and without interruption. There was only my husband and me in our household at that point and it was easy to curl up on the couch or in bed and take a little nap any time of day—unless I was at work, they frowned on that.

This time it isn’t so easy. I’m still tired. I’m still climbing mountains, but there are so many more obstacles this time. Primarily my four year old. He doesn’t take naps anymore and it makes it pretty much impossible for me to get one in during the day. I just don’t feel comfortable sleeping knowing that he is awake in the house. So the nap gets pushed by the wayside.

I wonder if there is a way I can trick my son into napping with me in the afternoon. Any ideas?