Cloth Diaper Decision


With my older two children, newborn babies were in Pampers Swaddlers. They worked great for our family from the get go. We had very little leaks, and it seemed like the thing to do. Heck, I had never really known cloth diapering was even an option.

Then the whole going green trend hit my area. From solar panels on houses, to the new Wholefoods mart opening up in a neighboring town… all signs pointed to ways oF reducing our waste as a household. But the idea of washing poop and storing dirty diapers in a bag till laundry day really didn’t sit well with me. I am a poopaphobic.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not biased, I am just squeemish and gag pretty easily. I could tell you tales of my third floor neighbor hearing my midnight gags from poop-soaked newborn outfits courtesy of my oldest son. Which soon was followed by that outfit going out in the trash with the dirty diaper.  Yes, I hate poop that much! Or at least I did until I was broken in to motherhood.

As time went on, the poop didn’t bother me nearly as much, I came to terms with the fact that kids crap, and poop doesn’t discriminate. But if you had told me in those days, or even a year ago that I would be washing poopy cloth diapers, I would have informed you of your slipping sanity.

By the time I started seriously considering cloth diapering, my oldest son was potty training and almost three years old, and my youngest was a little over a year old and I figured, it was worth a try. We did amazing for a couple months until I got pregnant and I started slacking big time. Not because it wasn’t easy or because I didn’t enjoy cloth diapering, but because poop of all kinds was sending my morning sickness into a tizzy. I got over it of course, but man… I swear that children should just refrain from pooping altogether in the first 15 weeks of their mother’s pregnancy. Too much to ask huh? Haha!

I struck gold with AppleCheeks cloth diapers based out of Canada. They are a mother-owned company run by two kick ass women, who are totally supermoms to be able to have 7 children between the two of them and run an internationally successful cloth diapering company. I have tried different kinds including one Fuzzibunz I scored from a friend at BlogHer this past year (although my loyalty still remains with the AppleCheeks brand).

This time around, I am going to be skipping the newborn Pampers altogether, and hopefully my little girl will be big enough to fit right into her cloth diaper stash from birth. I am hoping that the newborn stage of cloth diapering is easy, but from what I have been told, breast milk poop is probably the easiest stage of cloth diapering.

Anyone who may be interested in cloth diapers, I highly suggest the switch. It may not be best to do during your morning sickness stage, but it has been a no brainer choice for this baby to go right into. Not only that, but how cute are cloth diapers?