Confessions of a Mommy Stalker

Experienced moms make the best resource for moms-to-be!
Experienced moms make the best resource for moms-to-be!

It’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise.  But now that I’m pregnant, I have found that I’m slightly obsessed with other pregnant women, as well as moms with babies.

I used to see these women and just smile and walk by, admiring the cute bellies or drooling babies.  Now I find myself grinning from ear to ear, and checking out everything from what type of maternity clothes they are wearing, to what stroller model they are wheeling around the neighborhood.

All the books, safety ratings, reports, and lists are helpful, but I’ve learned that there is no greater pregnancy resource than simply talking to moms who have survived the battle.  Last weekend I spent a painful amount of hours in the aisles of Babies R Us, trying to finish our registry and figure out all that we need to get us through those first few critical weeks.  After analyzing every detail of the strollers, car seats, and baby carriers, I left the store with a new arsenal of information and things to think about.

While walking around my favorite lakeside trail a few days ago, I found myself checking out every single mom that passed me by…

“She has the B.O.B. I was considering getting.  I wonder if she uses the infant car seat insert…”

“Oh that carrier looks like an Ergo.  But is it the performance or the original?”

“Look at that cute pregnant lady!  Where did she find such an adorable maternity top?”

I have no doubt that any of these moms or moms-to-be would have happily answered any of my questions, because there is nothing we all love more than talking about babies and all that comes with them.  My sister tells me that she has done the same thing, but actually taken the step to approach moms and ask how they like their current stroller, or what they would have done differently.

When you are pregnant for the first time, and everything in front of you is a huge landscape of the unknown, it is comforting to see and talk to moms who have clearly survived labor and delivery, sleepless nights, and the threat of hemorrhoids.  Seeing the smiling faces of new moms out for a stroll makes me not feel quite so scared for October, and gives me hope that I will be out there with my own little peanut before I know it.

I hope that someday when I am a walking talking Babies R Us catalog and am filled with my own mommy wisdom, I can be as much of a resource as other moms have been to me.

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